Tinnitus and Hearing Issues from Jabs

and this is a MILD side effect…

Short video

All those doing the jabs are Guinea Pigs…Major. No real long term trials on any of them.

Great from Rand Paul and I’ve been following him for Months.

Are you suggesting we have millions more die while we wait for for these “trials”?

Well, 1000’s are dying and vaxxed, doble vaxxed, triple vaxxed , Trump brought up 2 olf drugs and zinc VERY EARLY and they were dismissed…No $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

There is so MUCH Deep Dark Crap that has gone on and continues. 100’s researchers and MD’s worldwide have been reporting…

And who does the US and world listen to::::: Commrad Fauci and Biden.

Lies Lies Lies, get rid of people, It’s working.

Everyone is a sheep and youre the wolf

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Already asked this, but answers don’t seem to be your thing. Why? Why does a guy Who needs votes to keep his job, want to get rid of people?

The strong shall survive, the weak perish.

Gates Soros, Fauci want to get rid of people. Fauci has been comfortable for about 40 yrs, who voted for him??? You, ??? Not me, none of us did. Didn’t know he existed until Covid, how about you?

“Why does a guy Who needs votes to keep his job, want to get rid of people”
Because liberals always introduce the pseudo problem of over population into a climate change discussion. Check out who the offenders on this site as evidence on the CC thread. All it does is feed the nazis.

Most who are dying are NOt vaccinated and Fauci is a medical scientist, not comrad. Get the facts and stop watching Faux News.

The unvaccinated will parish and you will end up being one of them.

I did know he existed, but then again I read JAMA, NEJM, and other medical science sources.

This is just so of the rails

Overpopulation is the reason given to your answer in right wing circles. Liberals add fuel by bring this up in climate change discussions

Here you go . The nazi has already started a thread on this.

DJ, we respond to bad posts with evidence and logic, regardless of how strange the post is.

You asked what reason. There was no cavet that it had to be logically

It’s the rules of how we engage here DJ. Sorry you couldn’t figure that out.

[quote=“joycemartino, post:4, topic:8363”]

Well, 1000’s are dying and vaxxed, doble vaxxed, triple vaxxed ,

That is a lie. 1000’s of unvaccinated people are dying.
Just look at the states that have the lowest vaccinations. Just look at the RW statistics. But of course you believe that the statistics are also doctored.

It’s all one great conspiracy to …what was that again and by whom?
And who is funding the endless investigations of conspiracies like in Arizona. Its the peoples’s tax money that is being spent! The people funding this BIG LIE are the sheeple being led to slaughter, and paying for the privilege.

You know, I don’t know how people can be so brainwashed and believe conspiracy theories, along with misinformation, disinformation, pseudo-science, and alike. It makes no sense to me. I’d think people would want real science based knowledge.

All studies that many people prefer an easy to understand black/white lie who comfort them in theirs prejudices, rather than a nuanced, complicated truth, difficult to grasp.

Well, I got my booster a couple days ago, kept drinking plenty of fluids, got a little fever 104°, went to bed really, with a couple Motrin PM, spent all night getting up to, … but slept well in-between.

I think I may be running a little fever, but not worth the bother to check temp.

Tinnitus is such a weird thing that comes and goes and will drive an old person absolutely insane, if you decide to focus on, on the other hand, it has a way of getting lost in the back ground if you don’t.

Although that just me

But all I see is correlation, no physical link suggested.

Hard to imagine how a vaccination would cause tinnitus, isn’t it fundamentally the result of plain old mechanical breakdown of the inner ear?