Project Depopulation

Talking to some here I get the impression many are not aware of all this …

Read and educate yourself on what is going on. Covid is getting rid of a load of people now and may continue as the Govt wants to continue.

Read it:

What about the others attending that 2009 meeting, such as David Rockefeller? The Rockefeller Foundation funded Margaret Sanger in her early years. A little research on the Kenya HCG vaccine that sterilizes women also brings to the fore the Rockefeller family. I tracked down the Rockefeller Foundation’s 1968 Annual Report. On page 52, it calls for “progress on immunological methods, such as vaccines, to reduce fertility.”

Cut to the chase - what’s the conspiracy theory you are pushing?

One of the more entertaining ones goes like this:
Democrats funded Wuhan to produce said virus.
Carrier of virus was supposed to go STRAIGHT TO USA to start the depopulation of old and weak.
With the subsequent collapse of USA and its financial institutions, Bitcoin, or some other cryptocurrency will become the new medium of transactions.
However, Mr Covid Carrier decided to make a few stops along his route to USA which is why there were outbreaks across the globe.

I’m just waiting for the evolution of this CT to include aliens and time travel, and it should be complete!

[quote=“mrmhead, post:2, topic:8361”]
I’m just waiting for the evolution of this CT to include aliens and time travel, and it should be complete!
They’re already here , Jewish space aliens who set wild fires to destroy crops and animals. This is direct from a US congress woman.

# GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser

The most recent Greene view to be unearthed comes via Eric Hananoki. Just over two years ago, Greene suggested in a Facebook post that wildfires in California were not natural. Forests don’t just catch fire, you know. Rather, the blazes had been started by PG&E, in conjunction with the Rothschilds, using a space laser, in order to clear room for a high-speed rail project. Here is Greene’s entire post, via Media Matters:

I need to try that some day. Pick out a bunch of barely related facts and string them together with some wild conspiracy theory and see if I can get it to go viral!

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I need to try that some day. Pick out a bunch of barely related facts and string them together with some wild conspiracy theory and see if I can get it to go viral!

People love to be astounded. “Have you heard”? Oh, let me tell you what happened"!

Well could be these billionaires have something, this planet cannot sustain 7Billion+ longer and longer, daily 1000’s are attempting to reach the U.S. and we are running out of food, water and so perhaps the vaccines as mentioned in the link are the answer…sounds cruel, but maybe not. I’m not the ruler.

Or maybe they primed the gullible to Not take the vaccine so they will be the ones to perish from COVID.
Plan seems to be working!

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Either, one is not listening to or reading the full material, or one is not capable of evaluating it. The linked article is a masterpiece in picking words out of context to change their meaning. I’ll admit the math is a little counter-intuitive, but the message is clear; if we, as a species, work together to make a world that is healthier and more secure for the future, then people will quit having so many babies.

This happens every time an area of the world is settled and infrastructure is built. People see that the children they create have a good chance of living a full and productive life. For thousands of years, this was not true, and we had more children, knowing some wouldn’t make it. That’s why those of us alive today are here. But now, we can put our energy into a smaller population, and everyone will live with less pain and fear.

The difficult math part is, it’s going to take some time for the reduced reproduction to have an impact on the total planetary population, and we need things like vaccines and birth control everywhere to make it all work. None of this implies that people will be killed off or deliberately made unhealthy. It’s the exact opposite.

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I’ve always had a hard time understanding if you are in a famine stricken area for 10 years, why you have a 3 year old child? Or an 8-year war-torn country with 1 year old children.
We didn’t have children until we were mentally and financially ready…

Because too many people still believe women should be baby factories, at least in Xian and Muslim countries. The only exception is China and people fear being like China.

The damage has been done, the world is over procreated, this has been discussed for decades. A terrible MESS as the world works on reducing people.

That is part of it Mriana, when women are empowered, often by getting control of the few dollars a day the family makes, or control of food, whether it be given to them or by improved farming, or getting an animal as a loan, or whatever, the overall health of the family improves. Even better if the power is given to many women in an area.

However, that’s not all. For mrmhead waiting until he was ready was an option, because he knew that there would be a time when he was ready. For 2 billion living as subsistence farmers, that time will never come, so they choose between hoping one child might get a job in a factory in another town, might be stronger than average and survive to be a good worker for the family, or some other luck will prevail. If not, the choice is the extinction of their family line, their village, and maybe their culture. They will get old and no one will take care of them.

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The billionaires Plan is working, absorb the Project Depopulation info, it’s been in the planning for years.

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History shows that birth rate decreases when a country is developing. One explanation is very simple: to have children is a way to secure help when you are old, and when half babies dies before 10, you need to have enough who survive.

When the country develops, infant mortality decreases and people have less need of garanties for their old days.

French birth rates began to decrease at the end of the 18th century.

Incidentally, in a period of troubles, if the women have no birth control, they go on having babies.

Last, in difficult periods to get children is a way to show that you have hope. the European babyboom of the 50th began before the end of WWII, specially in France.

The depopulation thing is hard to believe mainly because Covid is not that dangerous.

Well, you know the quality of Chinese products… :laughing:

Alternately, that may have had something to do with the sudden influx of GIs. :wink:

I wonder if the French had a version of the British complaint: The GIs where over paid, over sexed, and over here. :kissing_heart:

This answers in part to the question

[Rape during the liberation of France - Wikipedia](


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