What liberal TDS said this, in reaction to the Mueller Report?

Citizenschallenge-v.3 I wasn’t trying to give MikeYohe a pass either, but the dotard’s lies are too numerous and at this point, I think MikeYohe has his MAGA hat on, unable to hear anything except Faux news propaganda machine- AKA State News. More power to you if he listens to you, but I find it difficult to break through to a Dotard Supporter, with rose colour glasses on.

TimB, I think we need to explain Climate Change to Mike, because what he said is so far off base that it’s hard to know where to start. The same goes with the ACA.

Let’s start with the fact that the U.S.A. was never great and try explaining that to him. Each century has had its own set of problems: Slavery, Jim Crow, Women’s Suffrage, ERA, Vietnam, assassinations, Civil Rights, health care, inflation, long gas lines of the 70s, The Great Depression (Solved by the New Deal by FDR, a great Dem) etc and now that orange thing in the big house messing things up. Oh I’m so bad. lol

TimB said:

CC: Thanks for the compilation of info about Trump’s lies. He is the most prolific liar that I have ever heard of. This is a most extreme character defect and, yet, he is our current POTUS. In fact, if he were not the most prolific liar I have ever heard of, he probably would not be our current POTUS.

Seconded. He’s not only a prolific liar, he’s racist, sexist, hypocritical, and bigoted, but I’ve already said that. He denies healthcare to women and is on the side of anti-lifers, wanting abortions banned, criminalizing it, and Planned Parenthood, where women get birth control, defunded. That’s not even talking about his words of “grab them by the p****” and alike.

Glance thru the new book that is out about his golfing habits. You will see that he is also a cheat. Another of his basic character defects. I don’t think he can control it, at least not completely.

And we haven’t touched on his basic immorality, and profound lack of human empathy, or his self-centeredness.

But everything is excused by his followers, because Trump gives off an air of strength, and markets himself as a great businessman. The economy that he inherited was already on its way up. He goosed it by trashing protective regulations all over the place and by giving a major tax break to the wealthiest among us, which also served to jack up the national debt in a time of plenty. Now he is ALSO trying to stack the Fed with his own asskissing appointees so that he can further goose the economy by lowering interests rates - again IN A TIME OF PLENTY. So now this vaunted businessman has us in a position where he can claim that we must cut social security and medicare and medicaid because of the debt that he insured would be jacked up. And if he gets his way with the Fed, we will be screwed, when we REALLY need to drop interest rates, but have no room to do so. Not to mention that all of the trashed regulations mean less consumer protections financial and otherwise, AND less protection of air, water, the environment. His business acumen is basically like an all candy diet for a three year old. The kid will have a lot of energy, but things will ultimately go badly for him. (And the kid had plenty of normal energy before being put on the sugar goosed diet.)


Tim, better check and see what states the problem of new outbreaks of diseases are taking place in. Democratic controlled states.

ACA, yes, they tried to kill it. As they should. Even if it was the greatest thing since fried food. We are built on the constitution. It was unconstitutional. All our laws should be constitutional. Don’t you agree? It was saved by the Supreme court and that in itself is very questionable.

The Medicare for all system that you think we are going to is going to be a bumpy road. That would mean no more new programs for at least ten years. Are they willing to do that?

Tim as far as Climate Change. The Democrats have done there best to keep it in a state of confusion. It is really very simple. The sun causes weather known as Mother Nature. The effects of mankind are now affecting the weather. How much is the question? It is from 1% to 3% of change to Mother Nature. As far is sea lever rise. Lately, for the last two decades it has been 0% more than the natural rise of Mother Nature.

What we have learned so far from all of this is that we really need to stop spending money on these universities and colleges until they can start teaching wisdom. Asking CC to explain is just asking her to call me names. A standard operating method for the political climate science of the far left.

Mriana, I agree with FDR New Deal, a good move. The Dawes Plan does function in a capitalist system. As long as we have a good capitalist system the stimulus system does get the economy moving again.

After the World War II, America dumped billions and billions in Europe. And it did not take off at first. Where Japan responded quickly. I believe the big difference was that Japan had high morals and less corruption. Trump has removed many regulations and put the economy back into a better capitalist environment and the stimulus money that Obama had put out finally started working.

So, if you say America was never great. America having a President that did not understand the value of a capitalist system and how to do trade agreement work was not a great thing.

An example. In a labor management company, I was managing. I thought it would be a great help for the sales department to be able to know what type of companies our idea clients were. And try to obtain those types of business.

Of the 900 plus business clients the one that stood out was operated by a seasoned degreed owner who operated in a clock work manner. The business was kept spotless and the paperwork was up to the minute.

On the other end was a business owner who ran his business and household from the same location. He was disabled and had piles of paperwork overrunning onto the floors. And never once was he able to get his weekly payrolls in on time.

Taking my time putting the prerequisites together because I wanted to wait until the red lining system was properly working. That was where I would not allow the company to do business in certain areas of the city. If sales had a business in one of the red line areas, then they needed my approval to bring them online.

There were clients that did not speak a word of English mostly from Asia. Never had any problems because we both spoke the international language of money.

Never did get the idea client requirements implemented. Called my number one client because his bank account was closed. He said he was not going to pay because he had filed for bankruptcy. Could not believe that he would take a running company into bankruptcy. But the facts he told me was that he could make more money doing that and restarting another business again. I lost 80K which at that time was a lot of money.

I learned the common factor was the level of morals of the business owners. The Asian clients and the small business owners had more morals than the highly educated and the business behind the red line areas. Which were mostly from Mexico and Central America. The red line businesses are like shoplifters to other business, just raising the costs of doing business in that trade. The government cannot red line.

What the government does is try an regulate by writing more regulations. The regulations have as much effect on the red line businesses as the drug laws do on drug attics, little to none. But those laws highly burden the law-abiding businesses. It is hard for the small businesses to keep up with all the regulations.

The small businesses account for 98.2% of the business work force in America. The true affect of the regulations is making it harder of the law-abiding business and easier for the corrupt businesses. The goals of a red line business may be as simple as getting a business up and running to file worker’s compensation and a business insurance claim or get a government back business loan. Dump the company and go back to Mexico and buy a farm.

What I found that worked was just to educate the sales forces in all aspects of managing a business. I could talk to a business for ten minutes and tell you if the business was on the level or not. It is not that hard.

So. How do you write the regulations for morals?

That’s simple. Actually, it’s the system that we use before all the regulations took over.

You let the business regulate themselves. They know the business and what needs to be done to make the trades operate smoothly, a hell of a lot better than the government does. For example. In construction contracting. The government would give the top contractors an A level. The A level contractors had to oversee all the other contractors in their area. And a contractor started at the C level and moved up. Could not become an A level unless three A level contractors approved. This system also worked in the medical trades.

This requires putting faith in the people instead of paper corporations and regulations. We need to go back to the old system that worked.

"Asking CC to explain is just asking her to call me names. A standard operating method for the political climate science of the far left."
That's precious Mike, your classic GOP Christian Doctrine at work: "Do as I say, not as I do!"

The projection is expected. But, I suggest the problem is you aren’t interested in learning - which is why you never seem to absorb the information I share. Instead you got spit balls and now you’re playing the victim card.

If you ever acted as though you were absorbing new information I won’t be driven to occasionally tossing a couple spit balls your way.


But we were discussing Trump’s Lies - and I produced some evidence.



CC, can u tell me WTF Mike is talking about when he says this:

“…The question is how much is Climate Change affecting Global Warming? Science says it has to have some affect. And that has been given a 3% change in Global Warming. Sea level rise has just been keeping up with Global Warming and we have none for Climate Change so far…”

It’s genius right wing think tank spin, they took the 97% consensus number subtracted it from 100% and there you go, people are responsible for 3% of the warming. They like being cute like that. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Or perhaps only 3% of Antarctica has melted so far.

Of course, if Mike thinks I’m wrong, he can alway offer some authoritative links that explain how Koch arrived at that 3% for his PR campaign. Then maybe we could get to the bottom of it.

Mike the ball is in your court. Please Mike, real links to real information and evidence, not your questionable nonstop opining. Please.



The 97% v the 3% – just how much global warming are humans causing? The preponderance of evidence shows that humans are responsible for about 100% of the warming since 1950


What evidence? The teck companies lean left. The news media lean left. Why should I believe any fact find sources. They lean left too.

Let me ask you. Did Trump say Wind Mills cause cancer?

Right so you choose to believe Trump and ignore evidence.

Guess that’s how you been handling the Anthropogenic Global Warming evidence too. 3% impact what do you smoke out there?

Keeling Curve of Atmospheric CO2

Mike doesn’t appreciate that humans have done all of that, and it does have consequences!

It’s the atmospheric insulation silly!

Well except for the seasonal squiggles

The article says, “In fact it’s just as likely that humans are responsible for about 160% of the global surface warming since 1950 as it is that we’re only responsible for 50%.”

My math skills are sketchy at best. Can you explain how we can be responsible for over 100% of the heating of the earth? I know it makes sense, I just don’t get it.

I don’t get those parts either. These things are written by people who get lost in their own tangents without explaining themselves.

Thing to focus on is that while everyone plays around the fringes feeding endless confusion - the bottom line is that we have increased our atmospheric insulation by some thirty percent and that has known and very logical cascading consequences.

Using a physically realistic metaphor - Our Atmospheric Insulation Regulator has been cranked from around 280 ppm, when the steam engine was invented, to past 407 today and rapidly climbing. That is all human made. (of course human impact upon global systems including our atmosphere date way past that, but they were much more subtle.).

We even have a number for how much heat is being created within our global heat and moisture distribution engine moment by moment. http://sks.to/heat

This has cascading consequences, including increasing atmospheric moisture, the most potent greenhouse gas and driver of storm systems.

Of course, we’ll never know all the details, or the exact rates of change, there’s so much we haven’t mapped out with statistical certain, but all that is simply chump change. We know what kinds of disruptions are heading our way and we damned well know that it’s going to get much much worse, quite probably faster than any of unimaginative faith-blinded can fathom.

e) Map v Territory Problem, Statistical Certainty vs Geophysical Realities


MikeYohe said:

So, if you say America was never great. America having a President that did not understand the value of a capitalist system and how to do trade agreement work was not a great thing.

During FDR, we still had Jim Crow Laws, so while the U.S. and it is the United States OF America, not America (get to that later) was not great for black people. It wasn’t great for other minorities or women either. Only if one was a White Male Protestant (or WASP) was it allegedly great. At one time if one was Irish, they weren’t white either, but that too is another story. Let’s not forget the oppression of women that still happens today too.

Shell and other gas companies knew about what the lead did in the air to humans, especially children, but tried for years to say it was safe, so they could make money. Eventually, for the sake of human health, they had to get the lead out of gas for lead free air. RJ Reynolds and other cigarette companies, paid doctors to say that smoking helped asthma and other breathing problems and didn’t cause cancer so they can make money. They knew their product was killing people but as long as people smoked without a care in the world, they’d make money. Asbestos, same story.

Now, let’s go ahead to today with companies running the show without any regulations just because they think they know better. Flint Michigan- lead in water causing brain damage to kids. They can’t drink the water, but forbid that the company stops the lead, because then they can’t make mega-bucks. There’s other places- DuPont, pouring crap in the water, in which people can’t drink the water there either because DuPont would lose money if they did. Not to mention the air pollution these companies also produce. Oh and the prison system which has systematically become privatized and is part of the oppression of many, especially of male minorities. Now there’s something you should research. We live in one of the most racist and sexist countries on earth. I’m not sure which country is worse than us, but we are up there, with many minorities and women dying every day. The healthcare system has been suppressing women’s health centuries and currently, the U.S. ranks high in women dying in childbirth.

Let companies run their business without regulations? So what you are saying is, let companies run their business without regulations so they can make money, even though they harm and/or kill people. Who cares about humans as long the company makes money. ALL WORSHIP THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR! I don’t think so. I don’t worship any god especially one made by humans, which kills humans and other animals.

Now about that America thingy… Sorry, but Canada and Mexico are also America. They are on the American continent. Thus, why we call the States the United States of America and right now, the United States of America sucks for almost everyone but the 1%, which the dotard supports, yet he has file bankruptcy many times. He really isn’t as rich has he may let on, he just passes laws so the greedy rich people can make more and keep their money by filing bankruptcy.

OF course, I’ve on just begun concerning letting companies regulate themselves. Of course, if you don’t believe what I’m saying then you can research this yourself or I can’t give you many links showing how much damage DuPont, RJ Reynolds, and other companies have done to human and other animals’ health over the years. Not sure how many links the system will allow us to post at one time without spam flags going up, but I can give you links to this history and more. We need regulations or the businesses will worship their money god so much that all life on earth dies from these companies’ pollution.

Mike said, “Tim, better check and see what states the problem of new outbreaks of diseases are taking place in. Democratic controlled states.”

TimB says, That is your reply to my questioning why the Trump admin would abscond with children of asylum seekers and send them to secret locations all about the country, IF they believed that the immigrants are a major source of disease vectors.

So are you saying that they really did believe the children were diseased and communicable and then sent them to Democratic controlled states? That sounds really far out, but when one considers Stephen Miller’s antisocial ideas, it does not seem to be out of the realm of possibility. But I would need evidence to believe it. Tho I think Miller would have been among the first to give disease ridden blankets to the Indians, back in the day.

The righty Chief Justice of the SCOTUS was the one who decided that the ACA passed constitutional muster at the time. But he gave the Trumpublicans a head’s up on how to make it unconstitutional, which they did and now have it back going thru the courts again. The SCOTUS is now even more firmly in the grasp of the right, so killing the ACA and all of the good parts of it as well, is nearing. All of Trumpublica can have a simultaneous orgasm as it finally dies. And all will be well in Trumpublica, until the realization of what they have done dawns. No replacement with something better. Lies exposed again with the suffering of millions as an exclamation point.

This thread has split into like six different topics, but this caught my eye:

Let’s start with the fact that the U.S.A. was never great and try explaining that to him. Each century has had its own set of problems: Slavery, Jim Crow, Women’s Suffrage, ERA, Vietnam, assassinations, Civil Rights, health care, inflation, long gas lines of the 70s, The Great Depression (Solved by the New Deal by FDR, a great Dem) etc and now that orange thing in the big house messing things up. Oh I’m so bad. lol
The essence of MAGA is America used to be a great place for the middle class, but now it’s not, and a middle class is necessary for stability. Nobody is claiming the past was perfect.

Also, I think it is worth pointing out that US history is relatively mild compared the the rest of the world despite having all the ingredients for massive unrest.

Yes, thatoneguy, the middle class had it good, but most were male WASPs. It didn’t apply to women (except by default of her husband, as she had her place at home), black people, or any other minority.

If MAGA is about restoring the middle class to its heyday (1946-1980) then all we need to do go thru a world war with a substantial number of casualties, but more importantly to raise and maintain the top federal income tax rates at 95% (as it was in 1945) to 80% (as it had dropped to in the 60’s) but definitely higher than the 70% it dropped to in 1980.

What socialists we were back then!

Always blows me away hearing people discuss American ‘greatness’ without ever acknowledging the landscape or its cornucopia of flora and fauna inhabitants that Europe discovered and that made it the great place it was.


America was great because it was a physically huge and resource saturated and inhabited by people who were easy to kill and tamed by slaves.

We’re sucking our cornucopia dry fast as possible, robbing America of what made it the great Land of Opportunity in the first place, and most don’t even get that fundamental - cause they be too busy thinking about themselves and their perceived needs and complaints.

Citizenschallenge-v.3 said

America was great because it was a physically huge and resource saturated and inhabited by people who were easy to kill and tamed by slaves.

The ones who thought that way were known as wasichu by the natives. http://dickshovel.com/wasichu.html