What liberal TDS said this, in reaction to the Mueller Report?

"…I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President. I am also appalled that, among other things, fellow citizens working in a campaign for president welcomed help from Russia-including information that had been illegally obtained; that none of them acted to inform American law enforcement; and that the campaign chairman was actively promoting Russian interests in Ukraine… Reading the report is a sobering revelation of how far we have strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders.”

A Republican who in 2016 delivered a major anti-Trump speech at the Hinckley Institute of Politics. The guy that voted to overturn President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration for a physical barrier. A senior figure of the US Republican party that was a former and potentially future Republican presidential candidate. A guy that said that 'Trump’s promises are worthless’. A guy who’s only hope for running for president is to turn the Republicans against Trump.

I should have added one more point. The Steel dossier was started on this guy too. But didn’t get far because the guy didn’t get far in the Presidential race and the DNC cut the funding. To this day I have never heard him say anything bad about the Steel Dossier that was being done on him. Coming from Mr. Steel, it had to be about Russia. How can this man have any credit?

Correct. The quote is by a prominent Republican.

(As far as the quoter’s credibility, in comparison to our current POTUS, the mythical father of lies, Satan, himself, would have more deserved credibility than Donald J. Trump).

You know, I hear what you say over and over again. I can’t think of one lie of Trump’s. I am having a hard time understanding where you are coming from. Are you saying you would rather have Hilary? That she did not lie? And she was honest? Come on now. You should be thanking God that Trump is in office.

By some accounts Trump has lied close to 10,000 times already and his term is only a bit over 1/2 completed. A day does not seem to go by in which he does not lie. Lying and cheating is a core part of his character. His attorneys will never allow him to go under oath, because he would automatically perjure himself.

10K you say. And you really believe that? We have got to get together on a bridge you need to buy. I notice you did not even quote one lie of his. I couldn’t either, so don’t feel bad.

It is possible that I would be dissatisfied with Hillary. We will never know. But I know that I am sickened by having a POTUS like Trump who is a liar and a cheat at his core. Bit by bit he is tearing down the system that protects us from an authoritarian leadership style. He is essentially, so far, above the law. If his control becomes extensive enough, we will no longer be insulated from the liar and cheat that he is. It will be very bad for our nation.



He lies almost every time he speaks, unless he sticks completely to a script that is written for him. If I hear him speak today, I will pass on whatever lie/s he happens to tell today. BTW, every time he says “No collusion. No obstruction.” He is lying.

I agree with Tim. The dotard is a criminal and despite asinine threats of civil war, I hope he is impeached very soon. The man makes me sick and I cannot stand his voice, but despite that, he’s still a criminal and needs to be tried for his crimes against humanity. Here’s a lie- he said there is a crisis on the border. He lied about that. There is no crisis and that is where some of his crimes against humanity start. He has also violated the Constitution, especially the First Amendment (AKA the media/free press) and just because he’s famous won’t stop me from smacking him across the face if he were to touch me inappropriately. The dotard is not only a fake president, he’s a racist, sexist, egotistical, hypocritical, lying, bigot, (as well as uneducated), which I’ve said before the election was stolen. He has shown his true colours right and left. He also broke Affordable Healthcare Act, which was working very well even for those who didn’t have Obama Care- there was no copayment on basic healthcare and now there is and I blame the dotard. I feel sorry for those using insulin, because under the dotard, they are now paying a whole lot more than they did under President Obama. I could go on with a list of affronts to humans, but the border and healthcare is just a start. Regardless of what one may think of President Obama, he was a real president, very intelligent, and compassionate, unlike the dotard.

Nice to hear from you, Mriana, especially with those fiery opinions. Trump’s debased and debasing words and actions press me beyond any means of adequacy in expressing the sheer wrongness of Trump being our current POTUS.

I’ll go ahead and say whose quote that is in the 1st post on this thread. If u haven’t already figured it out , it is Mitt Romney. In the old days (3 or more yrs ago) I would have gagged at the thought of Mitt becoming POTUS. But now, I would trade Mitt for Trump and feel joyous about it. Deal! Deal! Deal!!

Whereas, Mitt may leave a lot to be desired, Trump leaves just about everything to be detested.



This weekend I saw not just babbling attempts at muddying the waters, but a full blown strategy to say the Mueller report shows us nothing. In a way it’s true, it’s merely an official report of what we have been hearing all along. It only adds credibility to what reporters have already reported. It shows there is an entire party, backed by millions of voters that believes the President gets to make the law just by speaking it, unless of course they don’t like the President or what he says.

Nixon was forced out because they found a taped conversation where he explicitly told someone to pay off people to keep quiet about something specifically illegal. Trump paid someone to keep quiet, but it was about an affair, not a criminal break in. We now live in a world where criminal activity is on display, but people like what the criminals are doing. As long as they get easy access to guns and see people they don’t like getting deported, they will support the crime bosses.

Hi Mriana, good to hear from you. Both you and Tim are way above my debating skills. I think that I’ve been improving over time. And I am happy with being able to reach the point I have.

I will debate you on the facts. I can not debate you on your personal preference for president. I liked Obama too at first. But he did a lot of harm to our nation. And the two 747 used to carry pallets of money to Iran was crazy. They no doubt will build nuclear bombs with that much money. And that could be bad for the world. The good thing is that Iran will not use nuclear bombs as long as Trump is president. Obama’s regulations were killing our nation. He shut down the pipeline and Canada sold some of the oil to China. If Trump had not got in office. All the shell oil would have been sold to China. Of course, when we end up paying higher gas prices. Just blame Trump. So, who cares?

You jumped the gun on the border crisis. Two Democrat presidential runners just admitted today there is a crisis at the border, and we need to protect our borders. That was a total 180 on what they were saying a week ago. In a month you watch, and border security will a democratic supported issue. There are eight thousand in caravans headed our way right now. When they get here. I hope Trump sends them to San Francisco. Let those sanctuary cities take care of the illegals. I feel sorry for those poor border towns.

How could Trump break Obama Care. It was never working. If you are talking about the supreme court ruling. You can’t blame Trump for a supreme court ruling. Obama gave Americans the highest tax increase in our history. Without it being legal. The job of the president is to protect our rules of law. Obama bent and twisted the laws. And the supreme court confirmed it.

If you feel sorry for people paying more for insulin. Blame the Democrats. The only things they pass is political junk. They are to busy swamping it up to get any laws passed that will help the people.

You got to help me out here. You are saying the Trump stole the election? May I ask how? Tim is saying that Trump obstructed and had collusion. After a two year and a 40M$ investigation has taken place. The most intensive investigation ever in county. It is obvious the Democrats are having a TDS problem and trying to debate facts with people with mental problems will not have good results.

Trump has not only change America. He has changed the world. He will be recognized in history as one of our great presidents. And we have people talking impeachment that hold positions of power in our country right now. This is a major issue, and this is what we need to be talking about.

Mriana, I have a hypothesis on this TDS that has engulfed much of the county. That America is going through a serious caste problem. And the problem is the people who feel they are part of the upper caste don’t think Trump fits what the leader of the upper caste should ceremonially represent. Thus, if Trump looks bad, then the upper affluent caste looks bad. Trump being supportive and assimilating of the working class, who are part of the lower caste. Is just grossly upsetting the upper caste beyond words. Their whole upper caste status is in jeopardy every time Trump speaks. What Trump is doing would never be acceptable in counties like Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

Caste is a forbidden word on this forum. I am probably the only one who has ever brought up the word. In the history of civilizations, it has always played an important role. And in The Laws of Nature that Jefferson used, the three powers of government was established in part to control the caste. That is why we really have never had much of a problem with caste before. The problem is The Laws of Nature are only as good as the morals of the country. And Jefferson was working on but never got incorporated the essential system to teach morals. As religion and idolization of our county has decreased. The schooling system failed to produce well-rounded children and in areas of the country the morals have degenerate to the point that greed has become acceptable. The greed and low morals are trying to infiltrate and change The Laws of Nature so an upper caste system can rule.

The Caste War of Yucatán (1847–1901) was in Mexico. This was a case where the lower caste got power of the country and the upper caste could not accept being ruled by the lower caste. I bring this up because the upper caste is feeling the same problem today here in America.

Human Rights Watch says - Caste-based discrimination blights the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world, and the World Conference Against Racism should have the issue squarely on its agenda. Caste denotes a system of rigid social stratification into ranked groups defined by descent and occupation. Under various caste systems throughout the world, caste divisions also dominate in housing, marriage, and general social interaction - divisions that are reinforced through the threat of social ostracism, economic boycotts, and even physical violence.

The old caste system was factored by birth. Caste today is factored by social stratification. Rigid subdivision of a society into a hierarchy of layers, differentiated on the basis of power, prestige, and wealth. The rich and educated versus the deplorables.

Hopefully over the next two years we will expose the Hillary Cover-Up Operation. And that will truly expose the Caste and hold it at bay long enough for us to fix our moral problem. If not, we will most likely end up like Mexico, in a caste war.

two 747 used to carry pallets of money to Iran
It's fun to read your posts Mike, well, the first few sentences anyway. I almost always hear something insane sounding and have to check out just what news item you've misinterpreted now. It keeps me on my toes for when my in-laws blurt out this stuff. No matter how the money got there, it was their money. Unless you want to return to a world where nations invade nations and take their gold.

Yes, it is their money. I agree. But did we learn anything from the Barack Obama Fast and Furious Scandal. It will not be nine-millimeter bullets being fired that will be killing Americans. A few more years of waiting for a stable government would not have hurt. We should not be buying the weapons aimed at us. That is not very smart thinking.

Here is another laugh for you Lausten.

We had frozen Iran’s money. And a great deal of money I should add. Iran really wanted that money back. Iran has some of the land of the Kurd’s. And the Kurd’s really wants their land back. America wants to re-establish the Kurd’s country. We have so far established the Kurd’s military forces at great expense to the American taxpayers. We could have said that the money was owed to the Kurd’s by Iran for their land and we need to give the money to the Kurd’s. Iran would have given some of the land back to the Kurd’s to get their money. With the Kurd’s Christian country next to Iran and a second Christian country in the area. Chances are the world would be just a little bit safer.

Nice to hear from you, Mriana, especially with those fiery opinions.

Opinion? He and his cronies have kidnapped the children of people entering at legal ports of entry and placed them cages, as well as drugged many of these kids. The children will never be the same due to the psychological damage caused by such inhumane treatment. This is not opinion. There is no crisis at the border. Gutting the ACA has caused more harm than good, especially for those who have what is considered a pre-existing condition. And that isn’t mentioning what we were able to read in the Mueller report, of which I still have pages to finish reading. Yes, I’m actually reading it.

MikeYoHe, we do not need oil of any sort, because it is causing the Climate Change that humans are causing, so President Obama shutting down a pipeline was a good thing. What we do need is wind and solar energy to cut down on the CO2 that we spew out. We don’t need gas power automobiles and in this respect, the regulations President Obama made helped greatly. However, the dotard’s support, encouragement and demand for coal and oil is making Climate Change worse very rapidly. The ice at the Artic and Antartic are melting very rapidly, which will contribute to coastal flooding, worse than we have ever seen.

Not sure where you get your info concerning the border, but if it’s Fox News (Faux news), that channel, as per Mueller Report is the powerhouse of propaganda. I don’t know of any Dem saying there is a crisis, please name the Dems.

What higher taxes under President Obama? Please state your source, because I never saw higher taxes, except under the dotard. Taxes have gone down for the wealthy and increased for the poor under the dotard. Nothing has improved. There hasn’t been a MAGA anything under the dotard and much of what he has done has not been legal. As for President Obama and the court saying he didn’t do things illegally, please state your source and it can’t be Fox news, because that’s been established as a propaganda machine. If anything, while there might be more employment under the dotard, it’s mainly low wage part-time jobs and many have to work more than one part-time job. Income has not increased though. As for the ACA, it was working well in that when one had insurance, they didn’t have to pay a copay for basic health care or rather preventive services. I know this because I used my insurance and it wasn’t “Obamacare”, but I did have insurance and I didn’t have to pay a copay on preventive services, until the dotard got into office and repealed much of it.

In fact, we can all go to factcheck.org and a couple other like sites and fact check much of this stuff. That’s where I’m off to now.

Under President Obama, carbon emissions went down greatly, probably due to wind and solar power use increasing. Jobs increased after an all time low after he got into office and while income didn’t change much, the economy made progress out of a serious recession (so they said. I called a Second Depression).

The president wound down the war in Iraq, but expanded the war in Afghanistan.

He said that he would do that during his run for presidency. So this is no surprise.

Source: https://www.factcheck.org/2012/10/obamas-numbers/

BUT in 2018, under the dotard carbon emissions increased greatly and petroleum use increased also. https://www.factcheck.org/2018/07/trumps-numbers-second-quarterly-update/

And as of April 2019, economic growth hasn’t changed much nor has the RGP changed much since President Obama was in office: https://www.factcheck.org/2019/04/trumps-numbers-april-2019-update/ However, that same article states that under President Obama, income rose 4.9% and under the dotard, 2.9%. I’m not feeling any income change personally.

For rank-and-file production and nonsupervisory workers (who make up 82 percent of all private-sector workers), real weekly earnings have gone up 2.5 percent so far under Trump, after rising 4.9 percent during Obama’s last four years in office.

President Obama made more progress in 4 years on earnings than the dotard has. And President Obama’s final numbers: https://www.factcheck.org/2017/09/obamas-final-numbers/ His numbers concerning poverty look better to me than the dotard’s do, because the dotard’s don’t add up: https://www.factcheck.org/2017/11/trumps-claims-dont-add/ The whole tax cut deal under the dotard is very misleading. Now we can continue with the dotard’s statements (rather lies) concerning the border.

Every spring the relative number of aspiring immigrants tends to peak, because the elements are such that the grueling journey is more survivable.

I will now, by sheer mental power, decrease the flow of the incoming migrants 2 months from now. If you do not believe me, just check the number of attempted immigrants now vs. what the number is 2 months from now.