A trump supporter calls CSPAN, "did my president lie to me?" YES ma'am

he certainly has been lying to you!

CSPAN received an interesting call today. It’s a good sign, though only time will tell if this latest trump atrocity against America, will be the cold slap of reality across their star-struck faces.



A Trump supporter called C-SPAN in tears to ask if her president had lied to her
Listen to a self-described Trump supporter rethink her support in real time.

By Dylan Matthews. dylan@vox.com, Jan 6, 2021, 9:45pm EST

For the entire Trump presidency, the question skeptics of the administration kept asking was: what will be enough? What could make his supporters realize they’ve been had?

Charlottesville wasn’t enough; trying to get a foreign prosecutor to pursue his political opponents wasn’t enough; a botched hurricane response that left thousands dead wasn’t enough; a pandemic that left hundreds of thousands dead wasn’t enough. So what would do it?

In that context, something remarkable happened on C-SPAN on Wednesday night, after a Trump-inspired mob stormed the Capitol and attempted to overturn the 2020 presidential election and keep Trump in office. At least one of the group storming the Capitol, Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, was killed by an unknown shooter after she had made it inside the Capitol building.

On C-SPAN this evening, an apparent Trump supporter, calling herself “Tammy from Boise,” called in and wanted to know: Was her president lying to her? …

“Tammy’s” remarks:

I just have one question. I wanted to know if my president lied to me today. If he did I want him to tell me. More importantly, I want him to tell the family of the woman who got shot and killed today. I voted for him — I voted for him. I’m sorry.


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