Washington Republican Party renounces Democracy! - Is it weird enough for you yet?

Apr 30, 2024 #fascist #trump #maga

MAGA Republicans’ war on democracy for Donald Trump’s authoritarianism takes a terrifying new step.

By Danny Westneat

by Marilyn W. Thompson - Feb. 28, 2024

Where will we go from here?

Washington is a politically irrelevant state, so who cares? However, if the idea spreads far enough it would shake things up in a good way.

Uh, Good how exactly?

How is the state of Washington irrelevant?

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Straight from the MAGA Debate Primer.

Dismiss and Ignore.

Well done Guy.

Minnesota was the only state that Reagan didn’t win, so, irrelevant to Republicans. Now it’s a swing state. RIP Paul Wellstone. Republicans test strategies around the country, winning Wisconsin, keeping Florida in play, making once irrelevant Ohio into a key win for Trump.

Democrats OTOH, sacrificed their stronghold of the South for the ideal of Civil Rights. Now, you can’t get an abortion there. I would still rather fight the battle of ideas than play political games with peoples’ lives.

For those of us who think democracy should be limited, it would be a good thing by setting a precedent.

It has a low number of electoral votes which means it doesn’t matter in presidential elections. It also has no influence on political culture the way California or the Northeast does.

Democracy should be limited to whom? . . .

That pretty brutal.

This neoAmerica some envision sounds like a true nightmare.

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Oh, so you want to go back to the days where people had to be white, male, and own property to vote? That does sound typical of you.

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In ancient times, in many countries, only the rich could vote.

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There was a debate before the Constitution was signed, and limiting either government or democracy was part of that. Madison’s Federalist papers offer gun rights advocates and small government proponents plenty of ammo for their arguments. Call it moot, esoteric, settled, or still up for debate, whatever, in this time, I don’t think democracy is out of control. Some government powers should curtailed, like Presidential powers, or technocrats who can draw lines on maps and get whomever they want elected, but I’m not worried about a mythical tyrannical majority.

Exactly, and what happened was if you weren’t a white male who owned land you couldn’t vote. That was for starters.

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Nothing “neo” about it. That’s how it’s been working for a long time.

That is a complicated topic that needs it own thread, but let’s put it this way – very few on this forum would qualify.

Qualify for what?.. :thinking:

Oh yes, where you can let the sexism, racism, and other prejudices, such as financial status, fly.

People complain about democracy but we use it every day. Democracy free us from tyranny but when democracy is corrupt government fails the people.

Right . . . /
Only people who can pay for it deserve democracy?
Sieg Heil to the GOP - Democracy is the real enemy:

How far we are falling.

How low can we go?


I’m not going to bother querying One this time. I can’t imagine a reasonable answer. If there are criteria for participating in democracy, then it’s not democracy. Whatever area is being claimed by the ruling class, if you live in it, you get to vote.

This is where any logic went off the rails for me. I just take it as a typo. Surely (stop calling me…) that sentence was meant to say, “For those of us who think government should be limited…

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