GOP legislatures are working overtime to weaken US democracy

Democracy demands an informed and engaged electorate. Yes the system is f’d up, but if rationalists don’t stand up, it’s going to disappear all together.

Republicans who believe the “big lie” are trying to weaken US democracy and hinder the way many Americans cast their ballot. CNN’s Brianna Keilar explains.

How can the GOP claim the democrats are casting illegal votes?

Are their votes not made by citizens? Are there duplicate votes? Are there votes by minors? Are there votes by foreigners?

What and where exactly are these votes illegally cast by people who are not eligible to vote?
I have not seen or heard a single item of evidence that proves there is illegal voting.

Wait, I did hear about a few illegal votes vast by Republicans and seen an assault on the orderly processing of legally cast votes by Republicans on the Nations Capitol building.

Very much similar to the NAZI Beer Hall Putsch - Wikipedia in Germany when Hitler was coming to power.

Does anybody want to relive that nightmare???

It’s worse than that. I talked to a couple who were sure that Democrats were being illegally registered. Their logic was that a non-profit was soliciting people to register by setting up tables etc, but doing it in places where they knew there were more Democrats. So, this time around, it won’t be the counts or fraud, but the voters themselves that are drawn into question.

Another guy sent me to Shelby County v Holder. This is the 2009 decision that ended the 1965 Voter Rights Act provision that made certain states “pre-clear” changes to their voting provisions. He calls it “state’s rights”, that the federal government shouldn’t “manage” elections. But as one justice said, this put state’s rights above individual rights.

Wow. And Republicans don’t do the same thing???

It’s been part of our political system since at least the early 20th century, you go out and try to persuade people to join your party and vote. That’s what Democracy is - why is that so difficult to explain?