Is USA's Democracy doomed? The GOP game plan

… was fairly well explained in this news report.

Trump ally Steve Bannon is indicted and awaiting trial for hiding evidence about his January 6th plotting. Now, one of his accomplices, Trump veteran Peter Navarro, has leaked information detailing the plan to rally Congressional Republicans to interfere with certifying Biden’s 2020 election win. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by Democratic strategist Chai Komanduri to discuss the revelation and Navarro’s comments likening the effort to the “Green Bay Sweep.”

How should the Democrats respond?

Outlaw the republican party.
Tag them as a terrorist organization.

If the rest of them didn’t stop the few nut jobs, they are all complicit and guilty.

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Why stop at the Republican party?

Any group that plots to overthrow the country should be labeled as a national threat.
Any group that actually tries to act on that plot should be labeled a terrorist organization.

Will that terrorist organization commemorate Jan 6, like al-qaeda celebrates 9/11?


9/11 1973??? ?? ???

1973 Chilean coup d’état

What’s my prize?

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I don’t think al-qaeda was around then, and they probably would care less about a South American country.

But since you brought it up - yes, it seems as though even back then some republicans were fond of overthrowing democracies.

… OK, I’m ready for your next little snipe.
But I must warn you, I tire of feeding trolls rather quickly.

Let get this thread back on track.

Lonna Cave, sister of Rosanne Boyland, who died during the 1/6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, talks with Ayman Mohyeldin about what compelled her sister to join the mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6th and the political currents that make another attack a very real possibility.

This could be interesting, getting to the facts of how so many suckers have been radicalized by blatant lies coupled with a belligerent Scorched-Earth mentality, ( wrapped in pandering to their basest instincts & a bunch of contrived - that is, fabricated - fears ) that exists among way the heck too many Republican politicians and corporate con-artists.

A closer look at the messaging on Jan 6th:

As former president Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial enters its third day, the question remains whether his words or actions incited the January 6 assault on the Capitol. But little attention has been paid to a video that was shown that same day, at the January 6 “March to Save America” rally in Washington, D.C. Jason Stanley, a scholar of fascist propaganda, claims that this short video – shown immediately after Rudy Giuliani left the stage, prior to the attack on the Capitol – was full of themes and tactics that threaten liberal democracy. Stanley breaks the video down with Hari Sreenivasan and elaborates on its role in the violence that took place on that infamous day.

Originally aired on February 11, 2021.

AQ was around then. It was called the CIA

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Well done

The interview makes me think of interviews with relatives of people that have gotten caught up in cults - Koresh, NXIVM … there’ve been a few others.

You are a hoot Mr Tri

This gets more omission with everyday. The Republicans really do want to transform American’s democracy into their totalitarian regime.

Political Violence May Be Necessary, 4 In 10 Republicans Say : NPR

The mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol may have been a fringe group of extremists, but politically motivated violence has the support of a significant share of the U.S. public, according to a new survey by the American Enterprise Institute.

The survey found that nearly three in 10 Americans, including 39% of Republicans, agreed that “if elected leaders will not protect America, the people must do it themselves, even if it requires violent actions.”

Cc: From climate science denial to engineering the destruction of the government that serves Americans, maybe not perfectly, but pretty damned well all things considered {serious slippage these past decades not withstanding.} As if that isn’t already in motion through many avenues, still, why can’t we ever focus on real existential problems. But, no pathetic destructive power games is all most can see.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is a troll. But it’s not either or. She can be a troll, and she can be a serious threat to democracy,” Mehdi Hasan says to Chris Hayes, discussing Rep. Greene suggesting a “national divorce” between red and blue states.

The Lincoln Project

Peter Navarro says the quiet part out loud (and still denies it).

This one also says the quiet part out loud, yet he continues using every ounce of his power to make sure Republicans prevail and that our democracy gets vandalized beyond recognition.

Speaking of the GOP’s Game Plan, here’s one front in their war against American Voters.

An NPR analysis of 2022 secretary of state races across the country found at least 15 Republican candidates running who question the legitimacy of President Biden’s 2020 win, even though no evidence of widespread fraud has been uncovered about the race over the last 14 months. In fact, claims of any sort of fraud that swung the election have been explicitly refuted in state after state, including those run by Republicans.

Watch out American these people want to rob you of your vote:

GEORGIA (Biden +0.2 pts. in 2020)
Rep. Jody Hice Objected to certification in Congress on Jan. 6, 2021. TRUMP ENDORSED
David Belle Isle Said Georgia results should not have been certified.

ARIZONA (Biden +0.3 pts. in 2020)
State Rep. Mark Finchem Attended Stop the Steal rallies in Jan, and spoke of election fraud in Virginia before that state’s governor’s race. TRUMP ENDORSED
State Rep. Shawnna Bolick Introduced bill that would give legislators the power to overturn an election, in response to fraud claims, and voted not to certify the 2020 election in Arizona.

WISCONSIN (Biden +0.6 pts. in 2020)
Jay Schroeder Called for Wisconsin electors to be rescinded in 2020.

NEVADA (Biden +2.4 pts. in 2020)
Jim Marchant Said 2020 election was stolen from him and Trump.

MICHIGAN (Biden +2.7 pts. in 2020)
Kristina Karamo Pushed 2020 election conspiracy theories, and conspiracy theory that it was actually Antifa who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6. TRUMP ENDORSED

MINNESOTA (Biden +7.2 pts. in 2020)
Kim Crockett Cast doubt on 2020 election results and broader election infrastructure.

OHIO (Trump +8 pts. in 2020)
John Adams Said there were “shenanigans” in the 2020 election that have not yet been resolved.

NEW MEXICO (Biden +10.8 pts. in 2020)
Audrey Trujillo Shared a number of conspiracy theories about voter fraud on her personal twitter.

COLORADO (Biden +13.5 pts. in 2020)
David Winney Campaign website linked to videos alleging fraud and says “the overwhelming evidence of stolen election(s) cannot be ignored.”

KANSAS (Trump +14.6 pts. in 2020)
Mike Brown Defended former President Trump “asking questions” about election results.

ARKANSAS (Trump +27.6 pts. in 2020)
Eddie Joe Williams Said he’s “not sure” if Biden actually won.

CALIFORNIA (Biden +29.2 pts. in 2020)
Rachel Hamm Attended QAnon conference last fall, and endorsed by election denial leader Mike Lindell.

MASSACHUSETTS (Biden +33.6 pts. in 2020)
Rayla Campbell Posted photos during a previous campaign wearing a QAnon shirt.

Source: 2020 election results from AP

And the Dems doing nothing except let’s hold hands and work together. Seen that movie before

So be a high and mighty idealist and say to hell with all of it and roll over.

Talk about playing right into the Republican Totalitarian’s hand.

Great plan.


Back to those GOP malicious jokers

Brian Tyler Cohen - Jan 5, 2022

BREAKING: McConnell just accidentally humiliated himself with a major public misstep. To demand Ivanka and Donald Jr. be held in contempt for defying subpoenas, sign here :point_right: