The metaphor which deceives - Julius Fann, Jr

Fear is the mother of man’s belief he has fallen away from his Conscience directions of living by “every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” The question is, however, where does one fall when they cannot fall out of themselves? No one can fall from here to there, one can only be pulled into the dark hole of their fears.

When one diligently walk in the experience of their faith, hope and love, these three things will lead them, and others who step into their light, deeper into the message of Silence when even plagued with agitators who constantly disrupted their expression of living in the Grace of Wisdom.

Agitation is the road traveled by agitators who cannot realize the origin of their fear was human indoctrination, and who still live fearing the curtain will be pulled off their anthropomorphic god, or to be succinct, exposing the belief and hypocrisy of a Wizard of Oz.

Everyone who’s familiar with The Wizard of Oz realizes the characters in it were eventually shown the reality of that which they were seeking when they made a startling revelation of seeing themselves concerning themselves. So, then, the reality beyond morphing god humanly is always needed here. Also needed is patience, strength, and courage, as Ps.27:14 tells us: “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”

Consequently the core, it would appear, of our acceptance or denial is fear and ostracizing. After years of being antagonized, those sincere learn resilience. It takes a resilience, unyielding stance to break the chain of filibuster which prolongs one need to “be strong in the Lord, and the power of his might.” Within this strength, the strong speaking out . They take a stand which every individual living, in fear, need to do with an unyielding earnest desire to step out of the clutch of the god of this world’s mentality, into the substance and essence of THAT “without father, without mother, without decent, having neither beginning of day nor end of life.” Each step one takes to be free of the clay of the earth has to start by comprehending the myth of God being a man is the metaphor which deceives.

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa

Man’s Anthropomorphic god

Hey Julius. I remember you. Nice to those long strings of phrase again.

"I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

Litany against Fear, Dune, Frank Herbert

The phrase derives from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar , “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”

[Why Dune’s Litany Against Fear Is Good Psychological Advice]

@ morgankane01

In fact, Stephen Colbert shared that he was influenced by the litany himself after reading the book when he was 19 years old. “The book combed into my view of the world,”

“The book combed into my view of the world.”
What a cool way of putting it.

That kind of fear can realistically be understood as a “mind-killer” because it shuts down our mind’s ability to think. Under fear’s influence, we actually default back to a more animal response than a human one.

That’s why permitting fear to pass over us and through us is key. This mindfulness based action reminds us that we are separate from our fear: we can observe our fear and let is pass us by.

It reminds me of something, that I imagine is related to all that.
We don’t need to be brave through and through, acknowledge your fear, but when the moment comes, standing tall and simply behaving brave goes a long way.

That’s not very well written, but you get the idea?

The problem with that is, are you listening to God, or what other people imagine God to be. Did “God” speak with you directly, or through ancient tribal texts which were written for pragmatic human interests?

You know, the entire thing of God - where did it come from? Out there in the universe of energy and matter and lifelessness, or here within Earth’s spectacular biosphere, as a product born of the human mind and spirit, with eons worth of evolutionary foundation behind it?

It is a good day to be alive and to know Consciousness is like time. Every human being lives their life in their own time frame, giving substance and essence only to their conscious world. Everything they absorb and recognize and project into their universe, and space they take up is unique. What every individual interprets of their observation is precise, it is their experience exclusively and no one else can know the cause and effect within their soul, consciousness, or Spirit. People can only relate to things in the time frame relative only to themselves.

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa

Anil Seth;

" Life in the first person is both magical and terrifying. But it is circumscribed. And echoing Julian Barnes, "when the end comes there is nothing – really nothing – to be afraid of."

God, Life, or whatever one calls, or does not call it, is indeed in each and every person, given equally and justly regardless of what occurs to them between Its arc of birth and death.
The questions: what are people to do with the life they are living sensually, and in the living, what goal or purpose does one have in visions and reaching to grasp that which “has no form or comeliness to be desired?” What does enlightenment entail, and what hopes does one represent blindly in achieving a purpose when there is no beginning or end to infinity, therefore, to infinities potentials?

Humility … and realization that one is an example of extraordinary luck in that, of the infinity of atoms and molecules in the universe, the odds that this specific pattern that is you has emerged is incalculable.

It’s like winning a grand prize in the universal lottery.

W4U has a point.

Being a sentient aware human who can take in and appreciate the whole of creation, is a reward in itself. After all, creation, deep time, evolution, the Earth beneath our feet, the universe above our heads, that’s some awesomely amazing stuff to process.

Appreciating oneself as another element in the pageant of creation, you only have your one moment, why piss on that gift?

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Making a point in time is no different than reaching to touch the moon. And any individual of sense perception is enslaved to the 5 kings constantly at war within sentient beings, and everlastingly causing tension at the heart of their universe of time, space, form, and matter.

However, for the sentient being, truth and reality has never been a created or uncreated moment of Spirit infinity. Neither has there been a destiny, other than God’s unknown purpose, intent and infinite potential of choice to follow anything other than the vibrating mist of energy, in God’s kingdom of the Unconditioned Mind. For within the essence and substance of God’s temple not made with hands, Spirit placed the Word of God’s power as the outer perimeter and heart of flesh, and man destiny in birth is the limit of death.

I don’t get any of that.

It doesn’t relate to anything within this physical world that my consciousness and body need to navigate everyday.

I can find much more satisfactory answers to my quest for “truth” within the confines of this Earth and the reality of our biological heritage. I don’t even know where I’d try to start a conversation with you, I mean,

What five kings?


Or is it something else all together?

I had wanted to explore some of this with you, but it’s a word salad, there’s nothing there to get a hold of and wrap my head around. sorry

You’re not alone. If I were writing a book and needed a guru character, this would be great research. He has a decent degree of internal consistency and a way of responding to you that acknowledges he heard your words, but never goes off his message.

I like the starving child test. How are they experiencing justice? How are they equal? They are alive, for now, is that it?

It goes much, much deeper than giving a human test. “You have the poor with you always.” The starving children test applies to all mankind. The world and mankind are children compared to infinity, Moreover, leaving all sentient beings starved and victims of being enslaved within the catch 22 circle of their own perception and idealistic assumptions.

The starved are receiving justice. It is the justice of the stigma of thoughts attached to the walls of their souls. It is there where justice is measured and the imbalance between Spiritual Consciousness, metaphysics, and the Mysteries of living is the tension within oneself caused by acceptance of dualism labeled Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Two personalities starve and continuously fight for dominance over which of them will dominate the will of the spirits of mankind projected into the ethereal human thinking universal consciousness of the starving .

It is an imbalance of these dual personalities’ acceptance of Plato’s Chariot Allegory – I am being drawn and halved by a two horse charioteer going in different directions, always dividing my soul from the Central table of the Consciousness which infinitely feeds and balances life.

That kind of observation only proves the implacable nature of universal mechanics.
There is no higher power that controlled life on earth in the past and there won’t be in the future. Evolution is a stochastic deterministic process. There is only Logic, from which all the natural mathematical values and functions originate, including sentience.

It is hubris to ignore the billions of species that came before mankind and that gave rise to consciousness.

To say “God did it” is a cheap way of looking at the mathematical evolutionary majesty of spacetime . There is no higher spirit that has a greater purpose than the mathematical mechanics of dynamic spacetime energy.

We know that the universe is losing energy via thermodynamics. That energy has no mystical properties of elan vital. When all the energy in the universe has dissipated the universe will be a cold, still place without life of any kind.

Just as we have no real clue as to what came before, we have no clue as to what will come after this universal spacetime epoch. Why bother with the unknowable past and future when we can experience and enjoy the present.

The law of nature demands that; "Life must take Life in the interest of Life itself."

If you can bemoan the plight of mankind but ignore the evolutionary process you lose sight of the billions of living organisms that preceded today’s natural world and that gave rise to mankind as well as to Leprosy and the COVID virus.

Nothing spiritual about those plagues. In fact, an argument can be made that humans are an invasive species and that the natural world might be better off without us.

How’s that for a spiritual solution to todays wanton destruction of the earth’s biome.

All human thoughts have a spirit. And man is the charioteer of them being drawn by two different horses going in opposite directions. One pulling to the right (good/evil, one pulling to the left, evil/good. No human spirit is centered in the “I” in the midst of thee.
Here is the rub. Whether one is drawn towards a good or evil life. And whether one becomes involved in life directly or indirectly, or stands by idly and sees another individual or race led to the slaughter as sheep, such thinking and inaction will inevitably return whole, perfect, complete, and pure. This is the meaning of "The soul that sinneth, it shall die.

I take back what I said about internal consistency @jufa. You didn’t even get Plato’s allegory right. You are just taking images from own head and throwing them together however you like. I doubt you understand “Catch-22” either. You like saying things like “deeper” and “infinity”, that you can’t then explain.

When you get to where you can’t justify allowing children to starve, you throw in a “soul” or “mystery”. It’s easy to say there is a “tension”, not so easy to dig into the opposing forces, and ask yourself what you should do today, how you should use this finite life to make living just a little better. Easy to say you are on a spiritual quest to find something deep inside yourself instead of doing some actual work out in the real world.


The best thing about dialogue is boiling down to interpretations. Interpretations from any source is what is assumed from the angle one is seeing things from their place in the circle of life. With that stated it is always necessary to ask oneself what is the reality of the human interpretation of a thinking mind when a mind is not inclusive of all wonders and questions and unknown answers, yet, in the face of all the technology of science, religion, philosophy, psychology, and awakening myth and metaphors presents itself as profoundly supreme ?

What source has man found to logically explain thoughts’ ability to infiltrate the human brain, the brain’s electrical and chemical impulses for the functioning of the human body to work together in harmony. And how can individual human minds reveal, and measure the origin of why all happening in the universal human atmosphere explain the invisible logic of existence and unexplainable Spirit of thought, when the human mind is as the roots of a trees, and plants which absorbs all good and evil, and poisons elements of materialism, which plague humanity and is governed by the five kings which dominate human thinking?

All human thought is generated by a 3lb lump of neurons, completely isolated from the exterior world except for a series of bundled microtubules connected to some evolved imperfect sensory organs.

The human biome needs the assist from billions of symbiotic bacteria to even stay alive. And you talk about spirituality? Get real … human thought is no more than a controlled hallucination. (Anil Seth)

Have you given thought to other advanced species that live in completely different environments? What life experience and spirit do they possess that is less than human experience?