the debate

Tim I’m counting on you to report on the debate.

My health didn’t allow me to listen, but I was following via highlights from my wife watch a twitter feed, and sounded like it was quite the poop show.

But a little scary too,

Proud Boys, Stand Back and Stand By.
It's truly hideous watching all this develop. Remember him attending the cage fighting thing.

Only hope is a genuine real meltdown, after that a record breaking landslide Biden win and a substantial flushing the right wing extremist in the House and Senate…


Democrats Worry GOP Efforts To Recruit Poll Watchers May Lead To Voter Intimidation September 29, 2020 Heard on All Things Considered

It’s trip, at the beginning you hear republicans yelling at people who want to vote - then another republican guy telling us in total seriousness this isn’t about intimidation.

Oh what nightmares we have brought upon ourselves. When there are really so many more important problems needing our full attention.

Oh yeah, that’s the constructive person’s outlook, those who like functioning society of rules and respect and a general feeling good about being a part of - willing to sacrifice here and there for the good of neighbors and all that.

The trump crowd seem only about anger, blaming others, actually it’s worse, we hear it coming through in some comments around here, seems they actualizing want to hurt others, vandalism and contempt for others’ and utter disregard for a healthy future… and we gave them the keys.

Best parts of the debate was when Biden called the dotard a clown and when he told the dotard to shut up. I loved it. However, that about all I watched of the debate because the dotard got on my nerves because he would not shut up and allow Biden to speak. I guess that was about 10 minutes of the debate. I got there late and left early. Glad I did, because I was yelling at the TV telling the dotard to shut up and that he’s the liar, because he is. I didn’t plan on watching even that much because I already know who I’m voting for.

(I am attempting to recreate my 1st response to this thread, since my 1st disappeared.)

CC, you beat me to posting this topic. I would have titled it

The Mr. Frowny Face Chaotic Interrupter LIAR vs Joe Debate

(Parents who let their children watch the fiasco, may wish they had not. Children who have enough interest in a “Presidential” debate, know that we are ALL faced right now, with a Pandemic, a Recession, with people out of jobs, and losing healthcare, and that there are serious racial issues that have come to the fore of our consciousness AND yet, what these children saw was a raving tRump. Those kids must be scared now.)

The tRump was out of control. That the tRump would constantly LIE and attack, was foreseen, but even the FOX news moderator was shaken up by the tRump’s violating the rules of the debate. The tRump was repetitively interrupting with LIES and attack lines. When it was his 2 min, he would keep spewing LIES even when his 2 min had passed. When it was Joe’s 2 min, the tRump would interrupt at will, and boy did he will.

Joe did some interrupting too, after it was clear that the moderator could not keep the tRump abiding by the rules. But Joe still did not interrupt to the extent of the tRump.

The tRump seemed unable to control himself from producing chaos (as seems to be a pattern for him).

Everything the tRump said was a repeat of LIEs and crap that he has spewed before.

Joe portrayed himself as firmly moderate. But he spoke for recovering the role of leading the world to address climate change. He spoke for creating success for workers by building the clean energy infrastructure jobs. He did not equivocate about what causes climate change, as did the tRump. Joe spoke against the tRump’s constant war on the ACA. The tRump, again LIED saying he has a healthcare plan to replace it. Joe said he supports the police and Not the “bad apple” police, who Joe said that even other police are against.

Anyway same old crap LIES that we have heard before from the tRump. And just more chaos created by someone who bills himself as the “Law and Order” candidate.

So if you want to know who “won the debate”?

I would say Russia or all of our enemies who want to see the continued erosion of our Democratic Republic under the tRump. It was a shiteshow.

Their was a panel of people who listened to the debate, some tRumpers, some Independents, some Dems.

69% of those said Joe Biden won the debate.

(I imagine that a big part of that was as much about how bad the tRump’s out-of-control performance was as it was about how well Joe did.)

So Joe did fine. He certainly did not live up to the tRump campaign ubiquitous LIES about Joe having dementia. If anything, the tRump’s inability to restrain himself much of the time, could be an indication of age-related decline.




I don’t know if Russia won, but I do think the dotard made a fool of himself before the whole world. Biden did the U.S. proud with is behaviour and only said what the majority of us were thinking when he called the dotard a clown and told him to shut up.

Tim funny you should mention children.

I’ve heard many suggestions that the moderator they needed was a mother who’s been cooped up with her kids the past half year.

I’ll bet there are a few out there with the journalistic chops to do the job.

I think it’s a splendid idea, but it make too much sense to be considered.


Considering Russia is only interested in payback, diminishing America, and sowing unrest, seems to me they are in a win win situation.


I wonder if our trump devotes will be weighing in and explaining to us what an awesome job trump made of it?

They could always bring back the good old Sound Booths so the screaming baby can be silenced long enough for Biden to get some serious thoughts across to the American people.

The truly pitiful thing to me is that his supporters most likely were NOT embarrassed by him, and if fact probably thought he did a great job.

Like a broken record - again with the russian angle. Did you see his tax returns. Debts to many countries but russia not one.


Why did you all miss his incitement of fascist violence with his call to the Proud Boys to stand down and stand by??


Why did you not mention this and the lack of response by Biden to call on the base to fight fascism?



Hmmm, no debt to Russia?


How Russian Money Helped Save Trump’s Business After his financial disasters two decades ago, no U.S. bank would touch him. Then foreign money began flowing in. BY MICHAEL HIRSH | DECEMBER 21, 2018

foreignpolicy _ com/2018/12/21/how-russian-money-helped-save-trumps-business/


Following the Money: Trump and Russia-Linked Transactions From the Campaign to the Presidential Inauguration By Diana Pilipenko and Talia Dessel December 17, 2018


"Business projects of Donald Trump in Russia" From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Doesnt say anywhere in your link he has a finanical debt with Russia. How come you dont highlight the countrys he does?

You mean like the Saudi Arabians, those guys that brought down the World Trade Center and got away with it?



The top 11 favors the Trump administration has done for Saudi Arabia
Wednesday’s vetoes are the latest in a list of moves that aid the kingdom, which Trump says is a bulwark against Iran and a good customer for U.S. weapons.

nbcnews _ com/politics/national-security/top-11-favors-trump-administration-has-done-saudi-arabia-n1026926

Trump claims he has ‘no financial interests in Saudi Arabia’ — but he makes lots of money from it

Dan Mangan,  OCT 16 2018

A Saudi prince helped save Trump from bankruptcy—twice

By Max de HaldevangGeopolitics reporter
October 16, 2018
Donald Trump claimed on Twitter today that he has no “financial interests in Saudi Arabia.” But his financial ties to the kingdom go back a very long way.

In 1991, Donald J. Trump was a mid-tier real estate developer with $900 million in debt, a collapsing casino business, and a name perhaps best known for a headline-dominating split with his wife Ivana. With his empire at risk of falling apart, Trump was searching for cash everywhere; his father even illegally bought $3.35 million worth of casino chips and never gambled them, to help Trump make a massive bond payment a year earlier.

qz _com/1425852/a-saudi-prince-helped-save-trump-from-bankruptcy-twice/

vox _ com/policy-and-politics/2019/9/17/20868358/donald-trump-saudi-money

The manager of Trump’s hotel in New York credited a timely stay by members of the Saudi Crown Prince’s entourage (though not the prince himself) with lifting revenue there by 13 percent in one quarter last year. Lobbying disclosures showed that Saudi lobbyists spent $260,000 at Trump’s hotel in DC back in December 2016 during the transition. Separately, the Kingdom itself spent $190,273 at Trump’s hotel in early 2017.

Tom Burgis, JULY 11 2018

_ft _com/trumptoronto

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It is precisely this approach to the provenance of the money that has sustained Trump’s business career that concerns many who have examined it closely. After a series of corporate bankruptcies in the 1990s and early 2000s left the property business he had inherited from his father largely unable to borrow from mainstream banks, Trump turned to ever more obscure backers. He was able to borrow sporadically from Deutsche Bank, with whom he had a long and fractious relationship, but, from about the turn of the millennium, he also adopted a new model, under which he licensed his brand to skyscraper developments that the Trump Organization would then manage under contract. This was a time when the former Soviet Union’s newly minted oligarchs were seeking foreign havens for their wealth. By 2008, Trump’s son, Donald Jr, was telling a real estate conference: “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets . . . We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” Some of this came through sales of individual units in Trump-branded properties, where Trump was sometimes entitled to a cut.



It’ll take a few years for the chips to fall where they many.

Still no debts to russia.


So why did it take me for you to raise SA rather than being a mindless anti russia shill?

The dotard is definitely bed-buddies with Putin. There might not be any debts, but Russia did have their hands in our election, helping the dotard steal the last election.

Mriana the CIA are in every country. You cant be serious

@anton What are you talking about and what does that have to do with Russia having their hands in our election, helping the dotard steal the election again? No one is talking about the CIA and if you are right, the CIA didn’t stop Russia’s meddling in our election last time.

@anton - debt

debt noun

\ ˈdet
Definition of debt

1: SIN, TRESPASS Forgive us our debts.
2: something owed : OBLIGATION unable to pay off his debtsowe them a debt of gratitudea criminal’s debt to society
3: a state of being under obligation to pay or repay someone or something in return for something received : a state of owing deeply in debt to creditors
4law and business : the common-law action for the recovery of money held to be due

Endless avoidance of evidence. Body, what body. No matter how you cut it Trump is most certain a Russian Obligated President.

Cc - still no evidence.


Mriana - oh the irony!

@anton that’s what the dotard administration wants people to believe. They always lie. Every word out of the dotard’s mouth and his cronies’ mouths are lies. They do not speak any truth, not even about his current condition as he is now in the hospital. The dotard, I’m sure, had a motive for coming late to the debate.

For a country that interfers in other countrys affairs more than any other in history, whether its coups, assassinations, invasion, sanctions or terrorism, the irony of complaining about russian facebook / twitter memes!