Trump our Russian Obligate President, Commander in Chief, or Supreme Traitor

Axios reporter Jonathan Swan tells CNN about former President Donald Trump's "off-the-books" bid to remove troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Germany and Africa in his final weeks in office after he'd lost the election.

Axios: Trump tried to pull troops from around world after election loss

Episode 9: Trump's war with his generals

Jonathan Swan, Zachary Basu

… John McEntee, one of Donald Trump’s most-favored aides, handed retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor a piece of paper with a few notes scribbled on it. He explained: “This is what the president wants you to do.”

  1. Get us out of Afghanistan.

  2. Get us out of Iraq and Syria.

  3. Complete the withdrawal from Germany.

  4. Get us out of Africa.

It was Nov. 9, 2020 — days after Trump lost his re-election bid, 10 weeks before the end of his presidency and just moments after Macgregor was offered a post as senior adviser to acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller.

As head of the powerful Presidential Personnel Office, McEntee had Trump’s ear. Even so, Macgregor was astonished. He told McEntee he doubted they could do all of these things before Jan. 20. …


Can’t wait to hear FOX spin this story.

This would have been seen to be a positive step and supported by much of the world if it happened

This would have been seen to be a positive step and supported by much of the world if it happened
And then what? Come calling for the US to help when those areas flair up again/more?


… I wonder why he didn’t want to pull out of the Pacific?


This would have been seen to be a positive step and supported by much of the world if it happened
And most likely the start of WWIII........., Apocalypse!

“And then what? Come calling for the US to help when those areas flair up again/more?”

Who has asked for help before? We don’t need US soldiers to interfer in other countries affairs

“And most likely the start of WWIII………, Apocalypse!”

Why? The USa would be less hated as they are now around the world.

This would have been seen to be a positive step and supported by much of the world if it happened
US imperialism suddenly became a good thing to liberals when Trump spoke out against it.

To my friend C Citizen


I see where you get your talking points Sabolina. No substance, just telling you what you should think.

@Lausten. Yeah, the thought of Barbie and Ken cheerleaders came to mind.

@#344215. Sure on the face of it, it’s a wonderful idea. Especially if thought out and details negotiated among the relevant nations. But to do it out of some thoughtless tantrum, to piss off his enemies. That sort of plan we can expect from that drunk talker at the bar who’s not responsible for anything, but President of the US?

Now to bring this back to the issue at hand

Trump our Russian Obligate President, Commander in Chief, or Supreme Traitor


For a little followup on that,


Intel revelations raise difficult questions for several Republicans

The intelligence community’s assessment raises some difficult questions for Trump and Giuliani, but they’re not the only ones in an awkward position.

March 18, 2021, 9:17 AM MDT
By Steve Benen

But Rudy Giuliani wasn’t necessarily Andriy Derkach’s only point of contact. In fact, his name may be familiar to regular readers.

It was last year, for example, when we learned that Derkach claimed he fed information to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who was searching for anti-Biden dirt ahead of last fall’s elections.

Asked last summer whether he’d possibly relied on information from pro-Kremlin Ukrainians, the Wisconsin Republican appeared reluctant to answer, saying only that he and the Senate committee he led “are getting information from a variety of sources.”

A month earlier, at a House Intelligence Committee meeting, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) pressed Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) – the panel’s top GOP member – on whether the Republican had received anti-Biden information from Derkach.

According to a transcript from the closed-door discussion, Nunes didn’t want to answer.

It was against this backdrop that Maloney spoke yesterday to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace …



How a new government report strongly implicates Giuliani in a Russian interference effort

By Philip Bump, March 17, 2021

Giuliani spent months explicitly arguing that Biden’s son Hunter had engaged in dubious activity while serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. This claim was fact-checked over and over again, particularly as Trump faced impeachment for his efforts to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to announce an investigation of the Bidens. At no point did credible evidence emerge to suggest that the core claims being rigorously promoted by Giuliani and Trump were accurate. Giuliani nonetheless continued to hammer on the allegations, repeatedly insisting that he had provided or would provide evidence to prove wrongdoing. …




Treasury Escalates Sanctions Against the Russian Government’s Attempts to Influence U.S. Elections

Russian Intelligence Services, namely the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), and the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), play critical roles in propagating Russian disinformation online. The FSB, GRU, and SVR operate a network of websites that obscure their Russian origin to appeal to Western audiences. Outlets operated by Russian Intelligence Services focus on divisive issues in the United States, denigrate U.S. political candidates, and disseminate false and misleading information. The GRU and FSB were first designated in 2016.

The FSB directly operates disinformation outlets. SouthFront is an online disinformation site registered in Russia that receives taskings from the FSB. It attempts to appeal to military enthusiasts, veterans, and conspiracy theorists, all while going to great lengths to hide its connections to Russian intelligence. In the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, SouthFront sought to promote perceptions of voter fraud by publishing content alleging that such activity took place during the 2020 U.S. presidential election cycle.

NewsFront is a Crimea-based disinformation and propaganda outlet that worked with FSB officers to coordinate a narrative that undermined the credibility of a news website advocating for human rights. Part of NewsFront’s plan was to utilize Alexander Malkevich, who is also being re-designated in today’s action, to further disseminate disinformation. NewsFront was also used to distribute false information about the COVID-19 vaccine, which further demonstrates the irresponsible and reckless conduct of Russian disinformation sites.

The Strategic Culture Foundation (SCF) is an online journal registered in Russia that is directed by the SVR and closely affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. SCF is controlled by the SVR’s Directorate MS (Active Measures) and created false and unsubstantiated narratives concerning U.S. officials involved in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. It publishes conspiracy theorists, giving them a broader platform to spread disinformation, while trying to obscure the Russian origins of the journal so that readers may be more likely to trust the sourcing.

The GRU operates InfoRos. InfoRos calls itself a news agency but is primarily run by the GRU’s 72nd Main Intelligence Information Center (GRITs). GRITs is a unit within Russia’s Information Operations Troops, which is identified as Russia’s military force for conducting cyber espionage, influence, and offensive cyber operations. InfoRos operates under two organizations, “InfoRos, OOO” and “IA InfoRos.” InfoRos used a network of websites, including nominally independent websites, to spread false conspiracy narratives and disinformation promoted by GRU officials. Denis Tyurin(Tyurin) held a leadership role in InfoRos and had previously served in the GRU. …



@sabolina, it’s true enough that fast talk can help you to ignore the evidence. But, it won’t make the evidence go away.

@sabolina, it’s true enough that fast talk can help you to ignore the evidence. But, it won’t make the evidence go away”

Do kyle and Krystal have a point? Was it a good thing that biden did not place sanctions on Putin’s buddies?


@sabolina, they were a couple jokers.

If you think they had a point, how about you quoting it for me. Then perhaps we can discuss it. I heard nothing but a couple clowns repeating trivial tactical talking points to manipulate emotions, nothing else!

Certainly not any news,

you know: Who, What, Why, Where, When.

It’s like you’re playing some trivia game yourself.

Trying to score points according to a code you can only learn via NeewzMax and Faux?

Please, what’s the score, and how does each side make points?

How would you score <a href="">#344495</a>

Surely you would have said something if trump refused to sanction putins buddies over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a very sensitive subject in Europe as European countries needs it, specially Germany. Gaz is an ecological way to get energy, much better than fuel or coal.

It’s like you’re playing some trivia game yourself.
Thumbs up

To my friend Citizen. Did you like the part in Kyle’s video in # 344492 when he brought up the time Mitt Romney was laughed out of the presidential debates when he claimed Russia was THE number 1 threat to the USA , with the classic Obama comeback “ what that? I can hear the 80’s calling. They want their foreign policy back”


very good Mr Obama.

Kyle’s video was of a couple know-nothings, babbling for effect. Or were they babbling for affect?

What is it you’re after?


Or Affect?