Pompeo goes full traitor on USA, promises 2nd trump admin.

Looks like Republicans have decided to do everything they can to sabotage the Biden Administration, just as they dedicated themselves to destroying the Obama Administration no matter how damaging to our country - before he even took office.



Republican seem to have dedicated themselves to destroying our government. Why would they do that? Well, it’s a plain and simple, we are witness a genuine corporate hostile takeover attempt.

Given that half of our country has invited this civil war, we are in deep shit!!!

The GOP's no-compromise pledge

By ANDY BARR - 10/28/2010


If Republicans take the House as anticipated on election night, voters can expect to hear the customary talk about coming together with Democrats for the good of the country.

President Barack Obama inevitably will extend a hand across the aisle as well.

But that’s Tuesday. Right now, the tone is a lot different — with Republicans pledging to embrace an agenda for the next two years that sounds a lot like their agenda for the past two: Block Obama at all costs. …




The Party of No: New Details on the GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama By Michael Grunwald - Aug. 23, 2012

swampland - time - com/2012/08/23/the-party-of-no-new-details-on-the-gop-plot-to-obstruct-obama/



The Victory of ‘No’ The GOP’s unprecedented anti-Obama obstructionism was a remarkable success. And then it handed the party to Donald Trump.


December 04, 2016

www - politico - com/magazine/story/2016/12/republican-party-obstructionism-victory-trump-214498

This is going to get scary.



If the dotard administration does that, that will not be very MAGA of them, because that’s not how the U.S.A. has ever worked. That would not only be treason, but it would be a political coup forcing a dictatorship on everyone. This is not democracy.

They never cared about America anyways.

Carpetbagger one and all.

And now to drive it home the Pentagon leadership appears to have been decapitated by trump and stacked with extreme trump loyalists.

Oh, happy Veterans Day.


‘Very Worrisome’: House Member On Trump Refusal To Concede



Like I said, the next two months could be a worse nightmare than the last 4 years. The nightmare just keeps getting worse and worse, yet his Cult 45 followers can’t see it. They think all of this good, which is purely delusional.

Well you know what they say about promises.

Will the Dems peacefully accept a second Trump administration when the Supreme Court throws out all the fraudulent ballots and declares that Trump actually won GA, Penn and AZ? Surely, instead of protests and riots there will be only calls for unity as we are all one people, one nation. Right.

Cult 45
I really like that name. It gets the message across without ambiguity. It also expresses the recognition by our founders that when civil discourse and negotiation fails one is obligated to "get in the way" even if it means countering force with Second Amendment force. Most appropriate for Veterans Day.

@ibelieveinlogic Thank you, but I can’t take credit for the term “Cult 45”. Randi Rhodes said it before I started saying. I obviously liked it and I liked it because it is a very apt label for those who are blinded to what the dotard is and how they see him. They worship him and have even called him God or appointed by God. They have really turned Trumpism into a full on cult.

Will the Dems peacefully accept a second Trump administration when the Supreme Court throws out all the fraudulent ballots and declares that Trump actually won GA, Penn and AZ? Surely, instead of protests and riots there will be only calls for unity as we are all one people, one nation. Right.

WRONG! Because none of the votes were fraudulent. All the vote were legit and Biden won legitimately. The dotard is trying to attempt a coup to stay in power and become a true dictator. Uniting with that would be like a nation uniting under Hitler and don’t think the dotard hasn’t murdered a lot of people, he has.

Bill Barr is a traitor too:


William Barr stepped in and blocked Justice Department lawyers from investigating acts of potentially criminal public corruption by Trump.
Barr has been protecting Trump since he replaced Jeff Sessions as attorney general. The degree to which Barr has gone to keep Trump from facing potential criminal investigations, we may not know until the Biden president is underway.
William Barr is corrupt, losing the presidency means that Trump may have lost the only thing that was keeping him out of jail.
Here’s How to Stop the Next Bill Barr From Gutting the Rule of Law

www - thenation -com/article/society/barr-ag-doj/

Barr has wrecked the DOJ. The solution isn’t to return things to the way they were—it’s to remake the AG appointment process.
By Elie MystalTwitter
JUNE 29, 2020

While Americans slept . . .


Lawyers Sound the Alarm as ‘Off the Rails’ AG Barr Caters to President Trump’s Baseless Fraud Narrative: ‘A Straightforward Abuse of Power’

MATT NAHAM Nov 9th, 2020




Will the Dems peacefully accept a second Trump administration when the Supreme Court throws out all the fraudulent ballots and declares that Trump actually won GA, Penn and AZ? -- Bob
We already accepted the first term, when he won by the Electoral College, which many of us despise and has racist roots and favors the smaller Republican based states, literally giving more power to them than the millions of voters in California. We also accepted GWB, who won by NOT counting votes and having his brother the governor of Florida and his ex-President father work the courts to get those 20 electoral votes. If you replace those names with names of third world banana republics, that is, get out of your bubble and look at it, it was a stolen election. We didn't get our guns out and interrupt press conferences, we made PBS documentaries and got to work bringing the disaffected voters into the process.

Take a lot at how this Presidency was won. Arizona won because the people on reservations turned out at 97%. Georgia won, or was at least close, because Stacey Abrams brought descendants of slaves into the process. This trend is likely to continue Bob, get used to it.

Added: And let’s not forget the work that every state for the last 20 years to get rid of “hanging chads” and bad ballot designs. Polling processes have been improved. On top of that, for the first time ever, The Carter Center observed our elections just like they have been doing in Myanmar. Other groups are joining this effort. https://866ourvote.org/


Why are the America people giving up on democracy and embracing a totalitarian Republican Party?

When empty promises of a obvious autocrat’s lie are more appealing than facing reality and taking responsibility.

Amanpour and Company

Masha Gessen speaks with Michel Martin

As the world waits for a formal transition to begin, what separates President Trump’s behavior from that of the average autocrat? Masha Gessen is a Russian-American journalist who has been writing about authoritarianism for two decades. Their latest book, “Surviving Autocracy,” makes the case that Trump’s presidency has endangered American democracy and the world’s faith in it. Gessen speaks with Michel Martin about all this – and the road ahead.

Originally aired on November 11, 2020.





and got to work bringing the disaffected voters into the process.
If that were true that election would have been a landslide. Instead, half the nation told our Medical workers and science to go fuk themselves.

Yes, too harsh a light on it,

but than the consequences of the Democrat’s continuing failure to confront Republicans’ dishonest totalitarian ideals and talking points and their dismantling of our democracy continues unabated. The consequences will be far harsher than my pissing and moaning. If we aren’t changing minds, we are losing. :frowning:

I can read your hidden cursing CC. I’m not a computer. *&%# is acceptable in some cases, but how about just none of that. It does not add to your argument.

Instead, half the nation
I saw some summarized poll numbers, I think based on Pew research. 56% of the country claims "Democrat" as a label and 42% "Republican. If that is accurate, we are a country under minority rule. Given that we started with white-male-landowners only, not surprising.

A high school friend of mine argued that if you just look at the red/blue maps after an election, obviously this country is Republican. I told him that land doesn’t vote and he unfriended me from facebook.

I’ve been wondering lately if it would be possible to bring a lawsuit against the US government stating that McConnell’s actions over the last few years constituted an unconstitutional use of power. It is supposed to be a representative democracy, yet Republicans in general and McConnell in particular are subverting our fair right to representation by making the legal system more conservative in a time when the country is becoming more liberal. The duty of the Senate in the appointment of judges is to “advise and consent”. But that’s not what McConnell’s Senate has been doing. They have been “dictating”. They have been rewriting precedent and then breaking that precedent for the specific purpose of imposing their own will on the American people and it has been done almost exclusively by 1% of the elected representation. In the lawsuit we would seek to invalidate Trump’s first and last Supreme Court nominee as well as the filling of all federal judicial seats which came open prior to Obama’s last 6 months in office as the old precedent accepted by both sides was that a seat not be filled in the last 6 months of a president’s current term.

I’m not a lawyer, but I think there might be a case in there for unconstitutional abuse of power denying the majority of Americans equal representation. Hell, even Scalia, who often ruled on the “intent” of the framers of the Constitution, couldn’t argue that the founding fathers intended one man to be able to steer the country in the exact opposite direction the majority was going.

I haven’t accept his one and only term. I swear he paid off the Electoral College so he would win. He cheated then and he’s making every effort to commit fraud again and accuse the Dems of what he’s doing like he always does. He accuses others of exactly what he and/or the his people are doing OR he takes credit for something someone else did, especially if he likes it. Hillary should have won, but it was stolen from her. Now we obviously won, fair and square and he’s still trying to steal it away from us and throwing a babyish tantrum as he does it. Oh yes, and stinking up the White House with COVID germs and fast food. Not only will the White House have to be sanitized and disinfected, but it will also need fumigation.

@lausten the reason why Repugs are in control based on the maps is a form of rigging elections in their favour. I forget what they call it, but the districts are drawn in a manner that favours the Repug party. IMHO, if there needs to be any recounts it should be in states like Missouri, which allegedly went for the dotard and kept the orange butt kisser Parson. Why? Kansas City and St. Louis almost always vote blue and except for Springfield almost always going Red and is the third largest city in MO, the rest of the state isn’t as populated as those three cities. Jeff City and Columbia often go Blue too. So I don’t trust the count in this state with it being ran Repug and all.

It’s called Gerrymandering. That’s the word I wanted concerning the maps.

How Extreme Gerrymandering Paved the Way for Republican Vote-Counting Chaos

The lawmakers who cry “voter fraud” are the same people who cling to power because of racial gerrymandering



Election officials in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have distributed more than 4 million mail-in ballots to voters in the lead-up to the 2020 election. State legislators in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, however, have deliberately refused to give those administrators any extra time to open, process, and tabulate all of those ballots. And now Republicans in those states are insisting that a quick result ought to be announced on election night to guard against “fraud.”

There is a wild and intentional contradiction at work here: Republicans in these swing states maintain that they can’t count late-arriving mail ballots because a winner needs to be declared on Tuesday night.

But they have also used their ill-won, gerrymandered majorities in these states to block every nonpartisan attempt to produce a faster tally and provide election officials with the same head start that 40 other states allow for the long hours of removing those millions of ballots from security sleeves, verifying the signatures, and preparing them for tabulation.


Here’s another one worth reading,

Gerrymandering May Be the Most Unsexy, but Important, Outcome of Election 2020

https : // cheddar - com/media/gerrymandering-redistricting-2020-election