Stormy Daniels and that Orange Thing

This is true. A much bigger deal was made out of the affair Clinton had, although I believed that was between him, Hillary, and what’s her name and not the world.

Which is why I believed in 2016 that Trump wouldn’t get elected. But the game has changed. I would bet many Presidents have had affairs, but they were kept quiet, sometimes by news media. It’s going to be hard to go back to holding them to a moral standard.

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For me the matter is not that Trump has an affair and paid the woman to stay quiet.

The matter is that to pay her he omitted fraud.

I have also read that he paid her to give false testimony to a judge and that would be another misdemeanor.

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That would be perjury, a felony. Fot one, Cohen did time for perjury.

People are drowning in trying to put food on the table, afford a home and pay for critical health procedures. This is not front of mind

It’s a candidate for the President of the United States. Someone who will directly affect the food on your table.

this aint going to do it for people.

Exactly, but he’s don more than that. He’s also committed crimes against humanity and treason (the day he encouraged people to attack the Capital was the day he committed treason).

For me it’s part of it. If one votes for the dotard, they won’t have anything, except a Dic[tator]

Pffft! “Ain’t”? Yeah, like I want to listen to you.

Got to admit. It’s baffling what “people”, aka voters, now allow.

I’m not sure what you mean. I’m not allowing the dotard to do anything except go directly to prison. I don’t care what they get that creature on, because he needs to be in prison for the rest of his life. I really don’t care what some people say about him not ever facing prison time. If he can get away with what he’s done, then anyone can and we our laws mean nothing. Anyone can encourage crimes against humanity, treason, etc. if he can get away with it and that’s just not right. Why have a Constitution or even laws if that orange creature can get away it?

Not you.

I mean the type of things being said and done all over. The type of things that at one time would have had an elected official escorted away and evaluated and then sanctioned. The usual action was resignation, rather than face all the embarrassing evidence. But it’s out in the open now, yell during the STOU, sex just about anywhere anytime with anyone. They still matter to most people most of the time, but under the right circumstances, justifications get made.

Did you see last night’s show in congress?

For boomers - yeah maybe. Not the young

Yes, it ticked me off. Raskin and Greene, especially Greene with Black representative Crockett, started the crap and yet the Black woman is the one who gets in trouble. WTF! Greene started the crap. The bleach went to Greene’s brain. Oh yeah, I’m with AOC about it too. Even so, the whole thing was really stupid, but I still say that Greene should have been in trouble for starting the crap. Repugs can’t impeach Joe Biden because he hasn’t done anything! Unlike the Dotard! Boebert isn’t the one who needs to apologize to the U.S. citizens, unless she’s a Repug… Greene does. Crocket also has a point. They should have done actual work and impeached the Dotard when he was in office, instead of trying to impeach Biden for nothing, wasting taxpayers’ money.

HAHAHAHA! My sons aren’t boomers. They are in their their mid-thirties and they are for Biden and can’t stand that orange creature.

But your sons arent the majority as reflected in the polls. Coping by trying to wish this away

Praising the ‘Late, Great’ Hannibal Lecter Is Peak Trump Lunacy

Let’s hope the Court locks Trump up in a facility for the criminally insane.!

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Will people like you leave the country if he wins the presidency?

Wrong question.

The right question is if the US will survive as a democracy.
Why don’t you believe Trump’s threats that he will destroy law and order in the Nation and perhaps start a Civil war?

People like you said the world would end when he was elected in 2016.

Stay or go??

Let’s drop the hyperbole. “People like me” said someone was going to die because of the words of Trump. I said he’s not going to leave the Whitehouse easily. So, what do you think of January 6th? What do you think of the many leaders who aren’t willing to say they will accept the results of free and fair elections?

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