Katy Hill

Instead of resigning her Congressional post, I wish she would have just stayed and carried on her fight against revenge porn (especially when it is used as a political weapon). She could have just expressed that she was wrong to have had relations with an employee. But the display of her personal sex life on the internet was no one’s business but her own and her paramours. Big deal. She’s bi. So what? She is young and decent looking so she has sex with people sometimes. How is that a horrible thing?

This is as bad as what happened to Al Franken.

The Dems will run their own off if there is a whiff of scandal. The Repubs and Trumpists will stand by their man even if they are pedophiles and rapists.

C’mon Dems, get off it. Any form of “Zero Tolerance” always goes wrong, if you hadn’t noticed.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Crucifying Al Franken - NPR - Moral equivalence between rape and an unwelcome kiss?



I forced myself to listen to a little bit of a Rubin Report the other day. He was interviewing Coleman Hughes who is a philosopher academic and Quillette writer, happens to be black, and grew up in a liberal environment, but now questions many of those assumptions. He gets a bit uncomfortable, because he does a thought experiment on just how much racism can we tolerate? I think this is something that’s hard to admit, that you can’t get rid of all racism, sexism, certainly promiscuity. It’s kind of a positive sign of the times that this question can be asked, although it seems negative that you’re saying you are allowing for some racism and sexism. But, the point is, think about it. To completely eliminate those things, you’d have to have monitors everywhere, every bar, every basement where guys are watching football, every bedroom, and ultimately in your head, sending you in for re-education if you look at someone wrong for more than 2 seconds.

Hoisted by their own petard, it seems.

Hill sounds like a woman with quite a bit of psychological baggage who made bad decisions; her constituents are probably better off without her.

Franken didn’t do anything “bad”, but as a liberal male he can’t avoid the modern playbook on male-female acceptable behavior that men like him helped write.

I think Hill and Franken were both quite competent Congresspersons. The so-called “modern playbook on male-female acceptable vs lose-your-job behavior” needs some refinement.

Speaking of self hoisting via petard, I hear T rump wants to sit in front of a fireplace and read the transcript of his Ukraine call to the American people on live TV.

That should be fun. (Tho, unfortunately, his staff would probably physically restrain him to keep him from doing it.)