Stormy Daniels and that Orange Thing

Stormy Daniels is a very smart women, despite any stereotype of her chosen career. Her word choices were brilliant, even though I consider it a form of rape. She didn’t want to have sex with that orange slim ball. What woman would? Shoot, if he attempted to grab me by the p****, I’d deck him hard, then keep calling a mistrial until I got a female judge (hey, turn about is fair play). Anyway, back to Stormy… 1. The Dotard would not let her out of the room. 2. he threaten any career she wanted 3. she didn’t want to do it. BUT she conceded because 1. She probably wasn’t getting out of that room until she did 2. she want something by way of a career, even if it was behind the camera in porn. Of course she made at least one mistake, one of them being she should not have agreed to meet the Dotard in a hotel room. However, the moment he refused to allow her to leave and force her to concede to having sex with him, was the moment it the “balance power” changed, but it is also the moment that it became a form of rape in my open. If one has to concede to have sex with someone just to leave the room, then it is forced sex and that is the very definition of rape. Not even a woman who is a sex worker should be forced to have sex with anyone they do not want to have sex with. Then again, I am pretty liberal also and the very thought of that Orange creature makes me want to puke.

Anyone else have anything thoughts about this case?

Sounds like you looked into the details. I’ve been watching the mainstream news and just getting the high level stuff. I doubt my mind would be changed significantly if I read all of the testimony. Are they releasing transcripts?

I don’t know. I’ve just been watching MSNBC and Free Speech TV, read Wash Po, and NY Times, as well as listened to my local news about it. Yeah, I guess I have looked into it. I’ll have to find what I’ve been reading on Wash Po and NY Times and share the links here.

The case has nothing to do with sex per se. Nothing illegal about that.
It was the illegal hush-payment to “bury” the embarrassing story just before the elections that was illegal.

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I understand that. I was just talking about what she said in trial, not the case itself.

Here’s on article on it:

Here’s the transcript and more:

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The democrats were all about jan 6th and saving democracy (how?) yet choose to lead their charge against trump with the stormy daniels case.

Nobody cares about this case.

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Nobody is a big word and not true at all. There are people who do care about all the cases against the Dotard and hope to see him go to prison, despite some people saying it will never happen. We still hope it will happen. I’m not the only one who hopes this. I have several friends who hope this.

Also, the Supreme Court cares. They had hearings on the limits of the power of the Presidency. It’s so obvious the powers are limited, it seems like a delay tactic to me. But it’s kept ot out of the 24 hour news cycle. Similar for other cases

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Biden does.

The Democrat lawyers say it’s about over pricing his buildings for a loan. I have yet to see why Biden would send the third top lawyer in the US to handle a state charge on the value of a building. What has Daniels got to do with valuing a building?

Biden wants the judge to take Trump’s business away and assign it to a Democrat manager. It is all political.

Don’t know what the outcome will be, but the dotard is screwed. No pun intended.

Biden didn’t send anyone. He’s not a King.

OK, take the long road. Lawyers go to meetings at the WH. Then file cases against Trump. Cases don’t go well. The WH sends the third highest lawyer. This is where you find the issue. The guy had to quit the job as the federal governments third highest attorney to take on a state job at a county in New York state that happens to be prosecuting Trump. What are the charges. We really don’t know yet. What do you think the next job will be for this attorney’s pathway to the bottom of the pile. Flipping burgers at a fast-food outlet? Will the requests for the transcripts of the WH meetings ever get released? These cases will most likely be studied in colleges as examples of political prosecution and corruption.

that is your modus operandi isn’t it?

Would it be so hard to simply give me a name? Who is “the guy”?

Then I could find the circumstances of when he “quit” his job. I do know the charges because that’s how courts work. I don’t know what happens in meetings that I don’t know happened or not. I’m not that great at predicting the future, but presently, I’m not repeating talking points from Trump’s lackeys.

Who cares if he paid for sex 18 years ago??

Most people don’t care about it besides the fact that it’s part of the lawfare against Trump. They’re throwing everything they can find against him and hoping that something sticks.

He was paying for more than that, but I guess you don’t care about that either. So, why are you in this conversation if you don’t care? You are one of the very few people I’ve met who don’t care.

Who is most people? I seriously doubt that, but then again I run in a different circle than you.

Eventually his crimes will catch up with him. He’s running out of money, that he never had to begin with. People aren’t paying his court fees like before. He’s already got a bad attorney. They question is, will she break the law for him?

Few people care about the sex itself; plenty just want to see him get in real trouble for something.

The fact that he went to so much trouble to cover it up shows he knows people care. The initial reaction to the Access Hollywood tape was that it was the end of his chances as President. That turned out to be wrong, even though much less has brought down many other candidates. Adding on a lurid affair to that might have actually changed enough votes.

But, he’s not being tried for having sex or for rape. He’s being tried for paying someone to stay quiet because he knew it would influence the election.

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