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Soldiers can be pigs, they are young, in group and have weapons.

French soldiers have not donne better in many circumstances.

There have been weddings between French women and american soldiers but, usually, they live in USA.

[A l'amour comme à la guerre

[Sex Overseas: 'What Soldiers Do' Complicates WWII History | WBUR

Soldier will behave as unhinged soldiers will do.

Another fractal of that truism that: you cannot understand an organism without understanding its environment.

We can’t appreciate an unhinged soldier, until we’ve been pressed into the same circumstances.

As much as I’ve enjoying walking in other’s shoes, I believe somethings are best not experienced, and I’m just fine with having been fortunate enough to miss out on the experience of the VietNam atrocity (lottery draft - birthday in the 300s when conscriptions were dropping and the end of war was near).