Coronavirus Conspiracy



I have just found, what I hope will be a site to air my views, opinions on the Coronavirus.

Man-Made, Definitely.

To create hysteria, Defininitely

Time to stop believing what the government tells you.

You do know this crap is real and it’s killing people? It’s hardly manmade. It is something that came about because humans can’t keep away from other species and destroying the planet or creating climate change. I’m going to go ahead and let you dig your hole, but don’t be surprised if you end up getting annoyed with what others have to say about COVID-19.

Time to stop believing what the government tells you.
You mean the President

Lol, give a me a possible reason why goverment would stop whole economicy?


Trump administration is like a magnet for conspiratorial theories.

Please accept the following:

1)Everybody on the planet is going to be infected by covid-19, including you.

2)There will be no vaccine.

That is the truth, and if you can’t accept that, then remain in your nightmare and don’t read any further.

If you are reading this, then I see you are prepared to accept the harsh reality of life and we can proceed.

There are characteristics of the virus that give us hope:

1)It is relatively mild. Forget the mayhem playing out on screen: most of the deaths will be shown to have been caused by mass collective hysteria, including the misuse of ventilators.

2)It spreads quickly. This means it won’t be with us too long.

As a matter of urgency we need to cancel all lock-downs worldwide.

For those of you who want a more detailed analysis, please read the following:

An open letter to Derren Brown

Hi Derren,

I doubt you are reading this but here goes.


You are in an episode of one of your own shows. If you are prepared to read this, you will be able to escape from the bad meme to the good meme. I am not a nutter but who knows nowadays.


The only way that I can explain how I escaped the mass hysteria of the bad meme is that I’m a complete loner and so was not caught up in it. Perhaps the loners will get us out of it.Warning: there are some dangerous ideas here, but I’m sure you can handle it.

Ron Carlin

3rd April 2020 at 5:16 am

I have to praise Peter for his principled stance. I was where he is about 5 days ago, and have now managed to escape the zombie movie, but it hasn’t been easy. I will share my experience. This is far worse than you realise: we are in the middle of a global nervous breakdown. Forget disease, medical health, the economy, the catastrophe of global poverty; our biggest problem is the mental health of the whole globe which may take decades to recover. There is a way out of the mental health spiral.


I have traced the evolution of the great panic of 2020 (by the way the panic has been caused by totally imaginary fears, forget the virus).I could give the timeline of what was happening to the human mind- that’s for future discussion. The key event was triggered by Neil Ferguson of Imperial College who used a ridiculously flawed model called “Flattening the Curve”. China, Italy had preceded his research, and he was in a panic.The shut down by Boris Johnson based on this flawed research cascaded throughout the world causing the complete nervous breakdown of everybody on the planet.There is a way out of the nightmare, we can rescue them still.


Solution: Firstly, recognise that everybody is living in a bad meme. The containment/suppression phase is simply unattainable, and has been known to be unattainable by any sane person for at least a few weeks. The only answer is managed herd immunity (I know, your brain is screaming eugenics).If nature had been let alone, this is what would have happened. It is a natural process, and is the way nature protects the group (sorry Richard Dawkins). We are homo sapiens (even though I’m not so sure now) so we can manage it.Our biggest problem now is to get the global population to switch to it.


Right, let me try to get you to accept it.


Firstly, accept the following 2 facts: we are all going to be infected, and there is not going to be a vaccine. This is where the human brain goes into a tailspin. But, regardless of the enormous fear, this is what is going to happen regardless. Virologists/epidemiologists know this, but their brains are also in a panic.Once you accept that nature has given us a horrible scenario, you can move on. You must move on because there is no other possibility. Ignoring reality is the major part of our problems.


Now, and I promise you this, a golden future opens up and the nightmare disappears. It’s magic. I have been out of the zombie world for 5 days and my mental health has been restored.


So now we are in the new meme: we are doing managed herd immunity (people don’t like the word herd, maybe we should call it community immunity management). First, cancel all shut downs and lockouts worldwide. When the globe starts screaming that everybody will be infected, calm them down and tell them that this was always inevitable ever since we left containment/suppression phase. People will have to have the mental fortitude to accept this. With the current state of the collective global mind, this will be the biggest hurdle. Brainwash: accept reality, accept reality; get out of your zombie state. There will be 5,000,000,000 infections world wide.I know it’s frightening but its the unchangeable reality.


But here is a trick that nature does that is truly wonderful: for each infection it will also inoculate/vaccinate you. Bad and good. It’s the wonder of nature that protects the future of the herd/group (sorry Richard Dawkins). The death rate will immediately go up (of course), but the final toll will be the same.Repeat: the final toll will be the same.


This panic stricken population has simply been delaying the horror till later. Let’s accept the brutal facts of nature. The great panic has been triggered by our inability to accept reality. Ok, now for the horror. 5,000,000,000 infections/inoculations worldwide; 2,000,000 deaths in America (here I’m working on 330,000,000 X 1% X65%; death rate 1%, total herd immunity at 65%). I want to say we really have no idea what the quantum will be; a major part of our panic comes from the unknown. 2,000,000 deaths sounds impossible to accept for America, but if that is it, running away from it doesn’t help. I personally believe it will be much lower.


But whatever the figure, you can’t run away from it.It’s going to happen.


Enough of the horrors, now for the good news. We must manage firstly by quarantining the elderly/co-morbidity to protect them from nature selecting the weak. They can fit into the 30% uninfected when we reach full herd immunity.


Next step, emancipation. All shut downs lock downs worldwide cancelled.Everybody back to normal. Throw away all rules of infection control including hand sanitiser, safe distances,face masks. In the herd immunity management phase that we are now in it is positively patriotic to infect/inoculate everyone. Hug and kiss as much as possible; we need to get the immunity reservoir up as much as possible. Hopefully to the level it would have been without the misapplication of the containment/suppression meme. Bad memes need to be squashed viciously. The zombie world will disappear. The other nightmares such as lack of test/masks go away. You don’t need to test: everybody is getting the virus. You don’t want to protect yourself: you positively want to infect/inoculate.It’s worthwhile to keep anti-body testing on a randomised sampling way to see how the immunity reservoir is building. Individual testing would be purely of a psychological nature because remember everybody will get the virus.


Now let us gracefully endure the illnes, which for most of us will not be serious. Hospitals and ventilators should be avoided: that’s another whole scandal caused by the great panic.Even the elderly should have the freedom to choose whether they want to risk it (they can’t harm anybody and nobody can harm them except to give them the universal infection/inoculation).


Welcome back zombies.


I cannot see how we are going to get people to do an about turn, which is our only hope.


And if I’m right here, and I know I am unless you can find a flaw in the argument, would you be available to stage a spectacular extravaganza to get people to move en-masse from the the bad meme to the good meme. If we tell people that it was just a Derren Brown show they may have a chance to regain their sanity.


You, of course, would have to go into hiding.




unless you can find a flaw in the argument
I find it difficult to imagine you'd listen to, or think about, anything anyone else has to say.



Hey hi guys , i am new to this page , this topic is very interesting to me . my question is the this corona virus thing been here long ago . my thing is way now ? . and if is in the air born we all would of had died , where is the dead people at ? and how come there no long line in the hospital ? no one is screaming crying and screaming for there loves one ? we could of seen this out side when we go to the hospital aswell and people will of been panicking , and if is in the air we will all off drop like flys . this is fishy !!! Also we had a virus in 2010 the H1N1 how come that dont kill us . i mean is a virus as well , and how come that dont stay in the air killing millions , and if it did were is the people ? and why there was not a shot for that virus like how is now ,… H1N1 was also was pandemic but it was not was as big as this one . i think is the 5g that is killing us making us sick this why they want you inside in your house ? to distracted you . There was installing the 5g while you was a sleep ., The 5g is very dangerous it to people . we are frequency beings . this 5g is a radio frequency radiation that can cause damage in ones dna and can lead to cancer .and can cause oxidative damage and also disrupt cell metabolism , potentially led to other diseases. the list goes on … this why the old is dying faster . and the shot thing is were you die faster aswell that is were the disease is . And gods know what in the shot . and the people get the shot might have the real corona … shots come from a lab and then comes in us,now were infected with the virus and there it spread . just like hiv , hiv came in a lab made, they give someone now they infected and they dont even know then it spread like wild fire from there , so when you have a flu and you go to the hospital they gonna say you have a low immune system and they give you the shot to make it even more worst when you can cure the problem your self by eating food foods that has antioxidents that will repair ur dna . Remember this people !!! hospital dont care about you … they just want your money , The government dont give a dam about us… they just want to kill us , SILENT WEAPON FOR QUIET WAR!!! we have to question all of this , and put it all together and think out side the box for it bit , because we in this together and we can fight this , we are being blind we got to wake up to the lies . this is like a puzzle just question things , for the people that gonna say something negative , is ok for your opinions you have the right to your own , just like how we have right and how they taking this away from us with out we knowing ,

welcome to the new world older people !!! are freedom left long ago and are rights to. what happen to we the people ? they chose what you gonna eat what clothes you wear they run your throw tv , this is why i stop wacthing tv is all bullshit , tel a lie throw your vision . and the most fucked up truth that hurts me the most is america was never free … america is not a country is a corporation, . this is way we pay taxes . how come other country dont pay it . but we , we do

lastly the coronavrius is actually … radiation sickness … we have been lied to incessantly about this fact and time is now to set the record straight… The symptoms people are experiencing that are being attributed to the "virus " are the exact same symptoms of radiation sickness . go and look and you will see . also it also blood clot your blood . they ready pass the law of 5g , while yall we was a sleep,

in the shot that were the real virus is at people !!! wake up

Welcome to the forum Annabelle. Most people here don’t respond to this sort of stuff, but good luck.

you right , population control ? check the georgia guides stone ?

lol i can see why . they not awoke and when they be in fema they gonna wonder why …

Wow, this is one crazy thread.

Time for a breather:

Human-made or not, but I think it’s not the time to fight for it. I wish for the whole world to get up soon, and then judge and action must need to take against if it is human-made.

The professionals have pretty much established that the COVID-19 virus came from an infected animal (probably a horseshoe bat) transmitting to a human. IT WAS NOT CREATED IN A LAB according to experts.

I think that the virus got out, somehow, without anyone noticing. The early cases in China could have been passed on mostly by asymptomatic carriers, so that they were not even noticed, until someone got sick enough to die. Like someone did who worked in the “wet market”. But it may well be that the infection was already circulating before it ever got to the wet market.

China downplayed the infection, early on, and early on they denied it and even persecuted a doctor who tried to sound the alarm on the disease. A lot of countries follow this tactic, especially early on of denying and diminishing a severe problem. Our DOTUS certainly did, and for a lot longer than China did and T rump is still doing it. Other leaders have done the same, like Boris Johnson of the UK, Putin of Russia, Bolsanaro of Brazil. Boris of the UK switched gears a bit after he almost died from C-19.

Maybe it was just somebody that caught and brought horseshoe bats from where they live (1,000 miles from Wuhan) to the area in hopes of selling it. They could have got infected and infected others without ever noticing it.

So I don’t see how it is crucial at this point to try to pin the blame on someone.