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“Hey, I voted for the only person that could have kept Trump from becoming our downfall. It is not my fault that too many others were too ignorant to do the same”


You voted for Bernie?

I voted for Bernie in the primaries and Clinton in the general, like any reasonable American.

Tim you havent addressed how you would look at a russian dissident

In the US Presidential election the choice is almost always purely binary. One or the other of the 2 main candidates will become POTUS. I knew better than to allow Trump to become POTUS. H. Clinton was the only reasonable vote. It was the only vote that could have stopped Trump from becoming POTUS. I don’t understand any contention to the contrary, as it was commonly thought that Clinton would win the election even up until election night.

Player, Russian dissidents seem to be dealt with by being killed off or by being imprisoned without meaningful due process if they remain in Russia. I would give asylum to ones who escape, if I could.

What would you say about the russian state wanting to punish their dissedants?

I don’t know where u are going with your questions. Again, if u have something to say, just say it.

Ok. Substitute america for russia and assange the australian for a russian dissedant in this story. Whats your position on assange now?

You’re not getting my point. Rhetorical questions are not valid questions. Rhetorical questions are a hidden statement NOT a valid seeking of information. Instead of asking rhetorical questions, I strongly suggest that you just make the statement that you are hiding in the rhetorical question.

If you genuinely don’t know something, I don’t mind answering those kinds of questions, if I have an answer.

Timb ok straight to it. You are a hypocrite with contradictory positions on journalism war and progression.

I assure you that I have integrity in my positions, despite your perception that they are equivocal. Purity for the sake of purity is not integrity. Sacrificing the good for the sake of the perfect is not integrity. Seeking such purity and perfection when it is not available, and winding up with crap instead, is just stupid.

How can you hold two contradictory positions and claim to be a rational actor

There u go with a rhetorical question, tho u forgot the question mark.

Address it

No. Specify ur claim, but not as a question.



I did three post prior.

“Timb ok straight to it. You are a hypocrite with contradictory positions on journalism war and progression”

Address it


I already said that there is integrity in my various positions. If u want to specify what u are talking about in ur claim, maybe we can get down to it.

Do you support univerisal health care? Do you support the cancellation of student debt? Do you support the GND and the elimination of FF within the next 10 years? Do you oppose americas interventionist foreign policy? Do you support money out of politics? Do you support the jailing of war criminals? Do you support ceasing corporate welfare? Do you support a progressive tax system? Do you support deregulation and privisation of essential services and the commons?

Player, we know you are informed on what the issues are, we just don’t know of you know what you’re talking about.

Lausten typical you. Another big dodge