Jeff Sachs tears BBC to shreds over chinese demonising

Have a look at this piece of so called journalism and framing of two sides as honest and good vs distrustful and bad

It heats up at 6 min mark.

A counter to the narrative that the US is trustworthy

Well okay. So your point?

We are not trust worthy, and who is?

Oh and,

How much does all that recognize the private corporations behind the politicians, this goes for China, USA, England, Japan, Russia and all the rest?

How much of this recognizes the masses, who demands easy answers, along with as much as possible, for as little investment of energy as possible?


I know you toss all this stuff out there, and sure, you’re not “wrong,” but what good is it? Yes we are on a road straight to hell and then oblivion.

So, what of it?

You’re irrelevant if all you can do is bitch and moan.

Even if it’s just a simple discussion that doesn’t mean anything to anyone, you can at least try to add something interesting and try to make others think.

But to do that, you gotta put more effort into it.


How about trying to understand why it’s turned out this way?



Try to deliver a hook, rather than a slap in the face, those are all too easy, even when you’re not trying. ?



Professor Sachs was right on the button, whilst beeb brought in that Chinese tool as a ‘balance’. They think we are stupid

This is supposed to be dialogue, I already gave you the point.

Is chasing your tail the best you got?

Let’s try it again, please reread: #342851.

Like a loser you go off on tangent. YOU asked whats your point.


Videos like this exposes the myth of impartiality for the likes of BBC when presenting international conflicts and global problems.

Oh my god, BBC isn’t perfectly impartial. ?

Do you know what UK stands for and how they got there?

How about you? How about FOX, manufacturing fake news, and pumping fraudulent conspiracy stories for political purposes?

:Oh my god, BBC isn’t perfectly impartial. "

OMG perfectly isnt the word

Why do you sound like a dead end?

Let it go grumpy old man.

? ?