Huge news - julian assange is free!

No credit to the US, Sweden, the UK or Australia though.

Oh so it wasn’t so bad after all, was it?

I hope you can get some satisfaction, seems he got away with a hand slap.

Long live thee anarchy :fist:

A statement from Stella Assange

I don’t know how they’ve managed it, seemed like this day would never come.

Assange released. Trial finally over.

Judge not imposing any period of supervised release

For these reasons … on the basis of this very serious espionage case against you … I am in fact sentencing you to a period of time served.

I am not imposing any period of supervised release.

Julian Assange appears to be a little emotional. He nods as she says, “it appears this case ends with me here in Saipan”.

“With this pronouncement it appears you will be able to walk out of this courtroom a free man. I hope there will be some peace restored,” Judge Manglona says, noting the island of Saipan was this week celebrating 80 years of its own freedom.

“Now there is some peace, you need to restore with yourself when you walk out and pursue your life as a free man.”
Judge Manglona again checks he understands all the details of the agreement.

Julian Assange, a little hoarse, replies: “I do.”

McKenzie says US barristers in the UK are “forthwith” withdrawing their extradition request for Assange.
Julian Assange tightens his tie, and holds his glasses in his hand as Judge Manglona goes through some final formalities.

With that … Mr Assange it’s apparently an early happy birthday to you, I understand your birthday is next week. I hope you will start your new life in a positive manner.

Court is adjourned.

Assange hugs his team and shakes hands with McKenzie and Anderson. He is tearing up.

It is one step in the right direction to a victory for historical truth. All of us who demonstrated against war and genocide, and all those political struggles before October 2023 that supported Assange, his release, also fought for the right to true information, true journalism always founded on real chronological facts. Those international mass demonstrations, which are not ebbing away, have just now shaped history in that the ICC formally had to rule for the arrest of those leaders responsible for genocide and war crimes - no NATO-ite exceptions anymore. The ICC ruling had the unforeseen consequence that storming embassies to rapture out political refugees is also a crime against humanity, as is detention without charge born from established facts. The Assange case was the most protracted refinely-perverted tortuous cunning rendition attempt at making thoughts, and the publishing of such thoughts, a crime in the major NATO countries with a history of free speech. Even Snowden, whatever limitations were over there, was far more fairly treated in Russia, allegedly ruled ‘by a dictator or a tsar’ - who campaigned in an election where political choice, for workers, is as limited as in the west.
A journalist, by essence, is always looking for information, facts, events. Whatever he may find, he may publish if it is in the public interest. A journalist is accountable to history and society, readers and professional bodies. He is not a writer of fiction novels. A journalist operates within the realm of public legitimacy.
A spy, secretly operates outside legality to find information that must never be disclosed. Not all spies are punished like Assange had been , for finding information or for disclosing it ; but journalists, for doing their job, are, and deadly so. How could a journalist steal information when the essence of his job is to find it and publish it in the public domain?
Would Latin American methods be now used against independent journalists in G7 countries? Remember investigative journalist Gary Stephen Webb. RIP.

His supporters outside US Embassy Sydney

I’m glad you are happy.

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Arent you happy for his wife , his family , his sons who he was not allowed to meet, happy for the fight for journalism and peoples right to a free press???

Of course.
But don’t make him out to be a victim
To be clear, Assange did commit a crime, to which he pleaded guilty.

The case was dismissed in June 2024 after Assange pleaded guilty to a charge of “conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information” as part of a plea deal which, due to time already served, resulted in his release from prison.
Indictment and arrest of Julian Assange - Wikipedia


The US , UK , Sweden and Australia nearly killed him in jail for committing the crime of journalism in exposing the war crimes committed in iraq and afgsnistan and corruption within government. For this it was revealed the CIA was planning his assassination while he was stuck in the Ecuador Embassy with Biden calling him a high tech terrorist and hillary clinton calling for a drone strike to take him out

Oh, so you’re still not happy.
That makes me sad.
JA looks happy.

14 years under lock fighting for truth and transparency and youre happy about that?

Don’t engage in civil disobedience,
if you aren’t prepared for the consequences.

Besides, from my perspective the only one I see JA fighting for was his own celebrity.

In his time he uncovered war crimes , human right abuse and government corruption. The consequences for doing so was 175 years in jail

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