Letter sent by 24 State General Attorneys to Biden

The Texas governor is an idiot who is spreading misinformation, yet he’s vaccinated. He has joined many other Repugs, who are killing people with misinformation. It is not unlawful for a president, in a health crisis emergency, to mandate vaccinations. In fact, it is in the constitution that a president, in the interest of public safety, can make mandates in the interest of public health.

The Repugs don’t care if people live or die and yet, they complain about “death panels”, when they are creating them. Repug Governor Parson of MO has ordered mobile morgues at hospitals because he refuses to do what it takes to slow the spread of COVID-19. He refuses mask mandates, vaccine mandates, shutdowns, etc. He, like other Repugs, do not care if people die of COVID-19 and acts like he wants them to die from COVID by bring in these mobile death units. Repugs even spread misinformation. They are some of the biggest liars and spreaders of misinformation, yet you’re eating up all their lies like gospel. They will kill you, maybe sooner than later, because you refuse to get vaccinated and wear a mask. At 83, you will die from COVID-19 if you get it. You have closer to 100% morbidity, if you get it, than any other age group. The sad fact is, the Repugs want you in one of these mobile morgues because they want to eliminate Social Security. The Dems, not so much.

Well sounds like this group is a BUNCH of Lefts, my dumbass gov Newsome beat his recall, in our heavy Dem CA state. Many are leaving and MOST are not.

That Hypocrite Newsome and his French Laundry dinner and no masks and telling us to mask up. B.S. lies lies lies…

Cry me a river Joyce.

Meanwhile back in Georgia, the trump totalitarian crazy keeps on rolling.

Joyce, I suppose Fox Noise is what you believe in:

Yup! Educated Leftists is what we are. We don’t fall for propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and total brainwashing very easily. We follow the science- the REALl science, not fake/pseudo science and think for ourselves. We don’t have someone tell us stupid stuff that will get us killed.

Joyce, can you describe this “Left” you speak of?
Do you hate liberals?
Do you hate equality for woman?
Do you hate clean drinking water and safe food?
Do you expect things you purchase to perform as expected?
Do you hate regulations?
Why, do you hate regulations?

Why do you hate the notions this nation was founded on?

# 5 reasons why modern wing-nuts would’ve hated the founding fathers

1. The founding fathers constantly disagreed with each other.

It is easy to talk about the founding fathers as if they were a monolithic body, but as records of the Constitutional Convention and The Federalist Papers clearly demonstrate, the men who created this country disagreed on everything from the enumerated powers in each branch of government and the abolition of slavery to, yes, the role that the state should play in regulating economic policy. …

2. The Constitution was created because America’s first government was too weak.

Despite their penchant for name-dropping the Constitution as proof that the central government should be as weak as possible, conservatives ignore that the Constitution was actually written because America’s first federal government was too weak. Signed in 1781, the Articles of Confederation did not allow Congress to impose taxes, impose uniform tariff policies throughout the country, or effectively address the economic concerns of ordinary citizens – in particular, those who had incurred massive debt during the American Revolution and were being hounded by their creditors.

This last detail is especially important, …

3. George Washington created the United States Post Office.

This may not seem like a big deal today, but when President Washington signed the Postal Office Act of 1792, he created what was then the most far-reaching and sophisticated postal service in the Western world. In the process, the post office actively worked to make Americans into better democratic citizens by shaking them out of the provincial mindsets they would otherwise develop from living on farms or in small towns before the Industrial Revolution. …

4. Thomas Jefferson reduced the federal debt so he could use the anticipated budget surpluses on economic programs that would be described as left-wing today.

As historian Frank Bourgin explains in his book “The Great Challenge: The Myth of Laissez-Faire in the Early Republic,” President Jefferson had fought since the beginning of his political career for homesteading policies that would give away free land in the Western territories – which, in an era when land ownership often mattered as much or more than financial worth, could have easily been considered “political gifts” by his opponents. Yet Jefferson did this not only because he hoped to encourage Western settlement, but because he sincerely saw no contradiction between maintaining a “small government” and using the state to economically assist ordinary people. …

5. Thomas Jefferson, despite his small government ideals, was flexible when it came to the important issues of his time.

Jefferson’s economic policies are noteworthy not only because he authored the Declaration of Independence (much as Madison co-authored the Constitution), but because they reveal his willingness to keep an open mind about his earlier ideological assumptions. After all, Jefferson had proclaimed in his first inaugural address that good government should be “wise and frugal” and, though “restrain[ing] men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.”

While this philosophy may seem irreconcilable with his subsequent policies, Jefferson learned early in his presidency that small government ideals aren’t always practical. …

You might read the entire article, it’s pretty interesting.

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I think I mentioned here after voting LEFT all my life, I was convinced to register Independent and I did. All due to Covid lies and corruption. And yes I believe Tucker’s truths and have no TV as I unplugged and got rid of it about 5 yrs ago. It was really tough voting for Biden but I did as I was a dead Dem.

I DO NOT HATE, there is a lot I dislike but the Hate word is not used by me. I’m a lot of beliefs in my life, love dancing, enjoyed my nude beaches, enjoyed my life of all wonderful beaches. enjoy Giving, and now asking for help in my late years due to hip disability. And enjoy offering what has kept me overall healthy for 83 yrs… Thank you.

Do you know about Critical Thinking Skills ?

Why do you believe Tucker is an authority on medicine?

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson [3] (born May 16, 1969)[4] is an American paleoconservative[2] television host and political commentator who has hosted the nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News since 2016.

Carlson became a print journalist in the 1990s

The best that can be said of him is that he is a political entertainer for right wing extremism.

There’s nothing there indicating he’s ever studied anything beyond rhetoric.

Why has he become your medical guru?

Tucker is NOT my medical guru, where is that coming from?

And as far as Right Wing Extremism, how about Left Wing Extremism. Unity sadly won’t be seen in my lifetime, wonder if in my daughter’s? Maybe my grandkids, I’ll never know.

What "truth’s does Mr. Carlson share with you?

Why would you believe a talking head like Tucker over actually medical experts?

I imagine you’ll tell me all about the evils of Big Pharma instead of looking at the financial sociopaths lining evil Tucker’s bank account.

Or is it just his bitching and blaming everyone else, and painting himself as a white saint that appeals to you?

Can you explain why you trust him?

Here’s an look at background story about Tucker Carlson that exposes some of the reasons I feel utter contempt for the professional liar for hire.

Then there’s this bit of telling background:.

How Tucker Carlson became the voice of White grievance

By Michael Kranish

July 14, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. EDT

(The story starts a tad slow, but gets more interesting/informative as you read along.)

… This account of Carlson’s years-long focus on racial grievance, and his rise to the top of the conservative media ecosystem, is based on a review of his books, broadcasts and writings over nearly three decades, as well as interviews with current and former associates, subjects of his on-air attacks and others who have observed his career.
What emerges is a portrait of an ambitious television personality who came of age in privilege — having grown up in an upper-class enclave and attended private schools — but who, by his own telling, is a victim.

It’s sad to admit that the far left has gone fairly bonkers also - seems a reflection of too many decades addicted to the boob tube; belly button gazing; and a dedication to accumulating as much stuff as possible. On top of that, the middle of the road seems to have disconnected from the world beyond themselves out of self-preservation.

Sure sure this song is half century old, but it definitely recognized the fork in the road we had taken. I’m waiting for an updated version coming out any day now.

Your so called medical experts are leading you down the Plan: Project Depopulation. The billionaires are in control and their Plan is working as best it is now: More Deaths.

Absorb the Project Depopulation Gates et al link I posted…

Telling people they are sheeple that will die. How would you describe that?

So, are you counting your time here as “plugged”? Are you watching Tucker on YouTube or some other streaming? How does that count?

One really would have thought this would be the end of the guy…

Yes, progressivism today is considered to be to the left. The problem is the snowflakes. Take for example the cages of kids in Texas. When Trump had kids in Obama’s built cages. It was terrible and Trump was the worst person in the world. Today, there are twenty times as many kids in the same cages and not a peep out of the left. They just melted away on that subject. So, obviously it never was about the kids for the left. It was nothing more than being a parrot for the rich left.

  1. The constitution doesn’t cover public health. The tenth amendment of the constitution says that any law the constitution doesn’t cover goes to the states. Matters of public health fall onto states’ shoulders.
  2. The letter is from 24 Attorney Generals who want to follow the constitution.
  3. In case Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, the Supreme Court ruled that states have the power to enforce vaccinations when they’re “necessary for the public health or the public safety. States can mandate vaccines.
  4. What does Governor Abbott got to do with this letter?
  5. Biden called for unity in addressing pandemic. Biden has said many times, “We must work together as never before”. Show me where that has happened?
  6. Biden is definitely a totalitarian.

Biden is a Divider and destroying our country. I left the DEMs after 60+ yrs…and all since covid disaster.

Good choice. The news seems to be controlled. Fox is one of the free channels where truth matters. Al Jazeera was good for a while. But it is limited on coverage now. Newsmax TV, is too much to the right for me. RT is good, but also limited. Wion is second to Fox. VOA is all propaganda. The Wall Street Journal is third. But again, limited to what it covers. I watch internet. No time for TV.

The rise in numbers was exactly what Democrats were complaining about with Trump. Also the changes in policies that kept them in Mexico, the increase in those who were lost track of, and a few other things I can’t think of right now. If you have numbers to back up what you say, please provide them and your sources.

What does that mean? That would be like saying I watch the radio waves. The internet is a way to deliver information. Whenever you finally reveal your sources, usually after a week or more, if at all, they are always bad.