Why doesn't the GOP want a border deal?

Where do we go with the Republican Party’s war on our America’s government?
Why does MAGA America disregard the rights of others, fair play and rule of law?

American was founded on principle of plurality, not dictator worship.

I still can’t figure out how any thinking person can love this criminal defendant & convicted sex offender, and generally about the most offensive, back stabbing, utterly unscrupulous, babbling cry baby of a character that American politics has ever produced.
But the dark side runs deep, doesn’t 'it.

We better figure it out. The triumph of science and reason hasn’t eliminated stupidity and evil. Until the modern era, the only choices were one bad king over another, or go find new territory. Caring for others across the planet or 7 generations in the future is not how most cultures work.

We have tools. It’s far more than providing people with facts. The type of evil that leads people to work against their own interests is hard to confront. I think the answer lies in getting more people to understand their best interests.


The GOP is actively practicing “sedition” based on the actions of a rogue “unelected official” (Trump) and President Biden would be justified in declaring Martial Law to combat this “declared” assault on the US Constitution.

You’re not wrong about the intent, but what’s the actual constitutional breach?

It’s all theater. The only reason democrats are even touching this issue – which they are usually not willing to do anything about – is because it’s election year.

It seems this definition fits about right.


Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech or organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or insurrection against, established authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel. A seditionist is one who engages in or promotes the interest of sedition.

Because sedition is overt, it is typically not considered a subversive act, and the overt acts that may be prosecutable under sedition laws vary by jurisdiction.
Sedition - Wikipedia

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It’s economics. We need immigrants to grow our economy. Any solution proposed by Democrats over the last decades would do that, crushing the Republican party, because a strong economy favors re-election. Republicans continue to win with their minority using these tactics.

This is about a year old - but somehow it seems very timely:

As Trump Vies to Blows Up Border Deal, Migrant Crisis Could Get Worse

Myth vs. Truth: Dissecting the Republican narrative about the border

By Rep. Gerry Connolly -

Republicans are clamoring over themselves to blame President Joe Biden for any and every challenge facing America. Nowhere is that more apparent than on the issue of immigration and border security.

If you listen to my Republican colleagues, you’d believe Joe Biden single-handedly broke our immigration system and refuses to fix it. They keep this lie alive by perpetuating a series of myths about Democrats and the border.

It’s time to correct the record.

MYTH : The Biden administration has implemented an “open border” policy that has created chaos at our border with Mexico.

TRUTH : President Biden inherited an immigration system in tatters. The Trump administration cut off legal pathways to citizenship, leaving would-be migrants with fewer lawful methods of entering the country. They cut funding to Central American countries in 2019 as they splurged on an ineffective, costly wall.

It was the Trump administration that tightened sanctions on Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, exacerbating the macroeconomic crises that have led hundreds of thousands to flee and arrive at the southern border. When they pulled the rug out from various, essential assistance programs, they made the problem worse.
But our immigration system has been broken for many decades — long before Joe Biden or Donald Trump took the oath of office. Time and again, Democrats have proposed solutions to fix the immigration system in a reasonable, humane way. And time and again, Republicans have opposed these efforts at every turn.

One might recall that in 2013, House Republicans thwarted comprehensive immigration reform after an agreement was reached in the Senate. Many of those same House Republicans who prevented that legislation from passing are now intent on blaming irregular migration, an issue our country has dealt with for over a century, solely on the Biden administration.

There’s only one problem with their affinity for blaming Democrats — it doesn’t hold up to basic scrutiny. In fact, between December 2022 and January 2023, the Biden-Harris administration halved the number of encounters at the border and reduced the number of Cuban, Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, and Haitian migrants by 97 percent.

MYTH : The Biden administration has ignored the border and is refusing to commit proper resources to it.

TRUTH : The idea that Democrats have ignored the situation at the border and refused to commit resources to solving it is another outright lie. In reality, the Biden-Harris administration and congressional Democrats have surged record levels of funding to the border.

The FY23 government funding package that President Biden signed into law provided Border Patrol with $7.153 billion — a 17 percent increase from the year before. Additionally, the funding package provided $65 million for 300 new Border Patrol agents, $60 million for 125 new personnel at points of entry; and $230 million for technology like autonomous surveillance towers.

House Republicans voted against this historic funding.

MYTH : Biden’s “open border” policies allow undocumented immigrants to flood the country with deadly fentanyl.

TRUTH : Republicans continue to blame vulnerable migrants fleeing violence, hunger, and natural disasters for illicit drug smuggling, but facts are stubborn things. Over 90 percent of fentanyl, and over 80 percent of total illegal narcotics, arrive at legal points of entry—not between them—and are smuggled largely by Americans—not undocumented migrants. In fact, migrants accounted for less than 9 percent of fentanyl trafficking convictions in FY 21, compared to more than 86 percent for American citizens.

In December 2022, CBP seized 4,500 pounds of fentanyl, the largest amount ever recorded. Incredibly, just five of those 4,500 pounds were seized at the border by U.S. Border Patrol. Republicans are focused on 1 percent of the problem, 100 percent of the time.

MYTH : Biden’s “open border” policies have allowed criminals and terrorists to pour over the southern border unchecked, contributing to a spike in crime in America.

TRUTH : Study after study has shown that undocumented immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Alternatives to Detention Program provides a strong example:

and so on . . .

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Speaking of flooding the country with fentanyl,

By Charles P. PiercePUBLISHED: JAN 25, 2024

Unmentioned in this latest report is Rep. Ronny Jackson, the medicine-show White House physician whom previous reports have fingered as Dr. Feelgood, now d/b/a Congressman Feelgood from the state of Texas.

The report paints a scathing picture of the military-run facility with 60 medical personnel, who are tasked with treating the president, the vice president and the White House staff. It also provides new context to systemic problems in a clinic that made headlines when Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Tex.), who was Donald Trump’s personal doctor until 2018, was accused by almost two dozen colleagues of improper activities, including providing prescription drugs without proper paperwork — a habit that allegedly earned him the nickname “Candyman.” A 2021 Defense Department inspector general report later corroborated some of those claims, which Jackson denied and described as politically motivated.

Whatever. Even without Jackson’s barely discernible oversight, the White House Medical Center appears to have been operating like one of those small town West Virginia drugstores that were used as free-standing opiate bazaars.

“All phases of the White House Medical Unit’s pharmacy operations had severe and systemic problems,” the inspectors found. It stocked four opioid pain medications: fentanyl, hydrocodone, morphine and oxycodone. But the pharmacy protocols were so poor that they “increased the risk for the diversion of controlled substances” to illicit use. For example, controlled medications, including sleeping pill Ambien and stimulant Provigil, were dispensed “without verifying the patient’s identity.” A witness told investigators “Dr. asked if I could hook up this person with some Provigil as a parting gift for leaving the White House … in the unit, it was authorized for us to do that kind of stuff.”

Yo, Doc. Hook me up with some of the good stuff.

Even clandestine surgery was available. …

The good news is we don’t need never-ending economic growth to have a prosperous country. That’s been a GOP talking point for decades and usually democrats rightly point out that it’s wrong – until they do it, then it becomes a good idea.

They left out the fact that unlimited immigration is bad for the environment, destroys communities, drives down wages and lowers the overall quality of life.

Sounds made up, but even if it was true it’s nothing compared to the federal government and big pharma joining together to eliminate millions of American citizens.

Constant GDP growth is the most bipartisan ideology there is.

Did you miss the first myth?. No one in charge is implementing an open border.

Yet one still exists.

Please share the story where you read Biden calling for “unlimited immigration.”
Sounds made up.

Are you asking me to trust the criminal defendant and sex offender, the former president trump’s denials? What about that stack of evidence (read facts) that the US Inspector General’s office collected?

US Inspector General - Report No. DODIG‐2024‐044

U.S. Department of Defense - JANUARY 8, 2024

Evaluation of the DoD Internal Controls Related to Patient Eligibility and Pharmaceutical Management Within the National Capital Region Executive Medicine Services

January 8, 2024


The objective of this evaluation was to determine the extent to which the
DoD implemented appropriate controls for executive medicine services in the DoD’s National Capital Region related to identifying eligible patients and accounting for pharmaceuticals.


In 2018, the DoD Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG) Hotline received complaints alleging that a senior military medical officer assigned to the White House Medical Unit engaged in improper medical practices.
Additionally, several of the Hotline complaints were regarding the pharmaceutical practices and eligibility for care of some patients treated at DoD executive medicine facilities within the National Capital Region. …


In September 2019, the DoD OIG announced this evaluation to determine how executive medicine facilities within the National Capital Region, including the White House Medical Unit, implement internal controls to ensure safe pharmaceutical practices and patient eligibility.
We conducted site visits to meet with key officials and observe executive medicine eligibility and pharmaceutical management practices. We interviewed over 120 officials, including interviews of hospital administrators, military medical …

We concluded that, except for the White House Medical Unit, the National Capital Region executive medicine clinics that we visited did not procure, store, or dispense controlled substances or other prescription medications; rather, they relied on full‐service military treatment facility pharmacies for all pharmaceutical support. The National Capital Region executive medicine clinics relied on full‐service base or post pharmacies for all pharmaceutical support. Additionally, other than the White House Medical Unit, the Joint Commission, an independent health care accreditation agency, accredited all National Capital Region pharmacy operations, as required by DoD Manual 6025.13.

Conversely, the White House Medical Unit’s pharmaceutical services included the full scope of pharmacy operations, including storage and inventory, prescribing and dispensing, procurement, and disposal, and was not credentialed by any outside agency.

We concluded that all phases of the White House Medical Unit’s pharmacy operations had severe and systemic problems due to the unit’s reliance on ineffective internal controls to ensure compliance with pharmacy safety standards. In addition, the Military Health System senior leaders did not oversee the White House Medical Unit’s pharmacy operations.

Without oversight from qualified pharmacy staff, the White House Medical Unit’s pharmaceutical management practices may have been subject to prescribing errors and inadequate medication management, increasing the risk to the health and safety of patients treated within the unit.
Additionally, the White House Medical Unit’s pharmaceutical management practices ineffectively used DoD funds by obtaining brand‐name medications instead of generic equivalents and increased the risk for the diversion and increased the risk for the diversion of controlled substances. (1) . . .



Conversations with 23 colleagues and former colleagues of Rear Admiral Jackson, most of whom are still in uniform, have raised serious concerns about Jackson’s temperament and ethics, and cast doubt on his ability to lead the second largest agency in government and one tasked with the sacred mission of fulfilling our commitment to the men and women who have served our nation in uniform and their families.

Those concerns are best captured under the following three topics: …

Skim the thing. Then ask yourself what do you like or trust about the MAGA crowd. How I would like to hear some real answers about what lies at the heart of someone’s adoration of Trump.

I mean, okay, when I read somethings that lefties say, it’s off the wall - okay call it out, oppose it, but where’s the solution in jumping into the arms of a sociopathic narcissistic - as demonstrated by his own behavior and words and contempt for everything beyond his own over-inflated fantasy.

What is it about that guy you like and support?

How do you feel about the MAGA wish that 2/3s of our nation’s population can go to hell, or least back to wherever we came from?

I guess we disagree on the definition of an open border. Either direction I cross, I have to show my passport. I know where I can go without getting stopped but that’s an illegal crossing and I can eventually get caught.

Refusing to stem the tide of people coming in to the country is de facto unlimited immigration.

The government is not immune from lying, but the point is one unethical doctor in the White House is completely different from the opioid crisis – nor is it some feature of the MAGA movement.

I don’t like Trump, but he’s got the right idea about many things and most democrats have the wrong idea about everything.

Immigrants are nowhere near 2/3 of of America, but I want them gone as well.

The percentage of immigrants in the country has remained steady throughout history. There are more of them by headcount because we need people to work in the farms and factories. There are towns in the Midwest that depend on them, as the young white population looks for a better life in urban areas. There is no “tide”.

Democrats make more proposals than Republicans. Democrats don’t believe in ridiculous ideas like a wall can keep people out. Democrats know Mexico is one of our biggest trade partners. Biden has been sending more people back than Trump. You are talking in phrases but no indication of what is behind your words.

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Back in real world, this is the situation we are dealing with.

Yet, if they knew that nearly 8 million illegal border encounters occurred during President Joe Biden’s first three years in office, and that an additional 1.7 million migrants – known as “gotaways” – have evaded U.S. Border Patrol, they would realize the crisis isn’t merely partisan rhetoric.

The simple fact is we have unprecedented immigration and this administration has done nothing to stop it.

Immigration is impossible to stop, we have the same difficulties in Europe.

Immigration causes are poverty, war, climate change and dictatorship. People fight to be able to live decently and West in the broad meaning is very attractive.

And the world population birth rate is declining. West will need migrants. Even Mme Meloni, the Italian prime minister, an ultra right woman had to acknowledge it.

And the climate change will oblige hundred of millions of people to move.


Even Australia, an Island, knows its share of it. ant it is an island, far away from any territory, which combines an open policy for legal migrants and a very tough one for illegal migrants.

[Overseas Migration, 2022-23 financial year | Australian Bureau of Statistics]
[Illegal immigration to Australia - Wikipedia]

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Which dictators in latin America morgan the kane?? NAFTA with joe biden’s full support destroyed the lives of millions in the south