Democrats blowing it again

This is the problem with the current all around mindset - not recognizing the Physical Reality ~ Mind divide.

Fractals writ large.

What to do about Biden and the utter singled-minded ego driven vandalism of the MAGA trump team - in their dedicated campaign to damage our government as much as possible as fast as possible.

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If I were king of the world, I would have Biden meet

This isn’t a Biden administration, this is Democrat administration. Biden is the current quarterback but there are people growing in experience and knowledge who will be there to move forward. …

A) meeting among Biden and top Democrat minds, and there are many these days, Harris, Shumer, Jeffries, Buddigieg, Moskowitz, Whitehouse, I can think of a few more, … Work out a strategy to highlight the Democratic Party TEAM. …

B) Biden goes infront of everyone with them beside him, explaining this is a team effort, we don’t change captains in the middle of the most important minutes of the most important game. We stand together, when one falls there are many to close the rank and continue.

short sweet, but that’s just me. Gotta run


Are you in denial that Biden is in rapid mental decline?

Biden is in physical decline and he should stop campaigning and continue to deliver on his promises, for which he has assembled a competent team .

Physical handicaps do not necessarily result in mental disabilities.
President Roosevelt and Stephen Hawking are persuasive examples contradicting your proposition.

You do know Biden had to overcome a speech impediment from childhood?

A student at Catholic school, Biden struggled with a stutter — a speech condition that, at the time, was often regarded as a sign of low intelligence. The mockery was sometimes fierce, including from a nun who was his teacher.Sep 22, 2020
Biden’s Stutter: How a Childhood Battle Shaped His Approach to Life & Politics | FRONTLINE

How can you, a person with no known qualifications of any kind, judge the mental capacity of a person of Bidens stature ? I call it hubris.

My brother who is a psychiatric doctors for disabled people has talked with US doctors. He told me that Biden has got a Parkinson and will be unable to finish his mandate.

Decline in his cognitive abilities is evident, even if he still has his good days.

It’s besides the point, he’s still got the capacity and he’s got a team and life happens, Jesus you act as if everything will fall apart when Biden does die. Besides you bet I want the likes of … in power when that happening.

If I were king of the world, I would . . .

This isn’t a Biden Administration, this is Democrat Administration. Biden is the current quarterback surrounded by good people who are growing in experience and knowledge who will be there to move forward. …

A) Why not a brainstorming meeting among Biden and top Democrat minds, and there are many these days, **Harris, Shumer, Jeffries, Buddigieg, Moskowitz, Whitehouse, Porter, we can think of a few more rising stars, and I bet more I never heard of …

Work out a strategy to highlight the Democratic Party TEAM. …

B) Then why not acknowledge the obvious? A refreshing straightforward discussion about mortality and moving forward.

Biden ought to go in front of cameras with those other Democratic leaders beside him. Explain to a simplistic American people that this is a team effort. We don’t change captains in the middle of the most important minutes of the most important game. We stand together, when one falls there are many to close the rank and continue. We know what we are doing, allow us to focus on the real problem facing the nation a dictator wannabe with an amazing amount of unAmerican support behind him.

Of course its your besides the point. Sadly for you its not for the rest of the public

OK, a possible cause. But by no means an official diagnosis

Some people with Parkinson’s may experience changes in their cognitive function, including problems with memory, attention, and the ability to plan and accomplish tasks**.

Stress, depression, and some medications may also contribute to these changes in cognition. Apr 14, 2022
Parkinson’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments | National Institute on Aging

I don’t think anyone is denying that President Biden is old and with that comes some health issues, but he’s a hell of a lot better than the dotard. The dotard has what is called Project 2025, in which he becomes a dictator who enforces Xianity, deny women health care and rights, among denying others rights. The list goes on and it sounds like a nightmare. If that dotard gets into office again, people who want out of the U.S. might not be able to get out. Unfortunately, we have to stay until after the results of the election to make sure Biden gets in again and keep that dotard out or there won’t be a U.S. anymore.

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Mriana, you compare policies and you are right.

You underscore Trump madness and the danger he represents, and you are right.

But that does not means that Biden is seen by electors as mentally apt for the job.

The difference is that Biden relys on an cadre ofexperts who advise him, while Trump thinks he is the smartest man in the world and does not rely on any advise from anybody.

Remember Trump: “I know more than the generals in the field”.

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True but ineffective for too many electors.

Yes, lordie knows the American public is shallow and fickle. Still I’d rather hope Biden and Democrats will surprise everyone during the Convention, and the election will be made about the Democratic Party option, versus the Republican’s grand old party of treasonous hearts and Trumpian idolatry, felons, vandals, grifters, Putin worshippers and worse, USA haters. Turning their backs on the country and the sociologic problems their rich fathers created to begin with.

With a few Dark Money billionaire sociopaths calling the shots.

I’ll still take Biden and his Democrat Party colleagues.

When Biden dies, things will be handed off to a more competent youthful leadership than anything the Republican Party has to offer in this these dark days of a narcissist driven the Cold Insurrection and against the US Constitution and hostile take over of our government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

I’ll stick with a real American like Biden, even if he wasn’t my first choice, and we have our disagreements. Still beats the alternative night and day - and that you can’t see that . . . . . . . . makes me wonder about what priorities hide behind all the face paint.

Thats a big call. Biden stated if he loses all that matters is he tried his best.

What a selfish egotistical maniac to put himself ahead of the country when he clearly is unable to cope with the job. When asked , He couldnt even remember if he watched the debate in review. A debate that was week ago.!!! The Dems are giving this election to trump again on a platter

And you base than sweeping statement of “clearly unable to cope with the job”
on a debate with a clinical psychopath?

Where has Biden failed in the execution of his responsibilities as president?

Your problemlies in the fact that you see the US presidency as an autocratic position, able to command and make things happen at will.

Do you realize that is whatTrump wants to become. A dictator who is immune from any criticism. And has promised to use that power to “punish” his political enemies as thefirst thing he will do, if he wins.

And you accuse Biden of being unable to cope with the job?

[quote=“stateless, post:13, topic:10964”]
The Dems are giving this election to trump again on a platter
[/quote] No you are by declaring Biden an incompetent fool, in spite of an exemplary record.

I see that

The media has turned,
the donors have turned and
now members of the democrats have started to turn.

There will be a floodgate as thus thing progresses

Yes, unqualified rumor-mongers will have blast and feel very important.

Are you watching any news? Adam Schiff didn’t like Biden’s “do my best” comment. That was on Meet The Press.

I think Biden should take the SCOTUS at its word and declare Martial Law.
Why are we waiting for Trump to invoke immunity for the crimes he would undoubtedly commit.

The Republicans have made vocal threats about"bloodshed" and Biden would be perfectly justified in declaring Trump a threat to the Nation.

Arrest them all and throw them in jail for sedition.
The law is on Biden side now. He is the president today and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Maybe its time to play hardball!

You know how to blow an opportunity? Endless discussion instead of action!

Don’t replace Biden,. the current man in power!!
Replace Trump, the wannabe man in power!!

A fascist dictatorship!!! The dems care more about stormy than the coup !!

Martial law is a Constitutional option.

And it would prevent the establishment of a " fascist dictatorship" under Trump, who has promised a fascist dictatorship on day 1, if elected.