The people and Conservatives responsabilities

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices.” Misattributed to Orwell.

“Those who now call themselves conservatives are either liberals, fascists or the accomplices of fascists,” Orwell wrote in “Rudyard Kipling.”

These two sentences call to me.

The first one presuppose that people are responsables of theirs votes. It evokes Trump for em.

The second one is harsh but more and more true. Warning: here " liberals " must be taken in its European economic acceptation, not its modern US sense. May be libertarians would give a better idea.

A French Newspaper says that : " According to a poll released this week, conducted jointly by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland, 25 percent of Americans say it is “probably” or “definitely” true that the FBI was behind the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol."

[Domestic reactions to the January 6 United States Capitol attack - Wikipedia]

Biden is a conservative. Jan 6th conspirators runs deep within the republican party, law makers and the military. Instead of exposing them and informing the public of the problem, Biden calls for unity

What kind of exposing and informing do you have in mind?

The prosecution of the January 6 participants has been going on for a long time, and there is constant media coverage, opinion pieces, etc. about it.

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The Democrats say the threat to democracy is down to just one man

People focus their fears on a person or thing. Lots of Democrats understand the move toward authoritarianism is a global phenomenon. They warn of what we will need to do when Trump is gone.

Trump showed us that there are always people who can be whipped into a frenzy and led to do irrational things. History teaches this over and over, but, you know…

Biden launches re-election campaign with speech that calls trump hitler

Personally, I don’t care what President Biden calls the dotard.

When he denies having read Hitler it shows how he doesn’t listen to people around him. He has been told Hitler said it, what else does he need to know? He knows it’s a ridiculous thing to say, that blood is not poisoned, that DNA makeup doesn’t alter ideas and values, but he keeps saying it. Only one reason, it gets votes.

That shows a lack of imagination from Biden’s campaign. At this point the Hitler comparisons have lost all impact.

Biden presenting himself and the Democratic Party as defenders of democracy is utterly fraudulent and calling out trump while committed to a genocide in gaza and the spread of a regional war is utterly contemptible.

Well, domestic policy and foreign affairs are 2 different levels and democracy is not socialism.

In the USA, Biden administration does not violate the democracy rules. You may say that he is not a leftist, to deny he is a democrat is wrong.

Science means distinguishing categories. If you put every people who is not a socialist in the same bag you cannot understand what happens.

That i approve !!!

The democrats internal party politics shows everyone how undemocratic they are . Where are the democrat primary debates?

Biden also directly linked his supposed defense of democracy to the foreign policy and military aims of US imperialism.

Categories, again. The two party system is a problem for America, but each still has to use the democratic system to get into office.

You haven’t actually studied much politics have you?
Yes, one man can make a world of difference.
Of course, this particular con-man is enabled by an awful lot of deep pocketed White Christian Supremacists and corporate oligarchs that don’t give a damned about anything but enriching themselves.

But none of that bothers you.

You are insulted because Biden makes comparisons with trump & Hitler.
Those comparisons are driven by what The Criminal Defendant Trump is saying.

Oh and I love ya gotta love his denial,

and I never read ‘Mein Kampf,’” Trump said.

I had to laugh at that, it’s common knowledge The Criminal Defendant Trump, hates reading, in fact it’s questionable that he can read past the 8th grade reading proficiency standards. There’s always audiobook and of course there’s his trusted advisor his “brain-trust” Stephen Miller.


Stephen Miller is credited with shaping the racist and draconian immigration policies of President Trump, which include the zero-tolerance policy, also known as family separation, the Muslim ban and ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Miller has also “purged” government agencies of civil servants who are not entirely loyal to his extremist agenda, according to a report in Vanity Fair.
… Through the conscious use of fearmongering and xenophobia, Miller implements policies which demonize immigrants, regardless of their immigration status, in an apparent effort to halt all forms of immigration to the United States.

In response to seeing photos of children being separated from their parents at the U.S. border with Mexico as a result of the zero-tolerance policy, an external White House adviser, in a Vanity Fair report, said, “Stephen actually enjoys seeing those pictures at the border.” According to Miller, the administration’s decision to institute the policy was “a simple decision.” …

… During this time, Miller influenced the editorial direction of the highly trafficked conservative website, sharing white nationalist and anti-immigrant propaganda with their editors in an effort to buoy Trump’s run, according to leaked emails reviewed by Hatewatch**.** His role in the campaign included crafting then-candidate Trump’s nativist immigration platform, writing campaign speeches as well as being the opening speaker during rallies.

At a June 16, 2016, campaign rally in Dallas, Miller’s speech made clear the campaign then-candidate Trump was going to run and foreshadowed the nativist policies Miller and the administration would eventually pursue. …

Morgan I’ve gained a lot of respect for what you write and quite often find myself in full agreement but, here I must respectfully disagree.

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

Let me precise my thought, then:

  1. Trump use nazi rhetoric and is able to install a fascist dictatorship in USA: I fully agree
  2. To accuse Trump of using nazi vocabulary and to be able to install a fascist dictatorship will have no effect on his electorate: fully true, alas.

For me, the two ideas are true and are not contradictory.

Hmmm, I am concerned about the MAGA crowd’s increasing comfort with totalitarian leadership and excitement with the thought of destroying American norms and the concept of pluralism - which America is founded on (regardless of how imperfect in execution).

MAGA crowd doesn’t want to think, they have a binary mental all or nothing - me above others.

It’s those rationalists and patriotic American who remain invested to Democratic ideals and in our principles of pluralism, and who want to work within a government of checks and balances (even if imperfect). Those are the one’s who need to take this seriously.

Those are the one’s this message is for!

Besides anything less then calling out the Criminal Defendant Trump’s traitorous anti-American beliefs and speech - and pointing out that he definitely embraces Hitler’s thinking, whether he learned about it through an educational cartoon, or someone reading to him, or a ghost writer like Stephen Miller.

Here’s a couple blasts from the past. The Criminal Defendant Trump’s ghost writer is every bit as scary as these 2019 observations:

… In response to the news that Miller was pushing for more extremist officials to run Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency under DHS, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar tweeted: “Stephen Miller is a white nationalist. The fact that he still has influence on policy and political appointments is an outrage.” Some of Omar’s critics took the moment as an opportunity to make a peculiar attack: Donald Trump Jr., Breitbart writers, and New York Representative Lee Zeldin condemned her as an anti-Semite for calling a Jewish member of the Trump administration a white nationalist. But as Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan pointed out, none did so when he levied the very same charge against Miller last year.

Omar, of course, isn’t alone here. Even those close to Miller have made the same observation. Miller’s own uncle has said his draconian policies would have doomed their Jewish refugee ancestors to death in pogroms. …

Some advice. Post one link and discuss rather than wall papering the screen with links . Otherwise no one will take their time to be bothered with you

And on the flip side how do you think what biden s doing in the ME will impact the electorate? Words vs actual actions.

These sort of actions give this statement a big NO NO

Very interesting. New Hampshire AG definitely has something there, but ultimately it might not matter since what the DNC is doing is gerrymandering on a national scale.