Political Optics

Remember the old saying that politics is a form of theater? Yesterday’s presidential speech was more cinematic than usual.



Credit where credit is due, the White House design team came up with good optics. Leni Riefenstahl would approve.

Too much. Especially after what the GOP has done to National Conventions over the past few Presidential elections, talk about the kettle calling the pot black.

Yes America is boob-tube born and fed, it’s how it has to be done or creeps like you would find it’s old fashionedness worth picking on.

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Your favourite news network criticises biden optics

The MAGAts are saying that President Biden plagiarized his speech, but IMHO he was right on target with his words. The extremists don’t care about democracy, much less believe the dotard et al are fascists, who would take their rights. All they can is, if everyone else doesn’t have rights, they will have all the power, which would be “white power”. They don’t want women to have control over their own bodies. The MAGAts want to control women’s bodies. They especially don’t want a white woman to marry a Black man, because then she’d be a baby factory for the Black man. And they sure as heck don’t want anyone to fall in love with any one they don’t approve of- such as gays and lesbians falling in love with the same gender. They also don’t want anyone else with control and power. So, unless one is free, white, male, and 21, owning property, they can’t vote. They don’t want any laws so that a white man can abuse his wife to death or kill a Black man without repercussions. That’s the MAGAt U.S.A. dream. It’s really sick and twisted. I live in MAGAt land and I listen to them talk and it turns my stomach every time.

What are you talking about, thatoneguy? That makes no sense.

A) your words can’t fabricate who I am.
B) You haven’t a clue.

You talking about CNN?
Interesting backstory there:

So just more profit driven entertianews, only bigger and better?
Let the boob-tube live on.
We shall see.

This must be part of the bigger and better strategy

I don’t know who you think has Newsweek as a favorite, but I would rather read something that sometimes criticizes and sometimes is favorably to a group or organization, rather than one that appears to have a bias in one direction.

It’s too funny to hear all the GoPers and MAGAts cry that President Biden’s speech was divisive.

Did they not listen at all to their orange leader during the previous administration?

Yeah the double standard
and the total disregard for anything approaching Fair Play or standards of honesty, is sociopathically amazing.

The irony of calling out fascists in your own country but supporting them in another

It is. Some believe he plagiarized his speech from Hitler’s speech and say, “just substitute Republicans for Jews.” They do make a lot of things up and I have to ask myself, “ho stupid and brainwashed are they?” They listen and think he’s god, who can do no wrong and is doing things to help the U.S., meanwhile President Biden is destroying the U.S. They can’t see all the damage the dotard has done to the U.S.

You do have a twisted way of twisting thing in the news.

Over your head as usual.

GOP hasn’t ever done aesthetics this good.

Says the guy who thinks trump is a hero.

Let’s talk political optics:

The real question thatoneguy, why is all of this over your head?

Oh yeah, talking about Political Optics here’s some:

Sep 5, 2022
Former President Trump held his first rally since the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago over the weekend, and he used much of his speech to attack the FBI and his political opponents. Trump also claimed there would be a backlash to the search.

Maybe you ought to look up the definitions of “optics”.

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  1. the scientific study of sight and the behavior of light, or the properties of transmission and deflection of other forms of radiation.
  2. (typically in a political context) the way in which an event or course of action is perceived by the public.

“what we really need in this circumstance is to make smart decisions in the best interest of student safety—not simply make changes that win political points for optics”

Okay. Your point?

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The speech was perceived as presented with neo-fascist imagery to drive the points he was making home; the stark red and black. The sentries directly behind the president. The focus on angular architecture. Very different from every other presidential speech.

That’s optics.

What? Where are people getting this “neo-fascism” crap? There wasn’t any “neo-fascism” in his speech. President Biden was talking about getting rid of the divisions and working together, just as President Obama did.

And something I just thought of this morning… Dumpster people want the dotard and complain that President Biden is too old. That’s another thing that makes no sense, because the dotard is old too. Guess they like one old man over another. Personally, I’d prefer someone in their 40s or 50s as president, early 60s tops.

Apparently the Fascist Imagery caught the attention of the Fascists.
The MAGAts are all riled up.

So it worked!

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How about the Political Optics of trump thinking USA’s secret documents belong to him?

The Washington Post just released a bombshell report that nuclear secrets of at least one foreign country were found among the top secret sensitive compartmented documents Trump stole from our government and concealed at Mar-a-Lago. Ben Meiselas reports on this disturbing development.

Hey, guy why doesn’t any of that bother you?

Or are you among the brain dead who think destroying our government is some desirable task or something? I mean it’s one thing to be critical it’s another to willfully destroy the very structures that made us great and viable while the times were good.

Now that the times are getting tougher because of our own slothful disregard for truth and the future - you want to burn it all down.

Guy are you really that maliciously stupid???