Democrats blowing it again

Beat him in election !!! But you cant with Biden so lock trump up !

Yep, why take the risk with a declared enemy of the State.?.. :scream:

What risk? biden says he is a shoe in for a second term

And you have an alternative name?
Biden should be a shoe-in, based on his record of good governance.

Trump’s record is trail of failures.
Where Trump walks, flowers wilt. If I were religious I’d call him a demon.
He had a demon for a teacher.

Check out Roy Cohn.


Organized crime figures Carmine Galante and Anthony Salerno hire Cohn as their attorney.


Donald Trump hires Cohn as his attorney. They first meet at the Le Club in Manhattan when Trump is 23 years old.

Charles Bramesco of The A.V. Club wrote, “Anyone with the vaguest consciousness of American political history doesn’t need 97 minutes to learn that this dead-eyed ethical vacuum was a bad person, or even the depth of his badness”.[12]

more… Where's My Roy Cohn? - Wikipedia

‘Where’s My Roy Cohn?’ Presents Trump’s Origin Story

By Martha K. Baker

Most people have heard of Roy Cohn. Most people know to link his name with Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s. Most people even know to modify Cohn’s name with “evil” and “mendacious” as well as “arrogant” and “Satanic.”

But few know now why those adjectives apply to Donald Trump’s role model.*

Oh my fking god. Biden just introduced zelelsky as putin at the NATO summit . This guy is well and truly cooked and calls for his removal building with the likes of George clooney with obamas backing coming out to support biden stepping down,.

Another oopsy. Called harris vice president trump

And that means he doesn’t know the difference ?

Biden on the international stage announced trump as his vice president . I have never laughed so hard :joy::sweat_smile::rofl:

How old are you? You’ve never made Freudian slips or accidently said something you didn’t mean to say because that side topic was in your head at the time you spoke about something different? If you haven’t then you must not be human. You must be some sort of perfect species.

I am not the president who cant afford these repeated howlers when he is trying to convince the world he is not in mental decline
Did you watch the press conference? Lots of memorable moments. Did you pick up when he said he takes advice from his commander in chief?? Oh no !

I see. You never take your own advice. OK. I think that is a nitpick if you ask me.

Here’s the one where he tells Russia they can attack our allies. (7:57 mark)

Laughing is one of my only emotional defense mechanisms left. Crying will be what I do as my friends die because my government fails over the next several years. Shuddering is what I do when I try to imagine the world beyond 2030.


Personally, I prefer President Biden over the perpetually lying, disgusting, despicable, and demented dotard.

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Petty little woodpecker.
With a touch of sadism possibly?

So you want a revolution, here’s some advice

Have you done anything constructive lately?

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Jul 11, 2024 - Occupy Democrats

Air Force Doctor Vin Gupta just defended President Biden’s mental health on MSNBC — and then gave a brutal diagnosis of Donald Trump’s mental decline.

(TIP If he stretches out the dialogue too much for your taste, try the ‘settings’ button, you can speed up the playback time, I find the function helpful.)

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What would you rather have, a president who has had a childhood speech impediment or a president who tells you that your kind is not wanted and has you deported , even if you were born in the US.

You think the US can afford a new version of Hitler?

This is in the Project 2025 playbook, which is the Repug plan if the dotard wins. We may never get them out of office if he wins. They’ll replace him with one of theirs and continue to do that until overthrown, I’m sure.

Problem is - Supporting biden at this stage is going to make project 2025 a reality

Again, you don’t know that for certain yet, because the election has not happened yet. Secondly, you are not on topic.

If you claim that project 2025 is that bad then dont you think its incumbent that the Democrats put their strongest candidate and not their weakest??