USA presidential election

We are exchanging in many topics about it, deviating some of them.

Is not it time to begin a specific topic, as we had for past elections?

No, we cannot. It is banned on this website. The problem is that many Americans view that the last election was stolen. And that subject is not allowed to be debated on this site.

Um. No. Repetitive posting is banned. Like responding to different threads with bad evidence from a conspiracy theory movie.

Yes, 2000 Mules is labeled a conspiracy theory movie. I agree the film is being attacked by both the Dark and Deep State.
Common factors, for example are Russiagate and the Hunter Laptop. It was in 2020 the laptop controversy came about. It wasn’t until this year for DOJ to change directions and claim the laptop data was correct. The Washington Post now says it is real. But the fact finding that claimed it was fake has not yet come around.
Point being. - 8 in 10 Think Biden Laptop Cover-Up Changed Election.
Do you think Hunter’s laptop is a made-up conspiracy theory by Trump and the Republicans?
Half of Americans still think that Russiagate was real. – Reuters
Do you think Russiagate was real or a conspiracy theory?
The U.S. Senate Report confirmed Trump campaign was colluding with Russia. Until the John Durham report cleared that up. We had to endure the Muller investigation on Trump’s ties.
Do you want this to be the norm for elections today. The best way to stop this is to debate the issues.

The part about it having proof the Bidens took money from China, yes, that’s fake.

Harder to say with that one. You asks questions without being specific about facts.

It didn’t clear up anything. Republicans agree

I don’t think it is fake, I just don’t think we have enough data to get a clear picture yet. My guess is that it could just be piggy-bank money for the Biden family, Hunter was taking. Anyway, you look at Burisma, it was a CIA operation. Hunter was just there to get paid. We don’t hear anything about Burisma, and no charges have been brought against Hunter dealing with Burisma. It really looks like the CIA must be stopping any investigations.
Point being, Burisma’s headquarter was not in Ukraine. It was in Cyprus, where the Russian Oligarchs were located.

Joseph Cofer Black former CIA officer, director of the Counterterrorism, appointed Ambassador-at-Large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the State Department.
Aleksander Kwasniewski served as the president of Poland. Got voted out of office for lying to the people about allowing CIA operations to operate in Poland.
Everybody but oil experts were on the board of directors. You get the ideal.

Not a trick question. Was Trump was being blackmailed by Russia?

Durham was investigating the way the FBI did their report on the Trump-Russian probe. It was clear to me that the FBI was covering up the details and facts to make Trump look bad. I heard yesterday that Page and his girlfriend were getting a payment for the government exposing their emails.

At least we’re done with it

So after witnessing the worst US presidential debate in history, who do people think the Dems should consider replacing Biden?

I would agree, but by whom ?

So, Biden had a bad debate, but exactly, what does that mean?

Debating skills against an avalanche of lies have nothing to do with running a country.

Everyone agrees that Biden has done a great job as president. Has he suddenly lost his mind? I don’t think so. In any case he is so much more desirable than that con-man, he can afford the stumble over a few words.

This is a test of character, not who can tell the most lies with glibness of speech.


Thats as a much of a lie as one of the many trump made in the debate. People are struggling to keep their heads above water and many people especially the young hate both biden amd trump. Progressives have been telling the DNC from the get go that biden will lose against trump because BIDEN is establishment and he was lucky covid came as trump was heading for a second term. . Biden showed from that debate that he has lost his mind and when people see that with no help from his handlers, teleprompters and medication they realise how much they been lied to by corporate democrats about his mental health

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Thats as a much of a lie as one of the many trump made in the debate. People are struggling to keep their heads above water and many people especially the young hate both biden amd trump.

Have you struggled to keep your head above water under Biden?

The winners and losers of the Biden economy

Younger workers have done well under Biden. Fast food fanatics have not.

1) Unemployment rapidly fell

2) Real wages rose sharply for young workers, especially in low-wage sectors

3) Homeowners prospered (at renters’ expense)

4) The stock market boomed

5) The green economy swelled

6) Many student debtors saw their loan balances shrink

7) Fast food got pricier

and this is true , due to higher hourly wages

The Biden economy works well (albeit not for everyone)

In my view, more expensive Big Macs are a small price to pay for higher growth, more worker power, and low unemployment. And I also think that the broader strengths of the Biden economy outweigh its weaknesses.

Recovering from the pandemic was always going to be painful. Covid shuttered entire sectors of the US economy and disrupted factory production the world over. At the same time, consumers suddenly shifted their spending away from in-person services and toward manufactured goods, a development that producers weren’t prepared for.

These disruptions had unavoidable economic costs. We could have paid those costs by immiserating America’s most vulnerable workers through a prolonged period of high unemployment. Instead, under Biden, we all chipped in to pay Covid’s toll through inflation while protecting the disadvantaged. I think this was a sound decision.

But I understand why some older, high-income Americans — especially those who never lost their jobs during the pandemic, keep all their savings in cash, paid off their student debts long ago, own no home, love fossil fuels, and live off Taco Bell — might disagree.

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Young , black and hispanic people are turning away from the democrats . The double haters are growing and growing .

Sorry fella, people are not feeling the good times corporate media and people like yourself are shoving down their throats. That debate was a car crash with the democrats doing everything possible to make sure trump wins again.

And what is a person like myself? Care to take a guess?

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Yeah, everybody over-consumes economic reports

For one thing, The gaslighting when people start questioning bidens cognitive decline

Not reports. The pundits on our media


This election, seen from Europe, is very similar to this picture.

Whatever be the merits of J. Biden, he is Alzheimer in an advanced state.

He will not be able to finish his mandate if he is reelected.

I know that the democrats don’t have an alternate good candidate, and that makes me afraid for the world.

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I accidentally hit the radio button and got a conservative talk show this morning. They used the exact talking points you do. Either you are in a media bubble, or you are not really who you say you are. You sound like you are from some sort of troll farm. It doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t. You sound exactly like them.

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I have asked to my brother who is a psycho-geriatric doctor, a professor, about Biden.

He has exchanged with colleagues about the man. They agree about the fact that he probably suffers from a Parkinson disease.

They agree about the fact that he will probably not be able to finish his second term.

It is urgent some one be candidate, Harris or California governor.