Trump Is Losing It - by Jamelle Bouie - cognitive decline & "gibberish" of Mr. trump

It’s worth thinking about.


Trump Is Losing It

Feb. 13, 2024 - by Jamelle Bouie -

It is unclear whether Donald Trump has forgotten the precise nature of NATO or whether he ever fully grasped it in the first place.

What is clear, however, is that Trump — who ostensibly spent four years as president of the United States — has little clue about what NATO is or what NATO does. …, what he said was less a cogent discussion of foreign policy than it was gibberish

the kind of outrageous nonsense that flows without interruption from an empty and unreflective mind.

"… Except NATO isn’t a mafia protection racket. NATO, in case anyone needs to be reminded, is a mutual defense organization, formed by treaty in 1949 as tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union hardened into conflict. “The parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all,” states Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. …

"But let’s set this bit of fact-checking aside for a moment and look at the big picture.

It is not just that Trump is ignorant on this and other vital questions; it is that he is incoherent."

… name of Pennsylvania?
… when Trump confused China and North Korea
… time time Trump mistook Nikki Haley, … for Nancy Pelosi
… If you would like, you can also try to make sense of the former president’s recent attempt to describe a missile defense system: … (adding) “And they calmly walk to us, and ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. They’ve only got 17 seconds to figure this whole thing out. Boom. OK. Missile launch. Whoosh. Boom,” (the sexual offender, & Financial Dead Beat Mr. trump) added.

“In contrast to the obsessive coverage of Biden’s age, there is comparatively little coverage of Trump’s obvious deficiencies in that department. If we are going to use public comments as the measure of mental fitness, then the former president is clearly at a disadvantage. …”

Trump is losing it’: New scrutiny on Trump’s ‘gibberish’ at campaign rallies

Feb 13, 2024 #MSNBC #Trump #Biden

In a column titled, “Trump Is Losing It,” New York Times opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie compared Trump’s feebleness to the breathless coverage of President Biden’s age. “He speaks in gibberish, and it’s very striking to watch,” Bouie tells Chris Hayes.

This had to come in response to biden’s lowly and deteriorating performance of late. Did you see now its come to the stage where even corporate media is questioning if biden is fit to lead. Even seen clinton say that bidens age is an issue.

Even Kamala has step up to front the public to declare she is free to lead

To the twisted Alt Right Wing propaganda machine.

This one’s for you:

Now here’s what an adult sounds like:

Feb 12, 2024 #CNBC #cnbctv

President Joe Biden addresses county leaders at the 2024 National Association of Counties Legislative Conference on Monday.

Not to say I love the guy, I don’t, but life is about doing the best we can with what we have - and today’s alternative to Biden is a utter maniac with a moron level IQ :kissing_heart:

This is why I have no social media accounts. People don’t change their mind online. They simply fish for supporting links.

If, at this point in time, a person is still in favor of not only trump, but the entire republican party, my only hope is that there are fewer of them than there are of those opposed to the insanity. My lifelong definition of what is “obvious” has been challenged from the moment the tea party sprouted. I have not witnessed such a cult in my life. (I was born after WWII)

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Its the growing group of never biden and never trump that both parties are worried about but in particular the democrats

Oh, dadada you of little faith.
I myself have been impressed and reassured by some of the younger representatives in Congress. All other things aside, I see more reason for optimism and hope at getting back the Party and getting Congress back into the hands of adults… It’s a healthier dream than going to the dark side of totalitarian thinking and the plans of the right wing christian nationalist white supremacists types.

Still I like to think, meet new people, think about things. Heck, without a little bit of social media I’d have never gotten to meet you. I’m better thanks to things I’ve learned via these threads.
I like to think dialogue is a good thing. It’s also an art, requiring good-faith curiosity on both sides.
You for instance, you have good “credentials” - you listen and respond to stuff people write about.

Yup, I can certainly relate. I turned 5 the summer '60 and from my German-American slice of Chicago I grew up hearing people ( media & in-person) discussion around the question of “How did those intelligent, liberal, civic Germans buy into the NAZI lies, and then became accomplices to unspeakable atrocities?”

Now to have witnessed how fast parts of our people have because so nasty, and so much of it built around being manipulated with false information, has been sobering, sad.
The transformation this past half century is mind boggling for me.

When I constructed my comments I try to think about the curious onlooker, that’s why I strive to link to solid resources, to offer folks more than my opinions.

From an idealistic perspective, every bizarre beyond reality claim, is a teaching opportunity to tell the story of what science has to inform us with.
That’s why all those years of debating climate science contrarians. Admittedly not much to show for it, but at least I gave it a shot.

Plus it was part of my learning process. :wink:

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MAGA Blue - What has that got to do with the 2024 election?

Thanks. I turned 7. Half the time online I swear I’m talking to bots. Oftentimes I find myself hoping it’s a bot since I don’t want to believe a real person thinks with so little compassion or reason. Or knowledge. :v:t3:

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Guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Oh dadadada, and why is it you support this guy, mr. trump?

Coffee, :+1:t2:

I watched a series on Railroads (Amazon). One episode was about the Yukon gold rush. The US had switched from the silver standard to the gold standard and many people lost everything.

In hopes of getting their lives back, many went to the Yukon in search of gold. Who made money from all of this? Well, as everyone showed up, they obviously needed tools, room and board, mules, etc. So there were plenty of people there to sell all such goods at insanely inflated rates. Those merchants who ripped everybody off became rich. Trump’s grandfather showed up and opened a hotel and supplied sex workers. That was the beginning of the Trump fortune.

Apples really don’t fall far from the tree. Scum stays at the bottom.

All the talk is that biden will be replaced at the DNC convention.

The calls are getting louder.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R) called on Vice President Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment against President Biden on Tuesday, claiming that the president is not physically able to perform the duties of the job.1 day ago

West Virginia AG urges Harris to invoke 25th Amendment to .

This comes after last week’s report by US Department of Justice special counsel Robert Hur who described the 81-year-old president as an “elderly man with poor memory,” although he advised against prosecuting Biden over the mishandling of classified documents.

Finally , ABC News/Ipsos poll published on Monday, as many as 86% of US voters believe that Biden is too elderly to serve another term in office and recent poll by NBC revealed that only 28% of registered voters have a positive opinion of Harris, compared to 53% with a negative view.

Feb 12, 2024
In a surprise speech, President Biden goes nuclear against the Special Counsel Robert Hur’s criticism of Biden’s memory and cooperation with the classified documents investigation.
Michael Popok of Legal AF explains why the report is a stinging indictment of Trump not Biden’s handling of classified documents, and why Hur’s criticism of Biden’s memory recall for events 5-15 years ago 48 hours after Hamas attacked Israel is grossly unfair.

Ross Douthat is the worst part of the NYT. Anyway, we certainly don’t have our best running on either side. However, the Democratic party still stands for democracy rather than greed and power derived from christian nationalists.

Applying reason and compassion, the (poor) choice is obvious. But as I said, “obvious” is being challenged.

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Thats a troublesome comment. Have you forgotten what the DNC did to bernie in 2016 ? Superdelegates ?.?? What the hell is that in a democracy?? You are told by the DNC biden is the one . You have no say in it even after poll after poll of democrats call for someone else. No primaries, no debates and no support.from the DNC for the challengers. In fact marianne williamson was told by the DNC she could access their demographic information of electrates and was told she was nit allowed to speak at universities.

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Really. That’s where you go?

Where do you go???..

Wherever I am, there I go

Interesting. What troubles me is someone who can spot legitimate gripes (Bernie’s treatment, not the Marianne Williamson noise) in one party yet ignore the cowardice, power hungry, greed, love of dictators like Putin, clear lack of reason, and insurrection of the other party. I tend to ignore such persons but I’m in a particularly generous mood this morning.

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The ennemies of their ennemies are their friends. As Putin and such dictators are ennemies of sex equality, of race equality, of freedom of choosing one sexuality, and many other "modern " ideas, they are their friends.

I posted a link and a summing up of one paper who explains that.

The most astonishing is that Putin and other dictators despise them and use them as puppets and fools.

After 4 more years. He has been an outstanding president in the mold of Obama and Kennedy.

All Republican statements are designed to obfuscate and confuse. They can’t even elect a speaker of their own party, let alone a president for the nation.
And it is no surprise. Their leader is a convicted criminal, a clinical psychopath.

I’d rather have Biden who has always had a slight speech impediment, no senility.

After listening to this video, is this the rantings of a senile senior citizen?

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