Address to the Nation

President Biden was at his brilliant best

Watch it and be a better person, a better human.

I loved how he handle MTG and other dogs barking and harassing him. Imagine, if we had did what she did to her dotard, what she’d have to say about it. She’d be hypocritical She can do , but I bet she’d have words to say if a AOC said that to her dotard. President Biden even roped a few dopes too. He was good.

left wing commentary on the state of the union. Starts at 2:06:00
LIVE: State of the Union - Reaction - YouTube

Left-wing? President Biden represents the moderate left-wing Democrats, you know, the party that supports the voting public, not the rich special interests like Trump.

The commentary will surely come from the extreme right-wing Republicans and it will be filled with hate and vitriol and another dog-bone for the violent insurrectionists.

That Huckabee religious nutcase started it off with a bizarre rant.


I turned it off when Hack a bee started running her mouth. The first few sentences out of her pie hole were unbelievable. So unbelievable that it wasn’t worth listening to her yammering. Thus why I turned it off.

I don’t see what was left wing about it. It was the truth.

good grief - what was that comment all about?

He doesn’t know… :confounded: :confounded: :confounded:

Two bozos puffed up like frat boys, make up their own clip, then laugh themselves silly.

And metalhead thinks it’s news, or worth discussing? Then you wonder why folks pick on you. What else is left, if we’re to get down to your level???

Since this thread is going nowhere, I don’t mind sharing an interesting related political story about Dark Money and politics. I wonder why the trolls don’t ever complain about such clear and present dangers to what’s left of our democracy?

Opinion: The most important secret George Santos is keeping

Opinion by Frida Ghitis - Fri February 3, 2023

… But there’s one particularly disturbing aspect that points to a dangerous weakness in American democracy: Who paid for Santos’ election campaign? In other words, who has the most influence over the congressman?

The fact that it is so difficult to track down the source of this fantasist’s support reaffirms something that democracy funding experts have been telling us for years: Corrupt players are taking advantage of how democracy is financed in America. …

… Mother Jones magazine tried to contact donors going back to his failed 2020 congressional bid. It was an exercise in hunting for ghosts. They found that more than a dozen major donations came from people who apparently do not exist, often with addresses that don’t exist.

For 2022, it all became even more mysterious. Most intriguing of all is what campaign filings described as loans from Santos to the campaign totaling more than $700,000. …

… We do know about some of his donors. There’s Rocco Oppedisano, the Italian national who was caught smuggling undocumented migrants into the US in 2019. …

The red flags, the opacity of it all, should shine a light on the dangerous swamp that is US election funding. Hiding a contribution by one person under another’s name is prohibited, but what is permitted is even more troubling.

The campaign watchdog Open Secrets has raised the alarm over so-called straw donors and shell companies that conceal real donors. They not only cover the tracks of people who may want their identity hidden but also conceal some who may be contributing illegally, injecting “dark money” to manipulate US democracy and lawmaking. …

And so much more, including links to supporting facts.

And, here’s an interesting look at how it works within the GOP’s MAGA machine.

Trump campaign paid researchers to prove 2020 fraud but kept findings secret. An outside firm’s work was never released publicly after researchers uncovered no evidence that the election had been rigged for Joe Biden

By Josh Dawsey - February 11, 2023

The (trump) campaign paid researchers from Berkeley Research Group, the people said, to study 2020 election results in six states, looking for fraud and irregularities to highlight in public and in the courts. Among the areas examined were voter machine malfunctions, instances of dead people voting and any evidence that could help Trump show he won, the people said. None of the findings were presented to the public or in court.

The findings were not what the Trump campaign had been hoping for, according to the four people. …

The research also contradicted some of Trump’s more conspiratorial theories, such as his baseless allegations about rigged voting machinesand large numbers of dead people voting. …

Good journalism is considered part of “mainstream media”, which is considered to be corrupt. They point to actual conspiracies after the fact, as proof that conspiracies happen, but the real ones are always uncovered by reputable news reporters, not vloggers.

What’s worse is, metalhead thinks Huck-a-bee is left wing. She’s not.

what a brilliant rebuttal !!
And you think these 2 bozos are left -wingers?
They acted more like that poor excuse of a human MT Greene.

When Biden declared that Capitalism leads to corruption, he was pointing out a fact when capitalism is practised without restriction.
Unrestricted Capitalism leads to corruption as is evidenced by the immoral profit taking by the biggest Capitalist corporations in ther US during a time of crisis.

What you mean?

What was NEWS?

What was there to rebut ! ? !

What was there to take seriously?

They were laughing clowns, with a homemade video clip, what do you expect?

Yes, that earns my disrespect.

more the same. Very convincing and very well put.

Well what do you want?
What about any of that, do you want to build a discussion around?

It’s like a trumpster getting all upset because I consider trump a fraud and cheat and unpatriotic self-serving sociopath. Yet everything he does fits that profile. What do you want?

Instead of trolling, trying explain what the heck is going on in your head. It’s not that difficult, that is if you actually want to communicate with others:

MAY 9, 2019

Explaining Why Liberals Despise Trump

I post a video with criticism of his address from a left wing perspective to contemplate and discuss and you come back with trash talk. That where it appears to end.

It’s not a rule, but it’s helpful if, when posting something, more is said than, “here’s…”

The idea is, say something about why you choose that link. I can’t tell if you like those guys or not, if you agree with them or not. Was there a particular point they made that stood out? Why did you choose them over any other link?

there isnt good will here to discuss such matters. Just reverts to name calling and condescension

There are lots of other forums in the world

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