A World ideological offensive of the ultra right

This paper from a liberal conservative daily newspaper is very worrying.

It shows the link between some components of Ultra right ideology, its consequences for women, and its attraction for new generations.

[Opinion: As populations collapse, the far right’s baby fever puts hard-won freedoms at risk - The Globe and Mail]

Polls in France among the millennial tell the same thing, more prone to believe complot theories, less believing in secularism and democracy, more conservative in their ideas, and more prone to vote for the ultra right.

Nothing about the farmers??? Which news is ignored and which is highlighted

Do tell about farmers. They are becoming a rare breed.

I rise a point which should interest people on this forum and a diversion is done, to block the exchange, why ?

Are the topic and the paper bothering dadada, so he deviates it ?

Ultra right is attacking ideologically and successfully to the detriment of people, among them the followers of the lying leaders. That’s the topic.

Morgan appears to delight in conspiracy theories rather than devolve into major contemporary events especially those local ones

But what about the farmers??

French local events interest me, but not in this topic !!!

If you open a new topic about French local event, i will be happy to participate, but no need to pollute other topics.

In fact there is a topic for France but it does not interest any one here except me: [France political landscape]

It is a purely defensive tactic from your part.

Is there an offensive of the ultra-right, which forms does it takes, with which success ?

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Not worth raising

And who do you blame for this drastic price competition, a race to the bottom?
Surely the US is not depressing prices. We just had a quasi-inflationary period, which is now stabilizing,while wages are still rising due to near full employment.

The US is doing just fine economically. We are just dealing with a challenge to our Constitutional system of governance, by a Nationalist faction that believes it has a right to a country they originally stole from the native inhabitants.

The profit motive is fundamentally incompatible with primary production inside the nation state system. The France Germany Belgium simultaneous mobilisation of farmers shows this clearly. It is also incapable of addressing global warming. The working class including farmers is on a collision course with the capitalist system. What will be the response of the capitalists? History shows it will be fascism, repression and world war. What will be the response of the international working class?

Maintain a Constitutionally fair and lawful Democracy! It works among people of good-will.

Dada is a classic forum disrupter and presents a moderator with some difficult choices. As a statement like this shows, he’s not stupid, he can identify an important major problem in the world. But, what’s the solution? If there was an easy answer, you’d hope we would work on it. As Write4 points out, part of the solution is being nice to each other, if only we could get everyone to do that.

Instead, the people who say we should be nice to each other get not-so-nice with those they think are not being nice enough. Instead of working on solutions, they quip at each other, argue about whose ideas are worse than others, and blame someone who is trying for a problem someone else caused. It gets messy. From where I’m standing, I see a few people who are watching us all fight with each other while they pick our pockets.

More than worth raising, create a new topic !!!

Here, the question is :

Is ultra right is attacking ideologically and successfully to the detriment of people, among them the followers of the lying leaders ?

I will no more answer here any comments about any other topic.

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Dadada sounds like a true progressive. I have been following news outside the US to be able to get a true picture of facts.
Reason: How global and in control is the swamp.

Are you talking about ultra-right as an organization? It seems to me to be more of a reaction of tribalism.

Is capitalism the opposite of communism? Is capitalism a right ideologic?

True Scotsman fallacy. Batting 1,000 on fallacies to this day.

Articles like this one always start from the idea that liberal democracy is the ultimate way of life. For a long time that idea seemed uncontroversial, but now an increasing number of people – especially young people – are questioning this and saying maybe liberal democracy is overrated. I am one of them.

As Churchill has said, quoting a predecessor : " Democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms"

The only alternative we have known are dictatorships …

Tell me which system you would like.


Direct Democracy

Representative Democracy

Constitutional Democracy

Parliamentary Democracy

Presidential Democracy

Monitory Democracy

Autocratic Democracy

I would prefer a hybrid type with elements of both authoritarianism and democracy.

Would you care to develop ?

For me, the two systems are antagonistic.