Mike Johnson, it's all up to you. Are you with Putin, or USA?

Hear what Liz Cheney has to say about the Congressional dysfunction, but first.

The growing insanity is amazing, I hope regular Americans are waking up and ready to vote out these treasonous so’n so’s. Election Day is the only day your opinion matters to the powers that be - it’s a patriotic duty to get out and vote, and this year there’s more to lose then ever.

Every so often there is a piece of legislation on Capitol Hill that defines America and its values — that shows what kind of country we want to be. I would argue that when it comes to the $118.3 billion bipartisan compromise bill in the Senate to repair our broken immigration system and supply vital aid to Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel, its passage or failure won’t define just America but also the world that we’re going to inhabit.

There are hinges in history, and this is one of them. What Washington does — or does not do — this year to support its allies and secure our border will say so much about our approach to security and stability in this new post-post-Cold War era. Will America carry the red, white and blue flag into the future or just a white flag? Given the pessimistic talk coming out of the Capitol, it is looking more and more like the white flag, autographed by Donald Trump. …


Ms. Cheney, a former Wyoming Republican ousted by voters over her opposition to former President Donald Trump, said it’d be “worth” Mr. Johnson passing the Senate’s foreign aid package even if it means being ousted by his own right flank.

“He ought to understand that it is worth it if he has to lose his speakership in order to mKr sure that freedom survives, in order to make sure that the United States of America continues to play its leadership role in the world,” Ms. Cheney said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Liz Cheney slams ‘Putin-wing’ Republicans after Navalny’s death

Feb 18, 2024 #CNN #News

Former Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney reacts to Donald Trump’s lack of response to the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and labels her former party as “Putin-wing” Republicans. #CNN #News

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I watched that. I can’t believe a Cheney is trying to do good.

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This is all theatre in that it is only prolonging the inevitable defeat of ukraine resulting in even more ukrainians dying. The only action that would turn this around is US troops in ukraine fighting russia in a hot war .

I hope Gary would be able to foresee the consequences for all us if this was to happen

The world is but a stage.

You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

Seriously :neutral_face: You really think you got a clue about it?

Human’s never foresee the consequence of their actions. Even when it’s so utterly obvious, invade a country, create nothing but cascading horrors for all sides.

I wonder what the weather forecasts and crop yield forecasts are going to look like in another ten years of this mutual insanity. Think that will make any difference?

Are you really that oblivious to what is going on ???

Mark Sleboda: Ukraine’s Army is Being DESTROYED as Russia Liberates Avdiivka

I would like an Ukrainian victory.

since WWI, Russian tactics have always been to scarify men as there is no lack of them.

On the Russian front, during WWII, Russian losses are estimated up to more than 8, 6 millions and 2, 5 millions for Germany.

But right now, Ukraine army is in a very difficult position, lacking men, weapons and ammunitions.

And West will be guilty if Ukraine loses.

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In that case, ukraine MP Aleksey Goncharenko has called for ukraine to be provided with nuclear missiles.

Do you support this?

Do you support owning a gun to protect your home from being invaded by murderers?

Don’t you understand that Ukraine is facing an existential threat from Russia and has the right to employ any means to protect its sovereign territory?

We don’t blame a rattlesnake for employing deadly venom to protect itself, do we?
Why should Ukraine have less rights to defend itself than a rattlesnake?


US Marine slogan : “Don’t tread on me” and “Give me Liberty or give me Death”

That is the worst analogy ever

I read your posts on Palestine. Genocide supporters are the worst of the worst and says a lot of the moderators for tolerating this hate.

If you have a problem with the moderators, start a thread in “Issues and Complaints”. It could be an interesting discussion.

Nobody supports genocide in principle. But in principle, nature supports the use of physical defenses against all persistent existential threats. It’s basic survival.

Your words say otherwise. An awful and disgusting take. The worst of the worst is allowed on here

No, I am the most peaceful person you know. I wish no harm to anyone who wishes me no harm.

I am also capable of objective observation. I have no personal axe to grind in any of these issues.

Justifying a genocide . Lower that a serial murderer, pedophile, rapist …

No, you are! Israel did not start this. You are the one justifying the murder of innocent people celebrating a common good.

Israel has an existential right to defend itself. As does Ukraine. That is Justice.

And not only justifying genocide, you wear it proudly on your sleeves!!! I cant think of anything more sickening

If you are sincere, you are hopelessly wrong.
OTOH, I suspect you are simply not with the USA, but with some other player.

Really you guys?

This would be funny, but i don’t hear intentional irony, just the schoolyard language.

He’s obviously not sincere. I don’t know what is worse, trolls or troll feeders.