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I had this link shared with me this morning. After my hip shot response, My solution stay away from the f’n news all day. I opened it up and was pleasantly surprised. The young lady has some solid suggestions. Perhaps someone around here might enjoy a little election day distraction. :wink:


Whoa- today is Election Day and our cortisol is running high. I know today has the very real potential to have most of us glued to the news, maybe drinking more than a typical Tuesday night, and nesting into a space of total fear.

I’ve read a few reports that large numbers of Americans are expecting violence in the wake of the election, regardless of the outcome. I know that I have friends and family who have stocked up on gasoline and groceries prior to the election because they are concerned that America will face another scarcity attack and grocery store shelves will be empty, similar to early pandemic times.

It’s also important to acknowledge that all of this fear is intensified by our fatigue of spending the past eight months living through a global pandemic and economic recession. I do believe it’s really easy and dare I say, justified to get caught up in the chaos surrounding this election.

Nevertheless, it’s also vital to shift gears and practice some deep self care so that in the coming weeks we can be our best selves. These are my steps we can take today to truly nourish ourselves and our communities. …

You know, thinking on it, it’s stuff like that, that helps convince me we’ll all be much better off when woman take on the reigns of our government. Lordie know the old guys on both side need to be tossed out, they are the one’s that enabled this self-destruction of the past years

I can’t stay away from the news all day. I think that’s not the best advice. Today marks the first day I have hope that I may actually wake up from a 4 year nightmare in about 2 1/2 months. Today is hope.

Well, my wife just told me of a report claiming balloting (a million votes worth) come in at something like 35 - 65.

Though I don’t have time to find source and see for myself - I didn’t think they could do that, who knows, plus now everything is flooded with today’s incoming flood of results.

If reason holds sway, and that sort of a decisive national decision does come through loud and clear. Hallelujah!

I’m not seeing any results popping up anywhere yet. I really didn’t expect it this early. But all the polls look really good. On one web page I found (here) Biden is up by +2 to +10 in 13 of the 16 states listed, Trump is up by +>1 to +2 in the other 3. It certainly seems insurmountable. But then you’ll see people predict as high as a 91% chance Trump will win reelection in some opinion pieces. Maybe that’s just a move to keep people from getting complacent and staying home, but they damned well better shoot through state-run healthcare right away to fix the damned ulcer it’s giving me.

Media adjusted itself decades ago. They used to call the elections with 1% of the vote. Trump should be impeached for suggesting votes not get counted. I hope neither one declares victory tonight. I’m going hiking tomorrow and will try hard to avoid media, but it’s the ‘sore tooth’ that I can’t stop touching.

Lausten, I was just reporting, not advising. :wink:

You know me.

Please be at least 40 - 60 America.




Media adjusted itself decades ago. They used to call the elections with 1% of the vote.
That wouldn't even be possible this year. Early voting surpassed 100 million votes and many states couldn't even start counting them today. And many of them can't even start releasing totals until after the polls close. And then there's the ever more prevalent Republican tinkering to rig the system in their favor, which is the real reason the polls were all wrong in 2016, I believe. They actually weren't wrong. Republican gerrymandering has just gotten so bad that winning by only 2.26 percentage points isn't enough to actually "win" for a Democrat.

Robert fisk died

The Awful truth


Anton, please don’t make me look at the video.

Lets have a discussion. What awful truth are you talking about? Can you define it in a couple lines?

Robert Fisk obituary Veteran journalist and author whose postings read like a battle roll of the post-colonial wars he despised


Harvey Morris - Tue 3 Nov 2020

Robert Fisk would have been amused, if unsurprised, by the plethora of reactions, from the adulatory to the sharply critical, prompted by the news of his death, at the age of 74. As a journalist, commentator and author, in a five-decade career that focused overwhelmingly on the Middle East, Fisk expressed strong views about who was responsible for the region’s agonies, and provoked equally strong responses.

Even a partial list of his postings and assignments reads like the battle roll of the post-colonial wars he despised: post-revolution Lisbon, Belfast, Tehran, Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, Algiers, Kabul, Sarajevo.

He was a vigorous opponent of the new-fangled concept of “embedded journalism”. Latterly, however, his own embedded reports on the continuing civil war in Syria, which tended to absolve the Assad regime of some of the worst crimes credited to it, provoked a backlash, even among his anti-imperialist acolytes. …

I’m sure Greenwald is going to be doubly insufferable now that he threw a tantrum and left Intercept.

Oh dear, that’s what I get for ducking and covering. Missing out of all the juicy stories. Those talking heads become such prima donna’s don’t they.


So how’s the election going?

>I think Greenwakd made a telling point that the democratic party have deliberately sought to divert and suppress any broader social opposition to Trump’s right-wing policies.

Glenn Greenwald resigned from the Intercept in protest against censorship

What ever.

How about the double standard?

Why do Republican’s ruthless vote suppression efforts get a green light by you?


Why do the democrates allow it? Where is the uprising as greenwald points out?

Glenn Greenwald resigned from the Intercept in protest against censorship -- anton
so he says. Seems like a strange place for him to take a stand, on an article about some throw away evidence on Joe Biden's kid. That evidence is not going to be talked about again until someone runs out of BS to bring up rattle the cage. Which will happen, maybe sometime next year.
Why do the democrates allow it? -- anton
If we could catch them, which we sometimes do, when they actually fake a ballot or something, we would stop them. But gerrymandering is done with data and the courts. Taking people off the roles is also legal if you control the secretary of state, it's a valid thing that needs to be done, but it's all in how you do it. It's really a pretty interesting bit of spy vs spy anton, maybe you should read now and then and learn about it.

Statement from Greenwald


The current iteration of the Intercept is completely unrecognizable when compared to that original vision. Rather than offering a venue for airing dissent, marginalized voices and unheard perspectives, it is rapidly becoming just another media outlet with mandated ideological and partisan loyalties, a rigid and narrow range of permitted viewpoints (ranging from establishment liberalism to soft leftism, but always anchored in ultimate support for the Democratic Party), a deep fear of offending hegemonic cultural liberalism and center-left Twitter luminaries, and an overarching need to secure the approval and admiration of the very mainstream media outlets we created the Intercept to oppose, critique and subvert