Young Man

Whatever our political leanings and squabbles these past months, let’s bury our hatchets and prepare to celebrate America’s rebirth tomorrow.

What does “Young Man”, YMCA, and the Village People have to do with who wins the election tomorrow? I see no connection, whether it’s VP Biden or the dotard (please NO!) wins. It has nothing to do with either one of them. If the dotard wins, the country will die, people will die, and we will have a fascist nation, so that’s not rebirth, but pure death. If VP Biden wins then between now and when the dotard is thrown out, people will die because he’ll throw a lame ass tantrum, killing thousands more U.S. citizens, but when President Biden gets into office, after the dotard is carried off, things will begin to get better again, but it won’t be immediate. It’ll take many months, maybe even years. Unfortunately, President Biden won’t be able to undo all the destruction the dotard has done, even in 8 years and hopefully the next president can and will continue Biden’s work to make things better, especially since Biden will use science to do it.

prepare to celebrate America’s rebirth
Planning for the riots is done. It won't matter who wins. The Burn Loot Murder crowds are ready.
Biden won’t be able
Already making excuses. No worries; he won't win.
Already making excuses. No worries; he won’t win.
I'll drink to that. Cheers!

Probably by accident, Sree got one right. The Village People said their theme was inclusiveness. Their reception was much different however