Spoiler alert

After today, it looks like Joseph R Biden needs about 80 more delegates, which he needs to reach 1991, which is the # that clinches the 1st round vote at the National Convention. He will likely get those, next Tuesday.

I hope that doesn’t take the surprise out of it for anyone.

I am liking ol’ Joe more and more, with the way things are going. I think he could be the only way out of the morass that the T rump is drowning us in.

I don’t think it would take any surprise from anyone given how things are going lately. Any thinking person knows it would be stupid to vote for the dotard given that’s he’s murdered thousands of people- not just with COVID, but also in his stupid concentration camps and then finally had peaceful protesters teared gas and Episcopalians removed from their place of worship all to wrap up fascism in a flag while holding a Bible.

Joe now has the 1991 delegates needed. I just hope that when the time comes to vote, 1) that the T rump has not found a way to rig the election and 2) that enough people vote for Joe, despite his not being as exciting as Obama was.