Trump’s Official Election Website https://keepamericagreat.com has had an interesting makeover. You gotta check it out.



No, I’m not going to because they have way too much brainwashing propaganda and crap. In fact, give me time and I’ll find the article I posted a few days about the site.

Trust me on this Mriana, you want to take a look at it.


I look forward to looking at your article that I must have missed earlier. Still, . . . take a peek.

Here’s the article. Read it, think about it, make up your mind, and discuss, if you want.


I’m glad that’s out there, I’m glad you posted it, but I won’t be reading it. Too much going on, plus that thing about not getting needlessly upset. I’ve been dissecting their tacts here and there. I’m aware enough of the past and what went down, under our noses, you don’t want me going into another rant about the history of Democratic Party’s parade of profound impactful failures over the years.

I’m on your side.

Trust me, take a peek. I’ll let one of your other buddies be the spoiler.

Mriana, the secret is that the t rump campaign forgot to buy the domain name “keepamericagreat.com”.

Someone more truthful paid for the site name and they have posted a more realistic version of the t rump’s accomplishments, there.

That reminds me. I need to by the site name “Make America Great Again, Again.”

Yes, I read an article about the site tonight and followed the link. Biden bought it to tell the people how bad the dotard really is and I think it’s great. Nothing to jump up and down about though. That said, the dotard’s campaign site is dangerous in that if you click the wrong link on their site, it somehow forces you to donate to the campaign (malware? spyware? Some sort of privacy invading ware? Who knows). I’m not taking any chances with the dotard’s actually campaign site, but I did take a chance on Biden’s site.