Trump is creating an actual "Deep State"

He is getting rid of the non-partisan bureaucrats in the govt, wherever he can, and is replacing them with persons who are obsequious T rump puppets. He has appointed 25% of ALL of the circuit court judges in the USA. 25% already!

Even if T rump loses the Presidency soon, I think there will be a Trumpian deep state around for awhile.

The “Deep State” is a societal phenomenon. It exists in every society, not just America. It’s just that we believe we are special and play by the rules. By “we”, I mean the folks who still think they live in the greatest nation on earth. Elsewhere, in other countries, people accept and put up with corruption. Self-deception is basis of our national pride. Every deck is stacked, not just in Congress, the Supreme Court and every federal agency. You can’t even trust your parents to do the right thing anymore.

Sree, The emergence of the concept of the “Deep State” is a Trumpian fabrication. We have a govt, that has developed many career non-partisan bureaucrats. T rump uses his perpetual ploy of psychological projection of his own criminal tendencies on to his opponents, as a preface for creating the evil that he has accused others of. T rump considers anyone who is not an obsequious loyal puppet of his as being a member of the “Deep State”.

Another ploy of the deceivers is to suggest that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE is equally corrupt. So as to discourage anyone to stand against corruption. That is another particularly evil tactic. It works well on the young, however. I notice young people consistently falling for FALSE EQUIVALENCIES. You had better get in gear and realize that even if everyone is not trustworthy, there are degrees of trustworthiness. (Would you have Mother Teresa babysit your children or Jeffrey Dahmer?)

The Republicans, now they are Trumpublicans, are the party of corruption. Oh, the Dems are corrupt, too, you say? Even Mother Teresa probably did something bad in her life. But she was no Jeffrey Dahmer.

Other countries that have given in completely to corruption are much worse off than those who resist.

False equivalencies are LIES that benefit the corrupt. If you don’t resist those lies, you are supporting more corruption rather than less.

Trump is a product of the American people. Don’t you think we, the people, are responsible for everyone we put in place to run our government? Aren’t the checks and balances we have in place good enough to keep the country on an even keel? As citizens, we can only play our part within the political structure in accordance with the rules. Ok, Trump is the bad guy. I get that. We can fire him and throw him out of office in the next election. Is that good enough for you and me?

T rump is a product of the American people AND Putin. T rump is not an artist of the Deal. He is a con man, who was always given money and has always skirted the law to get more money. His experience in skirting the law, has served him well in his quest to become Dictator. He has inexorably undermined the checks and balances of our government. Our forefathers knew that our system of govt could be threatened someday by a person such as T rump, but it may be that their fantastically formed system of checks and balances have been outmatched by the T rump. T rump has declared multiple times that he can do whatever he wants. He is already, at the point where he is ABOVE THE LAW, and is arriving at the point where his POWER cannot be successfully challenged.

He will soon be judged by the Senate to have no unwanted consequences from with holding military aid to our ally who is in danger of being over-run by Russia, in order to get that ally to announce bogus investigations into T rump’s political opponents. So T rump can continue to do this, and virtually any other corrupt action needed to insure he wins the next election. He cannot be indicted for any crime, because his Dept of Injustice says so. He cannot be removed from office by impeachment for any crime, because the Trumpublicans control the Senate. He is putting his own “deep state” puppet justices in to the Federal Court systems at a never before seen rate. So more and more, the Court system will also fail as a check and balance.

We are unlikely to have a free and fair election in 2020. T rump is not prone to “playing by the rules”.

Thanks Tim, someone needs to keep up the good fight.

Sree, “even keel” is something we are not even close to.

I recommend this for everyone’s political library. This is an excellent source of unbiased information on prominent polital figures.

And informationon the current POTUS

It’s so encouraging to hear so many clear, well considered objections to the many abuses and perfidious lies emanating from Donald trump. TimB and others are accurately describing this lamentable and dangerous state of present confusion. There is one tiny bright spot in this pathetic national tragedy for those motivated by self interest. That is; I advise people to buy up all the red MAGA hats they can, keep them hidden for a few years and then cash in because they’ll be so rare in five or ten years it will be impossible to find one. The reason is all those gullible fools who were dumb enough to actually pay money for them and even more incredibly wear them on their heads proclaiming to the world how utterly gullible and uninformed they were to support such an absolute fraud, such an inveterate liar and crass opportunist of the worst sort, that they will try by any means to hide or destroy the evidence of how stupid they were to support such an impostor. MAGA hats will be so scarce that just one of these pathetic symbols of ignorance will be priceless. Think about it. It could be a sure means for paying for your grandchildren’s college expenses.

I hope you’re right, Genus. But I can’t bring myself to purchase one of those perfidious totems, even as a windfall investment opportunity.