Why does the Republican Party Love Vladimir Putin So Much?

"Can we get a round of applause for Russia!" say’s America’s Republican Party.

That is what America’s once Grand Ol Party has been reduced to.
For example, FOX media’s wingnut cheerleader Tucker Idiot Traitor (~00:58) asks:

Seriously, what is going on? Why (should) I hate Putin so much?
Has Putin ever called me a racist?

Well, how about Putin invading a sovereign country and blasting the hell out of its people, infrastructure, economy and humanity.
How about Putin threatening to start pulling the trigger on his nuclear weapons?
How about destabilizing the world, in a time when cooperation and coordination is more essential than ever.

The problem Tucker Carlson is that, just like you and FOX network, Putin has simply drank too much Trump Koolaid and has lost all sense of reality and now Putin believes his fabricated press clipping and trump endless fawning bromance and has convinced himself that he’s God now.

Oh and speaking of drinking too much of the Trump Koolaid

MSNBC Contributor Charlie Sykes and Washington Post columnist Max Boot join Jonathan Capehart to break down the GOP’s ongoing embrace of authoritarianism, and how a new faction of Russophiles spurred by Trump’s constant praise of Putin is causing new problems for the Republican Party (Feb 27, 2022)

As for Carlson whining about being referred to as a racist by some - why not?
Racist is as Racist does.

… This account of Carlson’s years-long focus on racial grievance, and his rise to the top of the conservative media ecosystem, is based on a review of his books, broadcasts and writings over nearly three decades, as well as interviews with current and former associates, subjects of his on-air attacks and others who have observed his career. …

What emerges is a portrait of an ambitious television personality who came of age in privilege — having grown up in an upper-class enclave and attended private schools — but who, by his own telling, is a victim.

Carlson, in his writings and commentaries, has described resentment toward liberals as far back as the first grade. He has frequently ridiculed the notion that America should celebrate diversity and has lashed out repeatedly at the idea that he, as a White person, bears any responsibility for racism against Black people. …

Really. Words don’t mean anything in DC. Follow the money. Why is it that Sen. Roger Marshall just introduced a bill today to stop Biden from buying Russian oil. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said it is unclear if the Biden administration will target Russian oil imports to America. You tell me why Biden just keeps sending Putin money?

Mike, so tell us how much oil is President Biden buying from Russia???

I notice that you always seem to try to twist the facts, into a dishonest portrait. Why do you hold honesty in such contempt? Or is that simply how Republicans gotta play it these days?

In a Monday press conference, White House press secretary Jen Psaki noted that decisions to import oil are made by the private sector.
“The U.S. government doesn’t dictate where the U.S. market sells our own oil and gas products nor where it acquires crude or refined products from for domestic consumption. This is all up to the private sector, other than exceptions like countries under sanctions,” she said.

Okay, now how about you telling us how much money Biden has been Sending to Putin?

Here’s another proud Republican showing us how patriotic and honest he is:

I do find it interesting that party who helped with blacklisting actors in hollywood, putting people on trial for Communism, causing the Red Scare, and had the saying “better dead than Red” supporting Putin. However, I really don’t think all Repugs are supporting Putin. I think it is just a few crazy Repugs supporting him.

You mean like the crazy few controlling the Republican Party?

Yes, those crazy loons.

Why, you can not answer the question I ask you?
Let me try again.
" You tell me why Biden just keeps sending Putin money?"
Is the question to hard? What’s your problem? Trying to figure out a way to blame Biden’s lack of leadership on Trump again. It just keeps getting harder for you, doesn’t it.

I think what CC is saying is, there aren’t barrels of oil piled up in the White House basement somewhere. A President can sanction a country, and change the rules of free enterprise, but he never “buys” oil from a foreign leader.

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As the Western world unites against Russia, Donald Trump and some U.S. conservative leaders are still praising Vladimir Putin.
MSNBC’s Ari Melber interviews Obama veteran Chai Komanduri about the GOP’s shift toward Putin, which predates Trump and involves several intersecting dynamics from authoritarianism and governing “style” to domestic conservatism, ethnonationalism, and petro-politics."

Capitalists are fine with “free trade” until some Oligarchs start shooting at people who look like them, then they cry to the socialists that they aren’t being socialist enough, that they need to start regulating and shutting down trade.

Mike, this is still a question you should answer. Although the correct phrasing should be, “How much Russian oil is the US importing, as a percentage of total imports?”


MARCH 3, 2022
With Trump we did not need to import. We were an export nation.
Trump filled the strategic oil reserves to the maximum capacity. Biden is lowering the reserves.
Blinken says ‘no strategic interest’ in Russia energy sanctions.
U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, US labor secretary says more domestic drilling has never been on table. Says the U.S. must continue to work on our energy plans.
“It can be painful in some sectors and some fields, but we have to transition into clean energy,” Walsh added.

In a series of orders aimed at combating climate change, President Biden temporarily suspended the issuance of oil and gas permits on federal lands and waters and canceled the Keystone XL oil pipeline project.

The consumer price index climbed 7.5% from a year earlier following a 7% annual gain in December, according to Labor Department data released Thursday.

Excluding the volatile food and energy components, so-called core prices increased 6% from a year ago, also the most since 1982, and 0.6% from a month earlier.

Not true. Much of the rest relies on this.

Also, you’re blissfully unaware of how the fossil fuel economy works, and how it is coming to a painful end, due to lack of planning by all of the oligarchs

He’s not sending anything to Russia right now. He is sending military equipment to the Ukraine, like other countries are.

Actually, the dotard fought the Native Americans concerning the pipeline. That pipeline was suppose to go through Native lands and they’ve been fighting it, even going to jail in the process of fighting it. Standing Rock is one of these tribal protests. This is sacred ground and not meant to be destroyed by a lame pipeline that destroys the environment and the water. This leads us to the Water Protectors, who also fight against the pipeline. Before you go blaming President Biden concerning the pipeline and all, please look into the tribal fight against it up there. They fought the dotard tooth and nail, with the dotard killing some of them (or rather ordered it), not just jailing them. The orange creature you support has people murdered, whether you know it or not or want to face that fact.

Now you might not think much of Standing Rock, Water Protectors, and sacred ground, but to shove the pipeline through Tribal land is a treaty violation. Then again, maybe the White man’s words and treaties still mean squat and should not be trusted. Therefore the battles continue.

Some info on the Water Protectors- water is life, for all our relations.


More about Mother Earth:


Which also leads to more on the N.A. fight against the pipelines, which also involves rice: The Rights of Nature - Honor The Earth

Lastly, it also deals with human rights and religious freedom or freedom from religion (freedom from the White man’s religion):

All of these things have a lot to do with why we not only need to stop the pipelines and goes to solar, wind, and water energy, but it’s also why President Biden is respecting the Native Americans and stopping the pipeland on and in N.A. lands.

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That was not all Federal land. The government has been trying to steal Tribal lands, established by treaty and the N.A.s are fighting back.

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Oil imports and exports

*The United States became a net annual petroleum exporter in 2020 *

In 2020, the United States exported about 8.51 MMb/d and imported about 7.86 MMb/d of petroleum
1, making the United States a net annual petroleum exporter for the first time since at least 1949. Also in 2020, the United States produced
2, about 18.40 million barrels per day (MMb/d) of petroleum,
3,and consumed about 18.12 MMb/d.

America still imports oil. Then refines the oil. Then exports the oil. Sometimes back to the country it came from. This is because there are different types of oils, and some countries are not setup to refine oil. Under Trump we exported more oil than we imported. And we filled up our reserves.

Today gas rose over eleven cents a gallon in some parts of California. Now please show me how blissfully unaware I am of how fossil fuels work. This should be a good debate. We have a fuel driven economy. When fuel goes up, so does everything else. Not hard to figure out why.

Over 90 % of US semiconductor-grade neon provides come from Ukraine, whereas 35 % of US palladium is sourced from Russia.

The last time Russia invaded Ukraine, in 2014, the price of neon shot up 600%, almost overnight, causing havoc in the semiconductor industry. Since then, chipmakers have tried to diversify the countries from which they purchase the gas. But Ukraine remains a key supplier.

By all means, lets force our people to switch to robot cars while the main source of rare earth to make the cars are going to be under Russia’s control. In eight years, we have not been able to fill the supply. So, lets lock our next generation into a pathway of hyperinflation.

How much oil does the u. s. import from Russia daily?

The U.S. imports 670,000 barrels of crude oil and petroleum products each day from Russia, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which only accounts for 5% of its crude imports. 2 days ago

Prove anything that you claim is true.

Which we don’t need. We do need wind, solar, and water renewable resources.

Prove it’s not sacred ground and the N.A.'s people are not buried there and I’ll show you facts about Wounded Knee. I also showed you the Water Protectors and other things in those links I showed. I can also find you news articles about it too, but then again, I guess you don’t like anyone who isn’t a pale face, so you’re not going to believe anything that supports the N.A., instead of your adored orange person.

I did miss that energy report, but missed the more obvious strategy of the Republicans. The trend started in 2005. And the report states, the link you pointed me to, the thing you didn’t read, but only listened to the people who showed you a number then took credit, that

“In fact, the EIA has been forecasting that the U.S. would import more petroleum than it exports in 2021 and 2022 ever since April 2020 — in its first monthly forecast to consider the expected economic effects of the U.S. COVID-19 response measures announced in March of that year (and long before Trump left office).”

The report makes no mention of policies of either President causing this.

This is your most out of whack with reality statement. As always, I don’t know where to start with bridging our differences of understanding how the economy works. “It’s a global economy” might be the main thing you are missing. Semiconductors are everywhere, not just cars, and no single country can make them alone. And could one powerful country defend itself against another without them? That means educating their children, innovating, keeping food costs low, and water drinkable, along with all the cool things you do with semiconductors.

The same goes for oil. Once it was discovered, nations raced to implement it in their war machines, again “war” being defined broadly as what you do with your ships as well as on the home front. If one country decided to slow that progress down, and build sustainably, it would also have to keep it’s defense budget low. It’s pretty predictable what would have happened.

The thing that’s harder to predict, is what would have happened if enough people worked on sharing technology with the least developed areas, without a profit motive. I don’t know if we could create a world where everyone is fed and can sleep peacefully at night, but I know we haven’t really tried.

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