Why does the Republican Party Love Vladimir Putin So Much?

It’s hard to know where to start with this one. What exactly are you refuting? The timeline of events is thoroughly documented. The sacredness of something isn’t something you can “prove”. I drive over Line 3 all the time in my daily business. I know “Water Protectors” personally and I know Natives who are happy to have the jobs they have working on it.

Refutation isn’t Mike’s thing.
Confusion is his object and goal.

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It doesn’t surprise me that today people who were leading “first world lives” last month are now refugees on borders, holding all of their possessions. What surprises me, every day, is that I have food in my cupboard and a warm bed waiting for me. It surprises me that I was taught to call living like humans have lived for thousands of years, “The Third World”, to call the ones who create toxic waste sites and missile silos the “developed” world.

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I was taught to call living like humans have lived for thousands of years, “The Third World”, to call the ones who create toxic waste sites and missile silos the “developed” world.

Or as Roger Waters once said (sang)

… You wake up in the morning, get something for the pot
Wonder why the sun makes the rocks feel hot
Draw on the walls, eat, get laid
Back in the good old days

… Then some damn fool invents the wheel
Listen to the whitewalls squeal
You spend all day looking for a parking spot
Nothing for the heart, nothing for the pot

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They do?

GOP seems eager for war with Russia. By contrast Tucker Carlson is restrained in his views and is correct in thinking that Putin doesn’t really concern us.

Well, sometimes it is better to stop some wrongdoer before it get really bad.

If Hitler had been stopped at the time of Anschluss, millions of dead would have been prevented.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

[First they came ... - Wikipedia…]


Yes, the usual X will kill us all speech. Good way to sell war to the population.

Fortunately, Putin is not killing anybody except Ukrainians. Which is why Americans don’t need to get involved.

A good way of putting it, that I heard recently, this thing in Ukraine is showing us that the world is not a giant game of “Risk”. I think Putin sees it that way, that he can grab that land, control the resources, and make himself more powerful. It’s good that we don’t see that kind of crazy as much anymore. He has no retirement plan. Eventually he will get weaker and he will be replaced with the kind of oligarch/conglomerates that are in power in the rest of the world, the kind that aren’t so obvious with how they kill people and take their wealth.

He also believes he can bully the whole world into allowing him to take whatever he wants by threatening everyone with nuclear war or whatever and calling everything everyone else does and act of war, when he is the one who committed the act of war. Everything is everyone else’s fault, not his, which makes him a psychopath. He needs to be stopped, but the only ones who can stop him are those closest to him, yet sit 6 feet away from him at the table. They are afraid of even each other, because if one pulls a weapon on Putin, they will die too. If anyone does anything to stop him, the other may harm them. It’s a no win situation when everyone near him are afraid to stop him and fear not only him, but each other.

Putin isn’t bullying anybody besides Ukrainians.

I don’t believe Putin is that kind of “strongman” leader. He is well connected to those oligarchs and conglomerates. But, this invasion does seem to be a bad PR move.

Do you know what a nuke is, @thatoneguy?

Putin never said he would start a nuclear war.

By putting his nuclear weapons on alert, he threatens.

What must be understood is that Putin is using the strategy of the madman telling us "give me what i want, or i am able to break everything and there is nothing you can do to prevent me. "

Otherwise, he is a sadistic man, using any way to terrorize people.

He uses in Ukraine same strategies and tactics he used in Grozny or in Syria.

[What the Syria war tells us about Russia's use of humanitarian corridors : NPR]

In fact, he wants to integrate Ukraine in Russia and does not hesitate to practice population cleansing.


Nuclear war has very little strategy. Simply having them and being willing to use them, is the primary one. Building bigger ones was the strategy for decades. You don’t announce the exact circumstances that will lead to a strike, that would defeat the purpose. Once one side launches, the war is over in a matter of hours.

My opinion, there should be about ten or twenty of these in the world, spread out, with most of them only one per country. The treaties for them should constantly reviewed and tightly enforced. Regular inspections

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No, he is bullying the world by saying anything we do to help the Ukrainians will be considered an act of war and we will see retaliation like we’ve never seen before. So he is bullying the world.

He did when he threatened the world and put the nukes on alert. The rest doesn’t need to be repeated because morgankane01 said it. He is a sociopath and will do anything to get his way, even if it means blowing up the world and no one gets their way.

Your naivety is astounding, but then you come from the Ayn Rand, me, me, me and nothing else exists, school of thought, . . . Don’t you?

Everything is a simple as a sound bite, no room for nuance, no room for recognizing how connected and interdependent we (frail, egotistical, insecure & vindictive humans) are on each other in this global economy, that society has spent the past century creating.

No one wants to believe Putin would use nuclear weapons, because it would damage his country.
Well, no one really wanted to imagine (I’m one of them) that Putin would be so vicious, reckless and self-destructive as to start a modern war with Ukraine because of how destructive that would be to his own people (if not for any one of a dozen other reasons) and country.

Power corrupts, ultimate power drives the already too powerful-corrupt into insanity, where Putin’s mind has definitely drifted these days. Like Putin, I fear you too drank too much of Trumpkin’s Koolaid and now you can’t think yourself through a wet paper bag. We are an interconnected interdependent global society,

I don’t know about Ukraine and am overwhelmed by hopelessness, since all roads seem to head towards more future hell for all of us. Here’s someone who’s much closer and at least when I listen to him, he makes sense, something you are not doing.

Ali Velshi looks at how Donald Trump’s personal abuse of the U.S. relationship with Ukraine contributed to Ukraine’s vulnerability to Russian aggression, and talks with Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (ret.), formerly a Ukraine expert on the National Security Council who testified in Donald Trump’s first impeachment.

Isn’t treason a hanging offense?

I remember how trump liked taking acting lessons from old Benito Mussolini films.
Why trump would idealize Mussolini, is anyone’s guess, considering what a great historical warning the il Duche already provided the idiot trump.
But, that important historical lesson was totally missed on the Great Orange One and his beguiled Know-Nothing fans.

Mind you many of those people unleashing their rage against a carcass, were worshipping the Il Duche a couple years earlier - I wonder how it will go for trump, when his adoring fans, realize they’ve been ruthlessly played as fools, and absolutely betrayed by someone they believed more than God Almighty itself.

The way I figure it, all he needs is 4 nukes, 5 at most, targeting N. America, S. America, Africa, and Europe to destroy the world or actually life on Earth. The fifth would be Australia or Japan or anywhere out there, if he felt like it, but the fallout from Europe could get his country and cause deaths there before he shot off the fifth one. The first two would probably hit in the middle of the U.S. (McDonald Douglas, maybe) and the second in the middle of Europe somewhere. I don’t know if he’d get a chance to shoot off 3-5, actually. Just 2 could do it, if he has the theoretical super Tsar nuke.