Who here has been in a relationship with a transgender?

People here seem to be relatively open to the idea, so if the person you thought had been a girl (or vice versa) ended up being a boy, would you still be in a relationship with them.? Would you go so far as to marry them?

One niece was wed to a man, and they were parents of 2 children.

The man was a teacher and was subjected as a trauma while teaching. He decided to trans. Now he is fully a woman with breast, women looks and so, except that he has kept his penis.

The couple has divorced but they are still friends, and both take care of the children. The children accepted everything, up to the point when she asked them to call her mom.

We still see and receive her, without any problem. She is a fine woman.

I am a table top role player and I have played for more than one yer with a trans, without any problem.

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How did you meet, and was your partner then already trans?

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