White, faceless figure sighting.. Dissapeared!


Let’s start with the background. I live in Australia, I’m a night owl & gamer.

Periodically I will head out to my backyard for a cigarette, between games with my friends- and this is usually around 12am-3am… There is an alley way that runs alongside the house, easy to see through mostly, as there are gaps between the fence pailings.

So I headed out to the usual spot, sparked the ciggo and looked up. Something caught my eye, in the corner of yard, where the alley way fence meets the backyard gate.

The best I can describe it, was a purely white, somewhat unnatural, round thing peeking over the fence from the alley corner. It was featureless and only stayed for a second before disappearing downward as if to duck on the other side of the fence.

After a few moments of trying to decide what it was (shitting myself) and audibly calling out the thing (oi c#@$) I grabbed the chair and put it over near the fence, turned my phone camera on and took a look. Nothing. No sound, no movement.

Now the most logical theory I have is that it was just a white cat, who got spooked and jumped down. But the shape never changed it merely moved downward, and I would have thought that a cat moving away would be clearly noticeable. Also it seemed to be on the otherside of the fence rather than sitting ontop of it.

I really don’t know. Has anyone else had an experience with some sort of white, featureless creepo?

Thank you! ?


“Some sort of white featureless creepo”? Do you mean Vice President Pence?

In America we used to have this show called “Scooby Doo”. It was a talking cartoon dog, but that’s beside the point. Every week Scooby and the gang would pile into a van they dubbed “The Mystery Machine” to solve this mystery or that. And every week the would run into a ghoul, or a ghost, or a monster of some sort. But in the end, it was a man in a mask. It was always a man in a mask.

Mike Pence in a creepy white mask? How redundant.