Alien Entity

Could somebody help me out with this video. Me and a friend was doing a quick paranormal investigation of a church when I caught what looks like some kind of entity. Has anyone seen something like this. And no its not a flashlight.

Why are you wondering around in the dark?

It looks like a reflection on the lens to me. Something I have seen before.

These paranormal “investigations” just amuse the hell out of me. First, we psych ourselves out on the trip there speculating on the wondrous things we might see. Then we turn of all the lights and stumble around in the dark in an unfamiliar place, making sure that the lights stay low so we don’t collect too much actual “data”. When things get good and spooky we might get lucky and have “an experience”. Unfortunately we never seem to collect enough “data” to definitively say one way or another what it was, even after taking videos and pictures in near total darkness with consumer grade cameras, waving IR thermometers around like they’re magic wants AND recording “EVPs” with adequate background white noise added in to contaminate the data give the ghosts something to draw on. I mean, we’re doing “science” just as hard as we can and we still can’t convince those unreasonable picky scientists that it really was really, really spooky!

Then we turn of all the lights and stumble around in the dark -- W
Up here, we have Bigfoot. There's some cable show that has come around a couple times. It's amazing how many it brings out. Most people have a "class 2" story, where they heard something far off, or were in the area when someone else said they saw something. A class 1 encounter is not even seeing something and definitely gathering evidence. If you say, hear a bear, and run, but you want to believe it's Bigfoot, that's an encounter with Bigfoot.

I heard a comedian once say something both amusing and terrifying about Bigfoot once. Or maybe it was a smartass comment on a forum. I really don’t remember, but I’ll paraphrase it.

Did you ever stop and thing why all of the pictures and video of Bigfoot are blurry? Is it possible that Bigfoot is just naturally out of focus? This thought is especially terrifying to me.

I have been watching some Star Wars movies, recently. It occurred to me that Bigfoot, may be a descendant species of Wookies.

Alien seeding of our planet by Wookies! Genius!!!