Can you see a rock in the wall? What is it really?

After all my recent discussions about philosophy you hit me with this? I thought you liked me, Tim!

Mouse’s hind end?

praying no doubt

Sometimes, a rock is just a rock

good clue Lausten

It’s a trick question. That is a stone, not a rock. Stones are rocks with a purpose.

This critical stone is obviously keeping the wall from collapsing. Or else it’s a mouse or something that’s not a mouse or stone.

So my final answer is stone or mouse or something else.


That’s right, 3point, it is something else. (not a stone or mouse tho)

When you see it for what it is, it is hard to un-see it. But it is unusually difficult to see it for what it is, until you do.

“That’s right, 3point”

Right, yet again!

Ah, you tricked me! I see it now.

You aren’t just saying that?



∏, Love the kid’s attitude, but I’m sure it’s not a poop. so that hint didn’t help me. :wink:

If it’s not a toy hippo it has to be a moldy dog turd. There are no other objects on the planet that look like that.

No, no, I see it. It’s a thing…that’s not a rock. I’d tell you but I don’t want to spoil it. We have them in Iowa. In my yard, sometimes.

I’m pretty sure I’m right and you’re just pretending I’m not so as to not ruin the fun for everyone else.

No, no, I wouldn’t do that to you.

Okay I think Widdershins has seen it, and probably Lausten, also.

There was a note by the person that posted this illusion picture, that said something like, I stared at this for 2 days and was going nuts, but then I saw it, and can’t unsee it.

another hint: Consider the hint that Lausten gave, now think what he would have said, instead, were he Sigmund Freud.

Oh Lordie, the picture wasn’t enough, now it’s with the riddles.

Well, Maddy is begging for another walk, guess I’ll have a chance to meditate on it.



Widdershins, shhhhh, show no mercy.

After returning and looking at it with newly sensitized eyes, I started again. Zip. Side ways and upside down,

I showed it to my wife, what did she do, googled it, then I saw.

Tunnel vision I suffer from. I like the Freud hint, though I’d add another name, but that would make it too easy.


Good night.

Ah. Many roads to knowledge.

Now may you sleep a good sleep.