Strange Flying Object

I have been searching trying to figure out what a strange flying object I witnessed might be with no luck. I was outside in the middle of the night standing in my driveway smoking. I looked towards the back of my house and a bluish-white light of a rod-shaped object about 4 inches long came flying by. It passed about a foot over my head making no sound. I watched it fly down my driveway across the street and maneuver around the side of my neighbors house out of sight as if someone was steering it. It wasn’t a bug because the bluish-white light retained its brightness throughout the entire flight. I’ve always wondered what it was and if it was some alien craft. I’m hoping someone has an idea.

Were there any drugs involved?

None at all other than nicotine from my cigarette lol.

A neighbor’s drone perhaps?

I thought about that but if it was a drone who would be flying it past midnight? It also was smart enough to fly around the side of the house about 10 feet off the ground, bypass my husband’s work trailer and zip around my neighbor’s side of the house making sharp angles. It wasn’t flying that high into the air maybe 10 feet and it was traveling relatively fast. Its shape looked small and tubular with a bluish-white light. I thought drones were larger but then, I’m no expert.


Keep your phone with you and be ready to record. Good luck.

It is not occurring to me, why someone would be operating a drone that glows at night, except for fun.

Any grown kids in your area who might have access to such a high tech drone toy?

My thoughts exactly. I’m no drone expert but this definitely didn’t seem like a drone in my opinion. The low flight pattern it took was too complicated, its speed seemed too fast, it was so small and where I live makes it a bit more difficult for a drone. No kids and you’d have to be a flying expert to miss everything it did. Oh well, I guess it’s just a mystery in my life lol.

I suppose they can make drones that pilot themselves to some extent, nowadays.

But otherwise, could it have been some sort of luminescent flying organism?

Perhaps there are some high tech drones that are that small, tubular and wingless. The light didn’t seem like it could be a bug. It was so close to me flying by and the bluish-white light kept the same intensity as I watched it fly about 60 yards across to the neighbor’s house and disappear. It made no sound at all. Who knows I guess it will remain a mystery.

C’mon. Didn’t you read Nancy Drew stories as a girl?

A mystery is just a neon sign that flashes “Figure me out!”.

If you didn’t gather enough information to figure it out yourself then I don’t know what you think I can do with your second hand account. If you’re thinking it’s something “otherworldly”, though, all UFOs ever spotted fall into exactly 2 categories. Those categories are “identified as something mundane” or “still unknown”. The fact that it’s a true dichotomy is very telling.

Actually, there is a differentiation between UFO reports and UFOs per se, and both have more than 2 categories. Using the Hynek/Vallee system, UFO reports can fall into one of 20 categories. UFOs per se, can fall into a variety of categories based largely on shape, the most common being spheres, disks, triangles, and cylinders.

@joyce Strange things happen whether they make sense to skeptics or not. You experienced something like that, and there are many others who have experienced similar things, including myself. If we are to attempt to be objective about such experiences, then it would be unfair to offhandedly dismiss possible explanations that fit the description of the experience. What you saw could have been some as of yet unidentified species of glowing insect, maybe a large luminous dragonfly, or one that got a luminous coating on it somehow. I ran across one UFO report that turned out to be an owl that had gotten covered in some sort of substance that made it glow. Or it could have been some prototype mini-drone developed by ( who knows ). Lastly, as much as the skeptics roll their eyes, it could have even been some kind of mini alien probe. Whatever the case, cool story. Thanks for sharing.

Lastly, as much as the skeptics roll their eyes, it could have even been some kind of mini alien probe.
Just in case, make sure you have pants on if you see it again. (You know how aliens seem to have a penchant for anal probing.) But at least it is small so it shouldn't be too uncomfortable, if you are so unlucky.

Thanks for the reply. Having never seen anything like this, I’ve spent the last couple of years off and on trying to explain what I saw. I always thought drones made a noise and this was completely silent. Perhaps, it’s a new bug but it didn’t seem like a bug. I only posted to see if someone else had ever seen something like this. Oh well, I guess it’s a mystery I’ll probably never figure out. If it wasn’t so strange I’d never posted because I know some people will think I’m just being a kook lol. :wink:

I’ll keep that in mind if I ever see it again. Protection is key!

It is sad that the UFOs in the past are not the same as one’s witnessed today.

Back in the 1960s anyone seeing a UFO would make it in a newspaper.


Today, anything can be faked or misreported…as someone said: “Were there any drones about?”

Back then there were no drones or mobile cameras but film cameras.

Now we have YouTube and that really is a turn off.

A UFO sighting back in 1960 would be worth 1000 different sightings today.

Our skies are filled with everything from drones, lanterns and kites to even make anyone bat an eyelid.

I agree on it’s not like it used to be with all the technology we now have. However, if I hadn’t been so close to it I almost could have reached up and touched it, its total silence and strange bluish-white light, I wouldn’t question what I saw. It was moving so fast though I wouldn’t have been quick enough to touch it. I still feel about 95 percent positive it was no drone and definitely not a bug. It’s just an unsolvable mystery IMHO.