Which form would take a civil war in USA?

I just give the conclusion:

So where would the shooting start? Everywhere. There are no battle lines here. An American Civil War would be the worst kind of fighting imaginable. House to house, street by street, neighbors killing neighbors in the name of whatever vicious, violent, and xenophobic ideology they subscribe to.

Some imagine that it would be an action movie. Far from it; it would be a horror show.


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I agree… :thinking:

It would most likely start wherever less educated, republican white rural men choose to start it.


And yes, that would probably be everywhere. BTW, the most powerful weapon in war is hate, which is why many are concerned about a trump loss. Of course most reasonable people are concerned about a trump victory. Sad state of affairs.

So if we are not changing minds,
we are losing.

At this point, I don’t see much mind changing. Those who still believe trump is the best choice for POTUS will likely never change. I just hope the numbers aren’t as bad as some polls suggest. We will soon (Nov) see what this country is made of.

So November perhaps we see a big blow out.
The unorganized fantasy believing wild boys will ejaculate with a fit of violence.

The Federal authority will either let it be and go along?
Or will stomp it out with a sludge hammer efficiency, where ever it pops up?
Do these fantasy fed fanatics have what it takes to sustain a coordinated effort?
Given real blood and a real body count, how long do you think the trumpkins will stand firm?

What happens when the most of them recognize and digest the fact that Mr Donald Trump New York’s ugliest of Ugly Americans - took them for a ride and never gave a damned about them to begin with?

Being a German/American I know of one nation and group of people whose general outlook on life and community and others, has gone through whip-lash changes. Every way the wind blows.

Oh yeah, then the specter of all the Black Swans starting to gather on our roof tops. Our priorities can change overnight, when it hits home.

But, to handle those hard times, will require humans who possess some real mettle, who know themselves and have a sober outlook on priorities, scientific realities and history. Then we will be left dealing with the cards our passions and the wild weather dishes out.

How much worse than January 6th does it have to get before that happens?

Slavery was declared unconstitutional in 1863. It took 100 years for the violence to be addressed with the Civil Rights Act. There was a build-up of armaments around the world at the end of the 19th century. Weapons rarely get made and not used, so we had two World Wars. People hired to do the killing eventually get tired of killing each other so now we have “conflicts” and “military actions” so the work is broken up, doesn’t seem so bad. But we also have other build-ups happening, both in the silos, and in the basements.

My prediction; it will continue to be “those other people” committing the violence. It won’t be white males who blame brown people for their problems, they will be called mentally ill. It won’t be corrupt governments, they will be called “militia”. It won’t be the police, they will be called “rogue officers”. People will report violence and missing persons, and they just won’t be able to find them.

This thread was 7 years ago. The same question still remains

That’s a non-sequitur.

No one made any grand prediction about human nature changing.

This was simply pointing out the odds are that Federal forces probably won’t put up with punks trying to tell them who’s in charge.

This is 2024, not the nice wide open cornucopia of promise America was in 1860s
and so on. We’re here today stuck with messes that can’t be wished away, though wishing seems the only way we function anymore. Onward to Mars and beyond.

It’s not like those nice pacifist and liberal Germans, are all that different from their grandparents. Simply under a different spell.

There’s not going to be a civil war anytime soon.

In the future when the country is much more diverse and government breaks down, outbreaks of violence will be more common – think Latin America – but the idea that Trump is going to unleash Right Wing death squads is just a paranoid liberal fantasy.

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I agree with you. The backyard militias aren’t the real danger, unless they are in your neighborhood.

The real problem is the billionaires and their sociopathic manipulation.

That’s who’s really been cutting America’s throat and ruining the future. Them and their long game hostile take-over bid, which keeps getting closer to fruition.

Billionaires are in the pockets of both trump and biden. Hedging their bets

I think you meant they have Trump and Biden under their thumbs, or something like that.

All billionaires use government funds when they can. Regardless of party.

Speaking of wanting to fabricate a civil war,

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