What is up with Richard Dawkins and the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights?

Richard Dawkins signed the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights. That seems a rather anti-trans women. Doesn’t the science say that gender identity is not necessarily based on one’s XY / XX genetics?

I’m not doubting your statements, but please show me the science on this? I have yet to read this science you speak of and wish to read it… as long as it’s not pseudoscience.

The word genre has two meanings :slight_smile:

-genetic sex 99% of people are born with a fixed genre.
-a set of behaviors and feelings one excepts from a person born in a determinate sex. µIt is a social construct.

One must distinguish:

  • genetic sex
  • genre
  • sexual orientation
  • psychological sex, as one can be born with a genetic sex and feels one belongs to the other sex.

More and more people are gender fluid and it is their right.

but, about the last case, science admits it.

Up to recent years such a person underwent therapy and surgery to get a body in accordance with one psychological sex. But nowadays, more and more people claim to belong to the other sex, and don’t want body changes. Nevertheless, they claim their right to be treated as full women in every cases.

And this creates problems:

  • some born women claim that as they are not women , born men are not entitled to be treated as born women
  • some psychological transgenre go to extremes. For instance, in a women group, they protested because the born women wanted to exchange about their monthlies, claiming that it was a way to exclude them.

My opinion : i am trying to decide. I think that the debate is legitimate and that one must keep some serenity. May be the matter arise when some create rigid identities are set up, when extremists wnat to impose their views.

I want a real scientific article on this. I don’t care what people want to be or chose to be, but I really want to see actually science on this. Not pseudoscience, but real science. You telling me all this isn’t enough. I know what the younger generation says, but where’s the science?

Not easy for me to find references in English.

Is this science ?

[Stop Using Phony Science to Justify Transphobia - Scientific American Blog Network]

I know that you don’t like Wikipédia but the article gives references :slight_smile:


Wikipedia does not count as science and neither does a blog.

Given the way research works on the net, it is not easy for me to find references in English.

And Wikipedia, being science or not gives scientific references.

I can find links on Jstor but you will not be able to open them.

The article is well sourced. I don’t think you’re going to find a paper that is titled “sex is not just the X/Y chromosome”. I’m not even sure that the OP is here, since I don’t what the Declaration was either. You can talk about Women’s rights while still acknowledging gender fluidity.