War Drums in the Ukraine ...

What wars? Have you been reading that Russian Propaganda again?

Well, if you’re still on that bent: Wouldn’t that fall under Ukranian law?

So you’re not trying to imply that Shokin was removed because he was investigating corruption in a company that President Biden’s son worked for?

Because that is what all the wing-nuts “aren’t” saying.
I’ve had to call it out a few times to them.

Yes, my understanding is Shokin was investigating Burisma. He wasn’t doing it because of Hunter. It was for corruption before Hunter came aboard. After Biden left office as VP. Burisma cut Hunter’s compensation rate in half. Even after Hunter’s compensation was cut in half. Hunter was the highest paid person at Burisma. That is including all the other directors.

Yes, sub-soil law falls under the Laws of Ukraine and are regulated by the Constitution. The Sub-Soil Laws were to have total transparency. Ukraine just updated and fixed the Sub-Soil Laws in February 2020. The problem was the issuance of Special Permits by the President. Of all the leases only 10% were transparent. The other 90% were issued by the President in secrecy by that loophole.