War Drums in the Ukraine

What wars? Have you been reading that Russian Propaganda again?

Well, if you’re still on that bent: Wouldn’t that fall under Ukranian law?

So you’re not trying to imply that Shokin was removed because he was investigating corruption in a company that President Biden’s son worked for?

Because that is what all the wing-nuts “aren’t” saying.
I’ve had to call it out a few times to them.

Yes, my understanding is Shokin was investigating Burisma. He wasn’t doing it because of Hunter. It was for corruption before Hunter came aboard. After Biden left office as VP. Burisma cut Hunter’s compensation rate in half. Even after Hunter’s compensation was cut in half. Hunter was the highest paid person at Burisma. That is including all the other directors.

Yes, sub-soil law falls under the Laws of Ukraine and are regulated by the Constitution. The Sub-Soil Laws were to have total transparency. Ukraine just updated and fixed the Sub-Soil Laws in February 2020. The problem was the issuance of Special Permits by the President. Of all the leases only 10% were transparent. The other 90% were issued by the President in secrecy by that loophole.

Why not give the Presidents name? Your tactics are sure sign of a deceptive slimly character at work.

By Interfax-Ukraine.

Published March 30, 2018

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed a bill deregulating the license issue in the oil and gas production sphere.

According to a posting on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, the signed document was returned to the parliament on March 29.

The law permits the use of the servitude tool for the construction of oil and gas production facilities and pipelines (without changing the purpose of land use).

In addition, the need to obtain a patented mining claim is eliminated. Oil and gas production facilities are removed from the list of facilities of town-planning activity. The obligatory introduction of deposits to research, industrial and commercial development is canceled by the decision of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry. …

Incidentally, wasn’t that trump’s pal?


Court seizes Poroshenko’s assets in treason case

January 6, 2022 5:53 pm by Oleg Sukhov
… According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the court ruled to seize Poroshenko’s real estate, corporate rights and other assets.

In December several media outlets reported, citing the Prosecutor General’s Office, that prosecutors were seeking to arrest Poroshenko in the treason case and ask for Hr 1 billion ($37 million) bail.

Ukrinform, Ukrainska Pravda and other Ukrainian media also reported, citing anonymous sources, that Kyiv’s Pechersk District Court had approved prosecutors’ motion to detain Poroshenko and bring him to a court for an arrest hearing. …

Here’s the latest in this insane war that will do nothing but harm all parties involved, and uninvolved for that matter considering the razors edge we’ve put our society on top of.

Russia has accused Ukraine of conducting several attacks on border crossing points and other facilities inside the country.

Videos from the scene in Bryansk, corroborated by the news agency Storyful, showed giant plumes of smoke billowing from two separate fires, about a mile away from each other.

Aleksandr Bogomaz, the governor of Bryansk region, confirmedonly the fire at the civilian oil depot. The military facility with oil tanks next door was described by a local state-run job search website as a warehouse for missile and other fuel.

No injuries were reported, …, the Russian news agency Tass reported. Russian investigators launched an inquiry into the incident. …

Seems to me every time a superpower tries kicking the shit outta inferior peoples, the inferior peoples have a way of demonstrating they are not that inferior at all, as they proceed screwing the heck out the grand visions of the global club sociopathic masters of the universe.

This will not have a good ending - yet most Americans seem to think none of this matters, since they seem to have already jettisoned their respect for truth and appreciation for the need of honesty and people communicating with each other.

If there is a war in the Ukraine, how do they expect to drill there to get any oil? This makes no sense as to how the Ukraine drilling for oil is to help gas prices given the war there.

Berletic latest: Russian Encirclement Closes on Ukrainian Forces

Russian Encirclement Closes on Ukrainian Forces


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Oh my the more time is spent harder and harder the russian hit, their closer to hitting finland. Soon something is gonna happen north allt his is to distract people from what’s going to happen north.

Ukrain is just the step for something bigger Putin is plotting and he wants Europe to be dissolve it. It’s going to happen A nine eleven proportions I mean. Markets going to go down.

Hit Finland for what purpose?

No he didn’t. Business with western europe is finished. Clearly europe does not see russians as europeans. In that case all russian eyes are now facing east building trade links and alliances with other countries that will generate a multipolar world to challenge US dollar domination

“But really so much war and destruction what can we do to stop Ukraine war ?”
Stop sending weapons to Ukraine to fuel the war and focus all attention on cease fire and negotiations with heavy pressure on both parties to resolve.

Is that outrageous for you?

It has already been tried!

As long as the world doesn’t threaten Russia with existential annihilation, Putin will continue to gobble up parts of Ukraine.
He is laughing in everybody’s face… and presents …image


@It has already been tried!"

When was that???

When does Russia stop? Russia will keep going if someone doesn’t stop them. They’ve even tried to take over the U.S. recently. They failed, but they did try.

The longer the war goes on the more Ukraine soldiers die and the more land is lost. Better to end this is with talks not guns

A lot of Russian soldiers are dying too and if the Ukrainians give up now, they won’t have a country or land of any sort. They will be all be killed at worst or severely oppressed. If it was your country being invaded, you probably won’t give up and kiss the invaders’ butts.

It takes two for having “talks”.
Russia will not negotiate other than “total surrender” and that is not talking!

What would do If I came to your house and took it from you room by room, but you keep fighting to keep your home. Would you consider talking it over and giving all of your house to me legally so I cannot be held responsible anymore? All I need to say we came to a negotiated agreement that your house now belongs to me?

Think of what you are saying !

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