Amensty international - ukraine military using human shields

Amnesty International has accused Ukraine of war crimes during its ongoing military conflict with invading Russian forces. The humanitarian organization said in a release on Wednesday that the Ukrainian military’s tactics “violate international humanitarian law and endanger civilians” by operating weapons out of bases established in residential areas while civilians are present.

Really? You’re going to use a propaganda website?

That is a duplicitous statement.

You mean these civilians were defending their homes?
The truth is that the war crimes are being committed by Russia when bombarding civilian targets.

No matter how you want to twist this, Russia is the aggressor and responsible for any and all casualties. Ukraine is not invading Russia and killing Russian civilians. Russia cannot escape responsibility for any and all war crimes committed during this conflict.
Russia, get out out of Ukraine and no one else will die!

Enough of this false propaganda. If that’s the best you can do, this thread should be closed. CFI is not a Russian propaganda rag.

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For what it’s worth, under the fold you’ll find this:

You might also reread comment #3

Read the last sentence. This pattern includes the use of hospitals as de facto military bases—a clear violation of international law—which Amnesty International has confirmed for five locations. According to the report, “In two towns, dozens of soldiers were resting, milling about, and eating meals in hospitals. In another town, soldiers were firing from near the hospital.”

Read my sentences. These people are targeted by Russian artillery where they live.

Do you want them to leave their homes and town to go to an open field to die? Stop this !!!

You are justifying the Russian invasion of a sovereign country and then accusing the citizens that live there of committing war crimes when they are defending the territory that belongs to them?

Stop shooting at them wherever they are then no one will die. Get the hell out of Ukraine and leave these people alone!!!

You cannot even spell Amnesty International correctly and that is an indication of the level of your intellect.

Wherever you live, go home and take some lessons in the humanities.

Reported for spreading Russian propaganda.

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Every one quiet down please

Yes Russia is the aggressor, ye Russia is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, according the definitions of the international conventions.

Yes, Putin ignores the freedom of information and makes everything to bar any investigation, when Ukraine lets foreigners relatively free to work.

Does that excludes that some Ukrainian commit war crimes? No

If they do, does telling it is forbidden ? No

Does this makes the Ukrainians as bad as the Russian no.

Does that forbids to explain the way the Ukrainians act ? No

I will give an exemple : during WWII it happened that allied soldiers killed German war prisonniers, for instance as reprisals of such acts committed by German. Another exemple, when the allied soldiers freed concentration camps, they were so appealed that in some cases, they killed guards

Are the facts true; yes

Doing so, id the allied soldiers committed war crimes yes

Does that made them as bad as German no

The main question is ; which acts have been committed or not ? After truth is known, it belongs to every one to take position.

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Yes, and as a war survivor, I am taking a position.

If I come into your house and make you beat your wife, does that make you an abusive husband? After all, you did beat your wife, no?

War is an existential threat and there is no good or bad. There is only survival. The responsibility rests with the aggressor for creating an unnatural imbalance to begin with.

The blame rests squarely with Russia’s invasion of a sovereign country and wantonly killing everything in its way.
All subsequent acts and conditions are the result of Russia’s aggression.

What if i hide behind my wife to shield me and fight you being protected ?

Yes I have beaten my wife. I had reasons some will find good, some not.

But, any way, the fact is that i have beaten my wife. And, then it is up to every one interested to judge.

To say that the Ukrainians use civilians as shields may be true or untrue. If it is true, it is a fact.

Now you are right, Russia attacks towns where civilians live and Ukrainians have the right to defend their towns. They have evacuated many people, others want to stay.

Ukrainians don’t use Ukrainians as shields. All Ukranians are targeted by Russians, Russia is trying to exterminate ALL Ukrainians, don’t you get that?

If there are civilians present, you don’t shoot, that is the honorable thing. You cannot just kill them anyway and then blame them for unfair war practices! Suppose the civilians volunteered as many civilians have been known to do . Are they engaged in war-crimes by placing themselves at risk? There is no judging victims. There is only judging the original offenders.

And when some civilians are staying does that make them war criminals for making themselves targets or does that make them martyrs?

I heard this first on NPR, so, I’m not seeing the OP as propaganda. In this article, Amnesty themselves are pointing out how the report has flaws. I’m not sure how that works, like maybe these details got “leaked” before they did internal fact checking? IDK.

To me, what’s important is; the response. Ukraine is not flat out denying this, they are open to further investigation and promising to participate.

You have some nerve. The F’n Russians are the ones targeting those area, what the hell are they doing in there in the first f’n place???

What about Russian destroying all that crop land? - where are your grand humanitarian concerns when it comes to that?

What about destroying nuclear power plants? - where are your grand humanitarian concerns when it comes to that?

You’re nothing but a transparent phony.

a clear violation of international law is invading a sovereign nation because your baby f’n ego tells you to!!!

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You are missing the history of the conflict. For starters, the US spent billions to engineer regime change in Ukraine which occurred in 2014. Since then the US has been ‘grooming’ fascist forces with training and weapons. The puppet regime in Ukraine adopted anti-Russian policies and against Ukrainians who spoke Russian and did not recognize a regime imposed by the US. These regions wanted autonomy which was denied them and an internal war ensued in which over 14000 people were killed in the Donbass. Then the puppet regime was instructed by its sponsors to interfere with Russian gas sent to Europe via a pipeline traversing its territory. The last straw was Ukraine asking to be a NATO member where American troops and weapons are within minutes from Moscow. This was unacceptable to Russia as it was intolerable for the US to see Soviet missiles stationed in Cuba in 1962.

Given this brief history, the conflict in Ukraine is NATO versus Russia using Ukraine as a proxy. Thus ‘raging war against Russia in Ukraine’ is accurate. NATO weapons, money, intelligence and special forces are running the war against Russia. It is Russia that is defending itself from NATO encroachment on its borders. All Russia wanted for Ukraine is to remain neutral, not join an anti-Russia military alliance. It had no quarrel with Ukraine since 1991 until the US (and Germany) toppled the government and installed its client regime to provoke Russia.

There is not a single foreign boot on Russian soil. How can you be so blind to think that anyone is encroaching on Russian soil. It is Russia that is encroaching on foreign soil of otherwise peaceful neighbors.

Russia is unable to think in terms of peaceful coexistence. For Russia there is only domination or war and in the twenty first century that is no longer a practical political attitude or solution.

Russia has become a paranoid country and believes every country is out to conquer or destroy it.

But if Russia thinks that invading another country is defending it’s own soil it shall never be at peace with anyone. That’s just stupid and intolerable to the rest of the world that tries to live in peace with everyone else.

That’s what organizations like the United Nations and defense treaties like NATO are all about.

And here is another key reason why the war is going so badly for Ukraine and in particular the US.

Amnesty report adds weight to the US preparing to throw Zel under a bus.

Only 30 % of weapons supplied reaching the front line

Okay, now it’s propaganda. IMHO.

I picked a short encyclopedia entry for “just war”. It has a list. I don’t see how Russia meets it.
“just war | international law | Britannica” just war | international law | Britannica

History didn’t start in 2014.

… While the inhabitants of modern Ukraine have maintained political and linguistic identities distinct from Russia for centuries, Ukrainian nationalism—the belief that Ukrainians constitute a distinct nation that should have its own state—emerged during the nineteenth century, when what is now Ukraine was partitioned between Russia and Austria-Hungary, which controlled the western Ukrainian regions of Galicia, Bukovina, and Transcarpathia. The comparatively liberal Habsburgs tolerated the Ukrainian national movement—even providing support for Ukrainian forces who fought against Russia during World War I and helping Ukraine achieve a brief independence after the Russian Empire collapsed. …

Admittedly USA could have acting with a bit more intelligence, and finesse’ and less big D gamesmanship, but there ain’t nothing to justify the Russian atrocities of the past half year, or the build up in hostilities before that. Heck, they were bombing hospitals and grain silos and apartment buildings from the get go, where’s your moral outrage at any of that?

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