Wanna be Speaker, Gym Jordan, lets the dogs out. Winning by intimidation

Will it work?

The scorched earth warrior US Representative Gym Jordan has found some help in haggling his way into the Speaker position.

I’m still wondering why any patriot would want a man who openly hates our government of checks and balances, and laws that apply to all, in charge of the House of Representative?
Lordie knows his lawless MAGA fans think it’s important, but what do rational, law abiding, people think?

By Karoun Demirjian
Reporting from Washington, Published Oct. 14, 2023

“Mr. Jordan’s supporters said his decision to send lawmakers home to their districts over the weekend rather than keeping them in Washington for one-on-one meetings to drum up support was a deliberate move to intensify grass-roots pressure on them to fall into line.”

… The strategy is reminiscent of the bullying tactics that Mr. Jordan and his allies have used over the past decade to pull the G.O.P. further to the right, and borrows a page from former President Donald J. Trump, who is backing Mr. Jordan.

It is also an approach that helped propel the House G.O.P. into its current leadership crisis. Republicans last year fielded several extreme-right congressional candidates who were popular with the base but ultimately could not win general elections in competitive districts, leaving them with a razor-thin majority in the House. A new generation of hard-liners has been able to exploit the tiny governing margin, dethroning one speaker and scuttling the bid of his heir apparent. …

MAGA strategy, threatening a guy’s wife, what could go wrong?

In an exchange that Politico’s Olivia Beavers shared on X, formerly Twitter, the unidentified texter asked Bacon’s wife: “Why is your husband causing chaos by not supporting Jim Jordan? I thought he was a team player.”

Bacon’s wife replied: “Who is this???”

The texter said: “Your husband will not hold any political office ever again. What a disappoint (sic) and failure he is.”

Bacon’s wife fired back: “He has more courage than you. You won’t put your name to your statements.”

In another message, Bacon’s wife was urged: “Talk to your husband tell him to step up and be a leader and help the Republican Party get a speaker there’s too much going on in the world for all this going on in the Republican Party you guys take five steps forward and then turn around take 20 steps backwards no wonder our party always ends up getting screwed over.”

Bacon ended up voting for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who was ousted from the position earlier this month. …

Sam Levine, Joan E Greveand Lauren Gambino
Tue 17 Oct 2023

Jordan was closely involved in Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election

… Jordan was a “significant player” in Trump’s efforts to overturn the election, according to the House committee that investigated the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. As early as November of 2020, he was part of discussions with Trump campaign and White House officials examining whether Mike Pence could overturn the election.

Immediately after the election, he met with Trump campaign and White House officials at the campaign’s headquarters to help develop a strategy of repeatedly, and falsely, saying the election was fraudulent, the New York Times reported.

On 2 January 2021, Jordan led a conference call with members of Congress and the White House in which they discussed urging Trump supporters to march to the Capitol. …

So this is the best and the brightest left within the Republican Party? I can’t believe it, so we wait and watch to see who stands up and brings a little order, perspective and sanity into that institution.