Rights have Responsibilities - Jon Steward queries Nathan Dahm, Oklahoma Republican, the gun enthusiast

Mar 3, 2023 - a thoughtful interview, with a shallow character.
Worth watching, Steward is an excellent interviewer, bet we could all learn a thing or two from him.

Not anymore. Recently seem humanising Hillary and condolezza rice

Yes, he knows humane people when he has actually researched their lives.
Have you ?

Do you ever listen to yourself?

Here’s an interesting story. Democrats debunk Jim Jordan’s FBI ‘whistleblower’ charade.

According to a new 300-plus page report from the Democrats on the weaponization committee, Jim Jordan’s so-called FBI “whistleblowers” don’t exactly have the goods.

Listen to the details.

Oh, and you might know him as Gym Jordan, he loves having power over young lads. But, I can imagine, guys like that get a free pass in your book? Although I guess in the end it seems Richard Strauss at least had a conscience, something I don’t think exists within that US Rep.

While we’re on this tangent, here’s some more information to process:

Mar 3, 2023 • #msnbc #gop #jimjordan

MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart analyzes a new report released by House Judiciary Committee Democrats which exposes Jim Jordan’s “weaponization” committee as an investigation that seems to be only interested in proving Donald Trump is a victim.