2021 Democratic Senate moments to be proud of.

I do a lot of bitching at the Democrats and openly admit I’m sort of disgusted with their soft underbelly, compliant ways, thin skins, and refusal to admit the need to learn from mistakes. Hat tip to Colorado’s Senator Hickenlooper who’s line in a February 22, 2021 response to a letter I sent his office:

Now is not the time to look backwards, we have so much to do.
Really pissed me off, the kind of pissed off that leads to long term projects. We shall see. Next time I write him, I'm going to ask if he hired a bunch of Republicans to write his letter to constituents with. But, I digress, this thread I'm dedicated to Democratic Senators that make a patriotic American, straighten with pride. Well, god dang, it ain't over yet.


The note worthy incident that’s inspired this thread

MSNBC - Rep. Jordan Was 'Gaslighting,' Says Congressman About Heated Exchange

Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., on Wednesday during a USPS oversight hearing accused Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, of ‘gaslighting’ about bipartisanship. Aired on 02/25/2021.





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